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An unforgettable afternoon


By Aleyna


Some time ago I posted a picture of a cherry tree and commented that one of our new neighbors Elio L. Sechi and Ane Marie Böttger donated several cherry trees to our condo.
This last Tuesday we went to visit their current residence, in the city of Igrejinha, 40min from São Francisco de Paula. We were delighted.

From left to right Ane Marie and Elio, with their house in the background, and my husband.

Early on we were enchanted by the colors of the gardens

This pansy flower is native to our region and, of course, Ane Marie has made a beautiful decorative arrangement for the balcony.

The view from the balcony to both sides is impressive.

We start our tour of Elio’s bonsai garden. In this first photo he’s posing with one of the most amazing bonsai I’ve ever had a chance to see live. A Pinus Elliotti. Amazing how he got the needles smaller than an inch long.

This is a Kokedama. Unfortunately my picture was not very clear because the bonsai blends in with the vegetation behind.

These are some of your bonsai that went on display. He sent the photos by whatsapp. The wisteria I could see up close, but it was already leaved and without flowers.

This is a Ceiba Speciosa Ravenna (silk floss tree) that they are growing as a young bonsai.

For the blog not to be too long, I will make a new post with Ane Marie’s collection of orchids.

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Lovely blog Aleyna, and I'm super impressed with the bonsai . . . when I get back from a holiday, I will post some of mine to show you how small they are in comparison. Beautiful Azalea one by the way!

27 Sep, 2019


thank you Sheila. Please do post your bonsais. I'm sure Elio will love to see it.

27 Sep, 2019


Wonderful blog.

27 Sep, 2019


Thank you Linda

27 Sep, 2019


Your friends have a lovely garden with a beautiful view. You must have enjoyed visiting them :)

27 Sep, 2019


What a super blog! Your friends have a wonderful home and garden. Thank you for sharing with us! It was so lovely to see some blue sky. :)

27 Sep, 2019


Your garden must be enchanted. That wisteria bonsai blew my mind. Does it get any better? Even the color is on point. Somebody put a lot of love into that one - a work of art.

28 Sep, 2019


Really lovely blog Aleyna, your pics are fab! I agree with the other comments, beautiful bonsai plants. All different and equally exquisite! The views are to die for too :))

28 Sep, 2019


Thanks for making up this blog, Aleyna, the bonsais are extremely good! I really love to see them. Over 50 years ago I tried to do the same with a Horse Chestnut tree but I had to leave it behind when I went to Spain - never to return to live in my family's house again.

A few years ago my daughter gave me one for my birthday but inspite of my care it didn't last more than a year, if that. :( So I asked her to never buy such an expensive plant again for me - as much as I liked it.

What wonderful views from their balcony! From our balcony you can only see the houses on the other side of the street! :(

28 Sep, 2019


I’ve only got one, which our Granddaughter gave me two years ago. I have no idea what it is.

I would not dare to put its photo on GOY after admiring the beauties in your blog! Amazing!

28 Sep, 2019


Thank you all for the nice comments.

Hyvel, yes, I really enjoyed the visit. From de beggiining. I was gaping (not sure about the expression, translation for boquiaberta).

Cottagekarer, thank you. Ane Marie is quite busy, but they are coming to visit next wednesday and I'll invite her to be part of GOY.

Bathgate, it is not my garden, Is a friend's garden. Yes, Elio put his love in what he does, and especially in cultivating his bonsais.

Kate, thank you. I'm glad you enjoeyd it.

Balcony, I've had walked your steps...killed a few bonsais :( . All them gift from my husband. He tried, and me too, but... no succeed.
Believe me Ane Marie and Elio would love to see your balcony. Your plants are spetacular. The way and the amount of plants you have successfuly grown in your balcony is impressive.
Wait for Anie Marie's orchids and amarillys :)

Spritzhenry, please do post your bonsai. Elio might indentify it.

29 Sep, 2019


Lovely Blog Aleyna, and it was nice to see a photo of you too.. I agree with all the comments and must add the house is beautiful and so is your Hat!!
I have just one bonsai of a yew tree but it isn't very good and I can't bring myself to plant it in a shallow bonsai pot as if feels unkind to the poor thing. How silly can you get??

29 Sep, 2019


What a delightful blog. Your friends' garden is a well loved one!
I really like the container they have made for the pansies, so simple but so lovely.
Gorgeous blue skies too.

2 Oct, 2019


These bonsai are exceptional and probably more than 30 years old(?). But keeping a tree ‘dwarf’ in a small pot is not difficult . . . they just need to be kept outside and not allowed to get too dry (plenty of water in the summer, but just left to the elements in the winter). Hawthorn makes a good subject, and I also have bonsai Beech trees including a Copper Beech, Eleagnus, Cotoneaster and Exochorda the bride which actually flowered last year 🙂.

2 Oct, 2019


Steragram, thank you for the comment, but is not me. The lady in hat is Ane Marie, Elio's wife.

Wildrose, thanks for your comment. Yes, lovely display the pansies.

Sheilabub, have you posted pictures of your bonsais? I'll show the pictures to Elio.

2 Oct, 2019


Hi Aleyna, no not yet . . . It will be a few days once we’re home from our holiday, then waiting for a dry day.

4 Oct, 2019


Ok, willing to see it.

9 Oct, 2019

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