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Spice Grower moving


By Aleyna


The first flowerbeds have already been ready. We modified the ground floor, reducing the number of beds, to give way to a larger greenhouse and a fireplace.

The two beds were in different levels because of the inclined terrain, the space between them was leveled, in order to facilitate the approach.They are covered with plastic to prevent frost. Last night the temperature dropped to -2 ° C.

From the test bed, virtually all the herbs held up well to the first frost. The two purple basils became green like the others and succumbed to the cold.

This is the surviving basil. Let’s see how it behaves in the next days. The weather forecast informs us that temperatures can reach -5ºC in the next few nights.

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What an organised person you are, a proper plan and everything. Looks good so far, your raised beds are great, no problem with rotting woodwork. Seems strange that you are still getting frosty nights, best of luck with your herbs.

5 Jul, 2019


Thats cold for herbs Aleyna. Hope you don’t lose them. X

5 Jul, 2019


Thank you Honeysuckle. We are in winter season.

5 Jul, 2019


I agree Cottagekarer, so have my fingers crossed. That's another reason to build a bigger greenhouse. If they don't survive the winter I'll have to grow them inside the greenhouse.

5 Jul, 2019


Your garden is coming along nicely. I hope it doesn't get too cold for your plants.

5 Jul, 2019


it is strange to me...we are just starting to get some warm days and you are starting to get winter temps. will you have snow? if you're growing tangerines, oranges and lemon, I'd guess not, right?

6 Jul, 2019


I had to get up for the Dog early this morning ...about 5am I think it was and blimey it was freezing cold. Northerly wind blasting through the back door. But now the wind has dropped and it is pleasant again. But I do love that we have seasons. I don't think I would like to be equatorial!

7 Jul, 2019


the last few years the arctic flow is much stronger than it has been. we are having crystal clear nights around 10 degrees...and it's July! arrrgh!

7 Jul, 2019


Your garden looks to be coming along nicely! 😀

11 Jul, 2019


Thank you Balcony

12 Jul, 2019

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