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RIP Donald


By waddy


Just received some really sad news. My neighbour Donald, who I have been gardening for over the past few weeks, passed away suddenly this morning.
We hadn’t really known each other that long, but I shall miss him. He was a lovely old fella, a definite ‘salt of the earth’

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So sorry to hear that - have enjoyed your blogs showing your work on his garden

27 Jul, 2014


What a disappointment Waddy. But he would have had his mind at set rest with regard to his garden anyway.

27 Jul, 2014


Oh dear,Julia,I am so sad to see this..I know how much you thought about him,and enjoyed his company..even if it was only for a short time,you made him happy,with tending his garden for

27 Jul, 2014


Oh Waddy I am sorry, although its very sad, you know how much it meant to him that you took the time to work in his garden and it looked so nice after all your hard work, you keep that in mind and think of his happy face as he looked at his garden in the past few weeks......

27 Jul, 2014


Oh, how sad for you, Lincs sentiment is what I thought too xxx

28 Jul, 2014


Very sad news but you made him happy while he was with you.

28 Jul, 2014


Thank you everyone for your kind comments. His death was very sudden as he'd had visitors just before 11.00am and then his middle son called just after 11 and found him. An awful shock as although he was ill, his death wasn't expected.
I've been asked to continue with the garden, in his memory and until the boys decide what to do about the bungalow.
His daughter-in-law told me he had managed to sit outside on Saturday (I never went at the weekend, believing that was time with his family) and that I had brought him joy, the passed few weeks...what a nice thing to say.

28 Jul, 2014


Hi Julia ...
comforting that you brought great happiness to his final months by working so hard on making his garden beautiful.

Donald RIP x

28 Jul, 2014


So sorry to read this blog, Waddy, but so pleased that Donald was able to enjoy his garden during the final days, thanks to all your efforts. He must have felt very content.

28 Jul, 2014


Oh how sad :( I'm sure he must have appreciated all you did in his garden.

28 Jul, 2014


Thank you x

29 Jul, 2014


I'm sorry to hear your sad news Waddy ,I'm sure you brought a lot of peace and contentment to Donald knowing his garden was in your good capable hands , I know how much this means to an elderly person as we had a neighbor who had to sell his home last year after almost 60 years living in the same place because he could no longer look after the garden ,it breaks their heart to see it become overgrown ... ... you made him a happy man ....

29 Jul, 2014


Oh Waddy I'm sorry to hear that. It must have been such a shock. As the others have said because of you he was able to take enjoyment from his garden again. I'm sure he appreciated it a great deal.

1 Aug, 2014

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