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After having lived in London all of my life I moved to Dorset in August 2007 and I now own my first real, grown-up garden! It's a large garden with a 3-tier pond in it and lots of decking. However, I do have a large-ish expanse of grass too, which needs some first aid I think - dandelions aplenty and lots of dips here and there! I also want to encourage wildlife into the garden, especially birds.

I have joined this site because I'm hoping to get lots of ideas, tips, and all round advice really. In return I hope I can swap my (limited) knowledge too! Oh! I ought to add that I'm now getting severely addicted to Orchids too! I was given one....and I bought another....and another...!

By the way, I chose my online name from my favourite place of all - Cannizaro Park, Wimbledon. I have wonderful, loving memories of my visits to Wimbledon and especially long walks, after Sunday lunch, through Cannizaro. Why are our memories always sunny days I wonder? If any of you live in London, or nearby, and haven't been there then I strongly recommend a visit. It's on the South Side of Wimbledon Common. Give it my love when you do!

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