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Former council house back garden in Central Scotland. When we first arrived just over a year ago, the garden was purely grass with a Leylandii hedge. One of the first things we did was lift that and replace it with bare root plants for a native mixed hedge. We've only been gardening since 2004, but it has become my life's joy. Here, we are trying to create a wildlife-friendly garden that will feel good to us all year round and which, we hope, can do its bit to be good to the planet as well. This past year we grew a mixture of flowers and vegetables. However, we have also managed to get an allotment site just round the corner from us - so the future plan will be to devote the garden mainly to flowers and shrubs, but with some fruit and herbs and vegetables mostly in containers on the patio. The allotment we'll save for the big stuff. just to subvert the usual gender assumptions, I am taking the lead in the garden, while my wife is taking the lead in the allotment.

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