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And the winner is...


By AndrewR


Two weeks ago, I started a light-hearted competition to guess the name of my frog ornament. I thought two or three people might have a guess but I little expected over one hundred and forty attempts! Thank you to everyone who took part.

I had a good laugh at some of the suggestions, especially Freddie Poppins, Grribit, James Spawned, Roger Ribbit, Selwin Froggit, Brolly-meliad and Phineas Frog. If there was a prize for the most suggestions, then Jacque would have won hands down. Tussiemussie was on the right track with ‘Swampy’ (TM – if you’re in the area with time to spare, I’ll let you see the garden for free). But no-one got the right answer.

As he is small and likes damp places, he is called:


(with apologies to all our non-UK gardening friends who would not have known that Alan Titchmarsh is a prominent TV gardener here)

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great name andrew................. has your garden recovered from all that snow? you all set for tomorrow?

9 Apr, 2008


wow id never of gotten that lol its ace name Andrewr :) & fancy me trying the Hardest lol :)

9 Apr, 2008


Thanks Andrew! Your contest was loads of fun & I loved all the suggestions. Have we spurred you on to supplying your garden with a few more frogs? Hope your opening goes well.

9 Apr, 2008


What a gr8 bit of fun that was, Andrew! And gr8 name 2!
Doesn't time fly? When you posted the original "comp", April 9 seemed so far away! Best Wishes for your event,tomorrow!

9 Apr, 2008


That was good fun Andrew , thanks . Hope all goes well today x

10 Apr, 2008


Would never have guessed that one! Good luck with the garden opening!

10 Apr, 2008


Very good, I am surprised no- one guessed.

10 Apr, 2008


Anyone else got any "horticultural" puzzles, quizzies, guessing games? I think we should make it a regular features to keep all our grey cells ticking over & a bit
of fun!
Here's a quicky to get us going:

My first is in trouble but not in strife,
My 2nd is in girlfriend & also in wife.
My 3rd is the capital of a passion we share,
My next leads a shape, but it's not quite square.
My 5th is in penny & also in pound,
My 6th starts "Morning Glory" with flowers abound.
My 7th starts the christian name of andrew's frog,
My last is written by mistake on this blog!

What am I?

10 Apr, 2008


I haven't a clue yet, Poppy!

10 Apr, 2008


Well mark my words, the answer's clear, especially when certain GoY members come near; and your grey cells should have no fear, for they are very nimble, Poppy dear!

11 Apr, 2008


Nice poem!

11 Apr, 2008


O my im no good at Riddles :( but great 2 see another little puzzle/game going on :D

11 Apr, 2008

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