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A zoo in the highest!


By Aleyna


A few years ago a philanthropist decided to create a Zoo in the high hills of Gramado, a tourism city, famous for it’s “winter season” (where some of the snow pictures were captured). He donate 200,000 square metres of natural rainforrest for the development of the Zoo. Some endangered species were saved from ilegal hunters and are preserved in the areas.
The enviroment was recreated to offer to the animals the closest to their natural habitat.

Walking among the tucanos, araras and parrots, healthy and curious birds coming close to watch us, was one of the greatest experience I ever had.

The ropes are to keep people out

This guy was so close … :o)

Well, thanks for the offer lady but I dont eat women fingers… :P

My name is “onça pintada”… not jaguar!!! pftttt

Does anybody saw where did I hide my ants???

The “quati” (big nose from tupy-guarany language – coati) – was hiding his long nose

At last, but not lest, 2 Araras in their “affair”

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lovely blog thank you

22 Oct, 2009


Thank you DrC... Im glad you liked it :o)

22 Oct, 2009


what a great place for the animals and birds, lovely pics aleyna, bet you enjoyed so much

22 Oct, 2009


Fabulous - wonderful pictures.

22 Oct, 2009


Thank you both San and Skillen :o)

22 Oct, 2009


Really good photographs, the birds are so colourful and what a treat to see them without cagebars in the way. Lovely blog,thanks......

22 Oct, 2009


thank you Lincslass :o), im glad you liked it

22 Oct, 2009


Great blog and some really lovely shots of the birds and other animals, but yes you guessed it my favourite is the Jaguar, I really like big cats.

22 Oct, 2009


Fantastic blog, Aleyna.
Well done... wonderful photos. :o)

22 Oct, 2009


Thank you Bob, they are just majestic aren't they?

Thank you TT :o),
the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the animals was bring it to GoY :o)

22 Oct, 2009


I've just put this blog on GoYpedia "Pets in the Garden".... decided the environment in which they live is like a lovely large garden... and parrots are sometimes why not ? Lol.

22 Oct, 2009


oh oh, thanks for the tip, so I can ask what is this Goypedia thing, would you enlight me about it?
thanks in advance :o)

23 Oct, 2009


Lovely blog, Aleyna! The jaguars are beautiful, especially!

23 Oct, 2009


thank you Madperth :)

23 Oct, 2009


Great photos Aleyna, lovely blog :-)

23 Oct, 2009


Great blog Aleyna, I think Goypedia is an encyclopedia of all things GoY! With help and advice on growing, planting and generally caring for the garden/enviroment I'm sure someone can enlighten us both? Lol :~)))

23 Oct, 2009


Hi Aleyna, Ian ~
GoYpedia has headings for different categories such as roses, trees, dogs, cats. It will help you find more blogs and photos on the same theme... e.g. Ian you could look for more Cacti.
I edit ~
Wellies and Garden Footwear,
Pets in the Garden (not dogs and cats...they have separate categories edited by Jacque)
Flower Pot People.

To nominate for a GoYpedia category, you can click towards the top right of a photo page or blog page.

Look at the alphabet across the base of the page here.
Click on a letter, e.g. F for Fuchsia.... You'll see all the categories starting with the letter F, including Fuchsia, and Flower Pot People.
I hope this helps. !

P.S. We need more photos of Flower Pot People, please. They are very elusive. Not easy to get their pictures. Lol.

23 Oct, 2009


Good blog and photos

23 Oct, 2009


Thank you Louise :)

Thank you too Ian... :)

You're a lovely lady TT, thanks for your explanations :)

Thank you Clarice... :)

I'm glad you guys liked it :)

23 Oct, 2009


Fabulous pictures Aleyna. And what a great gesture by your philanthrpist!

14 Nov, 2009


Thank you Ponty,
I found out this las week that this philantrophist it is a retired Medical Doctor who worked to the government taking care of the poor people for many many years.
As his office was wealthy he use to dedicate almost 30% of his practice hours caring for poor people.

15 Nov, 2009

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