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The Buddhist Temple


By Aleyna


No even south brazilians are aware about this temple built up in the hills here in Rio Grande do Sul, actually because the significant german and italian origin, people tend to think a Buddhist temple wouldn’t fit to our traditions and religions: mainly Catholic and Lutherain.
In 1991, S.Ema. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche visited Brasil for the first time. In 1994, was invited to come to Rio Grande do Sul. He felt enchanted with the beauty of gaucho hills and the interest of people to practice Buddhism and looked for a place to set the temple and study center.

The first temple built in 1998.

These are the praying cilinders, they are spinning clockwise slowly since 1998, during 24h/day blessing the world.

These are the estupas, monuments representing the iluminated mind of Buda. The founder, S.Ema.Chagdud Rinpoche said…. “everyone who see, touch, walk around and remember the estupas establish a connection with the shining mind and is blessed”…., they were built in 2000.

According to Buddhism we all have an inexhaustible source of compassion and wisdom. All we need to do is connect this essencial nature covered by negative emotions and wrong perceptions. This is the temple of Padmasambhava pureland.

The land around the temples and images is very beautiful, the gardens are full of life.

The Buda Akshobia statue and the fontain.

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Fascinating blog and your photo,s are beautiful something I probably would never have seen ..Thankyou for sharing.....

13 Apr, 2009


So true Lincslass , I love this side of Goy things I m not likely to see never knew existed then blown away by the sheer beauty - its great to see where you garden as well as gardens themselves.

To think you want a few humble tulips amidst all this ..not a Buddhist but if you could just take all the best bits of each religion and meld them altogether..

13 Apr, 2009


Thank you Lincslass, I'm glad you liked it!

I'm not a Buddhist either and totally agree with you Bonkers... if we just could put them allr eligions together maybe would be blessed with a better world :o)!

13 Apr, 2009


So true .. I know sometimes we may stray from the garden path but does that matter if we care and consider one another ?

Read things here that have little to do with gardening but others seem to get pleasure and enjoyment - its great to read people relating to each other so well .

Mm perhaps I am a Buddhist this hectic world I d like to return as a Sloth please ..might just take all day to climb that tree man - if i feel like it !

13 Apr, 2009


During the exaustive and long years of my master and phd degrees i used to say to the internship students, who followed me everywhere, that to the next encarnation all i want is to be a kitten... to scratch and stretch, purr..rrring around completelly lazy.... hehehe

13 Apr, 2009


Hmmm.....I'm with you Aleyna...a kitten or a puppy....what a life!!
I really enjoyed your blog and pictures. Such a lovely place and so interesting. Thank you for posting this. :o)

14 Apr, 2009


puppy everytime Gilli. i want to belong to a sweet old lady that just wants to pamper

14 Apr, 2009


We don't tend to think of buildings like these as new. These look much better than modern styles. It's nice to see them and they're so colourful.

14 Apr, 2009


Yes, interesting, colourful blog. I'll be a robin, flying around, singing beautifully, terrorising other birds at the feeders and starring in christmas cards - oh, I'd be a male so I didn't have to lay those eggs (enormous in comparrison to body size).

14 Apr, 2009


I agree with BB. The buildings are fantastic, thanks for sharing them with us, the scenery around the buildings was breath taking, thanks again.

14 Apr, 2009


What a fantastic enlightening blog.
I agree with Wagger above but I would come back as a female just for an easy life!

14 Apr, 2009


Thank you all for the comments, I'm glad you liked.

It was really interesting to see hoe people who loves plants and flowers also love animals, pets or wild ones :o)

Sandra you put in words my thoughts... yep I want an Grandma Angela to pamper me around, even whe is completelly exausted after a long day work... :o)

LOL a being male... I dont think I would come as a male kitten.... you know those terrible ideas about castration they have about male pets... hehehe

15 Apr, 2009


What beautiful scenery and buildings. You are very lucky to have such beauty(natural and man made) so close to you!

17 Apr, 2009


I'm glad you liked Paulthegardener.
My wish is to share with GOY members the beauty of our nature , your gardens are so beautiful and full of life :o)!

18 Apr, 2009


And well done Aleyna. This is really a beautiful place, and high up with a wonderful view it looks like. Great for the open air and that contemplative feeling. Well constructed blog, very bright and informative. These buddhist temples pop up all over, never really sure where you'll find one.

22 Apr, 2009


Another nice blog, Alenya! There's some very lovely scenery around there. The photo of the butterfly was lovely, too!

30 Sep, 2009


Thank you GT, for your kind words. I'm curious if you have one around, it might be wonderfull to see all thise colors surrounded by snow... :o)

Thank you Balcony, the sceneary itself claims for introspection and contemplation as GT said,
I've found this morning those plants where the butterfly is landed are called lantana camara...

30 Sep, 2009


I must confess that I paid more attention to the butterfly than to the flowers it had landed on! I recognize the flowers now as Lantana, the typical red & yellow flowers are a give away!

30 Sep, 2009

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