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Where has he gone?


By waddy


Can anyone tell me what’s happened to Costas?

I had some lovely chats with him before Christmas, but as I’ve not seen any blogs or comments from him for a while, I thought I’d drop him a quick message, only to find his account has been deleted.

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That's a pity. We seem to be losing people all the time...I wonder what's going on. We'll probably never know. Costas was lovely. I know he had set up his own website/forum some time ago and was using that more. Sorry I don't have a link to it for you. Hopefully somebody will know it.

27 Jan, 2014


Costas is now called Kokkinotriantafyllo ... !!

27 Jan, 2014


Are you joking Hywel?

27 Jan, 2014


No, it's true ! He put a like and comment on one of my posts last week ... said he was previously Costas :o)
Look him up if you like ...

27 Jan, 2014


Thanks! I'll do just that. :)

27 Jan, 2014


Yes he came back as Kokkinotriantafyllo this month. I find it very confusing when this happens

27 Jan, 2014


I bet that's his looks...sort of Greek/cypriate!

27 Jan, 2014


I am missing Meadowland too as I haven't seen any comments from her for ages now.

27 Jan, 2014


Well folks I asked clever Google and it seems it means Red Rose!!!

27 Jan, 2014


I can remember the tafyllo but not the rest of it !

28 Jan, 2014


Now look what I've started. I understand if people move, they might want a 'new name' as in the case of Cottagekaren, but please folks, if you do,..let your friends on GoY know ;)

28 Jan, 2014


There seem to be a lot of people not around at the moment perhaps we'll see a return when the weather cheers up and people can report on progress in their gardens.

Costas has put a blog up..........

28 Jan, 2014


I love it when people come back! :))

28 Jan, 2014


perhaps he has gone for a coffee?

sorry about the humour

17 Apr, 2014


He was on again, wrote about collecting his grand daughter from the day nursery.

20 Apr, 2014

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