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Happy with my (p) lot


Well it’s been a while……………………….
We have finally got our house on the market but after 4 weeks not a sausage, or person for that matter coming to the door for viewings!! We are going to have to rent the place out so we can make some money from the old albatross! Hope the tenant likes gardening!
Well things have certainly grown and lushed up since my last blog…..the tomatoes are outside and in their designated pots, the strawberries have started to go red, but with my 3 year old on daily patrol I haven’t had the opportunity to eat any yet!

The Blueberry is blossoming beautifully, she likes ‘boobies’ as she calls them as well so I’ll have to keep my eye out

I only have 2 Courgette plants after donating most of my stock to a local pre -school garden, but they have plenty of flowers on to get a good meal

The other thing is the raspberries, they are Autumn cropping so unfortunately I won’t be here to reap the rewards

My sensory garden has lushed up really well and is full of pots with herbs, fruit, and flowers, |i sit on the bench in the evening where it catches the sun and listen to the birds singing taking in the different smells of mint, lemon balm, thyme, rosemary, oregano, marjoram, sage, lavendar, artemesia, fennel, curry plant and santolina. Touching the bamboo, grasses and stachys (lambs ears)

Everything is budding up for the next phase and my Alliums are putting on a great show

The Solanum – Chillean potato vine has flowered for the first time this year and is creeping its way through the Handel rose which will look lovely

Everything in the borders is looking lush, here are a few pictures

Don’t you just love this time of year!!

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It's the best time of year - the most exciting.

22 May, 2008


I was just looking at my photos for May and there are well over 300! Everything is growing and new flowers open every day - I agree, this is an exciting time of year, and May is my favourite month! Sorry Andrea that nobody has looked at your house - the garden would sell it if they just came....

22 May, 2008


Your garden is beautiful Andrea and I'm sure that someone is sure to fall in love with it when they come to see your house. Best of luck !

22 May, 2008


Garden looking great Andrea. As you say, very lush. Hope you get a buyer soon. Renting is rather a pain.

23 May, 2008

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