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Here's One I Wrote Earlier


By AndrewR


They say the British are obsessed with the weather and who can blame us? After a balmy January and a difficult February, March has another shock in store for us gardeners just now. Every spring is different and, in its own way, a challenge. 2005 got off to a prolonged cold start, so much so we wondered if spring would ever arrive. Here’s what I wrote three years ago:

Where has the Spring gone? It’s ever so cold,
I rang up the Met Office – it’s coming I’m told.
We’ve had hail, sleet and snow and winds that are biting,
Could we please have some weather that’s much less ‘exciting’?
My seeds are all waiting in packets shut tight,
As temperatures tumble below freezing at night,
I look out at frost every morning at dawn,
The poor lady frogs sit cross-legged with spawn.
There’s ice on the pond, the birds get no drink,
They look so forlorn as they perch on the brink.
Clematis cirrhosa puts on a display,
But abeliophyllum has called it a day.
The grass is not growing so I don’t have to cut it,
But my echium’s died – I’m really quite gutted,
My cherry’s not flowering, no pink showing yet,
But at least it’s quite dry and not soaking wet.
The daffs started growing but now they have stopped,
I’m sure they have noticed the temperature’s dropped,
The borders are tidied, the cloches are out,
There’s robins and thrushes but no snails are about.
Snowdrops are still flowering and hellebores too,
And hydrangeas show green on shoots that are new,
No weeds yet, thank goodness, their growth is on hold,
But where has the Spring gone? It’s ever so cold.

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Thanks for posting this Andrew. Very enjoyable reading.

16 Mar, 2008


Well done - thanks for sharing it with us! Says it all, really.

16 Mar, 2008


what a great poem Andrew - so how bout doing us another one about this years conditions? ..... here i'll start you off... how bout a combined one....

Windy and rainy - greenhouse roof gone,
daffs up early and now they are done.....

16 Mar, 2008


Keep going Angie, the first two lines are GREAT

16 Mar, 2008


some one elses turn now! lol - i will think of more to include later!!!!!!

16 Mar, 2008


ok how about....

aphids, slugs, snails all having a munch
stamp stamp spray squash - not a free lunch!


16 Mar, 2008



Out in our gardens there's so much to do,
not having the space to plant anything new,
cutting and pruning it takes so much time,
I do hope the weather tomorrow is fine!

16 Mar, 2008


Is there no end to your talents, Andrew?

16 Mar, 2008


...Sowin' an' growin' be the licht o' the moon -
It's gey close tae midnicht - an' I've jist sat doon!
Ma hauns are fair numb, an ma nose dreeps wi' snot-
(Am no' a Rabbie Burns, nor a Sir Walter Scott!)


This poem has just made my day - Many thanks! Keep it going!

17 Mar, 2008


All gardeners are poets says the French beginner
Seeing your pics shows you're on to a winner
The colours, the forms, the beds and the plots
Proves to me you all are the tops!

17 Mar, 2008



17 Mar, 2008


'Cross the pond they are crying
The weather's a fright
What isn't dying
Is closed up tight.

But here in my garden
The arctic wind whistles
Under snow blanket
My roses and thistles...

21 Mar, 2008


Yes Andrew...scratch a gardener and there's a poet.
I'm adding this to my favourites... couldn't resist adding a couple of little quatrains.
What's the old saw...."the more things change...the more they stay the same" We are suffering most this winter because this is the first winter in about 12 years that is anything like normal. The biggest abnormality is the amount of precip...but better that than dry arctic cold that goes into the ground and heaves things out when there's a thaw. We have had very mild winters and it is amazing how easy that is to get used to... I know this will eventually give way to is difficult to be philosophical about it!

21 Mar, 2008

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