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Tomatoes - flowering!!!


How chuffed am I, from seed to flower and still going strong.
My Tumbling Tom Vine Tomatoes are in flower and the buds on the other plants are prolific. They are still in the shed on a heated sand tray along with 3 courgettes.
I was a bit concerned about how they would be pollinated, but I have made a pom-pom and tied it to a garden cane and I tickle the flowers to transfer the pollen and hopefully it will work as well as the bees when I finally get them outside.
I always remember as a little girl going into my Mum’s greenhouse with my pom-pom on a stick and doing the exact same thing to her crop. A feather can also be used.
I can’t wait for it to warm up and get them outside in the terracotta pots next to my hammock – yum!

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What size pots are you using and have you done this before?

25 Apr, 2008


transplanting to. I have heard that you have to dump the soil every year and throw it away is that true?

25 Apr, 2008


Well the answer to the pot question is that they are currently growing in plastic pots - see my blog entry above right which is titled 'Day of the Triffids'. The pictures on there show the size of pots they are in at the moment. Most tomatoes are grown in the greenhouse in the UK and people use 'grow bags' which are dumped every year. The variety I am growing is Tumbling Tom which is an outdoor vine variety. When the weather gets warm enough to plant them outside I will plant 3 plants in a 12 - 14" pot.
I have never grown tomatoes before and this is my first attempt at any type of veg/fruit. I am especially pleased as I have grown them from seed. When they have finished cropping I will use the soil from the pots as a mulch on the rest of the garden as it will improve the soil condition there.

25 Apr, 2008


I was looking at my little Minibel tomato plants this evening and I too have little flowers appearing ! I couldnt beleive my eyes at first , thankfully my little plants dont need huge pots , il get away with 6inch pots with them , so il get them out of the Pot Noodle tubs and into pots tomorrow , oh its so exciting eh ?

25 Apr, 2008

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