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Bad Timing


By AndrewR


One of the occupational hazards at this time of year is adverse weather just at the critical time for some plant.
Take yesterday’s storm for instance, just as my flowering cherry was thinking about getting into its stride. Lots of pink flowers scattered around the garden now but there is still loads of unopened buds so it should be OK. Rhododendron praecox was not so lucky this year. This is a small shrub, producing bright pink flowers in late February or early March. Just as nearly all the flower buds were showing colour, along came Jack Frost and turned them all brown. It tried again last week and caught caught a second time so there will be no floral display from it this year.
Last year, I opened my garden on 1st April. Ten days before the opening, my magnolia got caught by a frost and every flower turned brown. Fortunately there was a settled spell after that and it opened more buds so you’d never have guessed from its display of the earlier carnage. Fingers crossed we have a fair spring from now on.

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poor you Andrew, i think my red Camellia buds are not going to open this year, i bought it from homebase a few weeks ago and planted it straight out, as they should be fairly hardy. but it was in bud at the time and i am betting it has'nt been hardened off properly it was undercover in the shop. anyway the frost has turned all of the buds brown, none have even started to show colour! still never mind the plant still looks healthy so i will have to wait until next year to see it in it's glory!

11 Mar, 2008


Andrew, my fingers ( and toes ) are crossed for you. Good luck !

12 Mar, 2008

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