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The Land Of Sunshine Part 2


By waddy


There’s only so much a girl can take of Rugby, even if England are winning, so I thought I’d make a start on Part 2 of the holiday on Cyprus blog.

These pictures were taken on the harbour at Agia Napa, just to prove it’s not all beaches. My OH really fancied this LandRover.

This is the elaborate bell tower of the Church of St. Lazarus, close to the centre of Larnaka. Lazarus is the patron St. of the city.

This photo has been used in many of the travel brochures. It’s a spectacular rock formation, where the water pools are popular with experienced swimmers…not for me I might add!

And now for some of the flora and fauna I promised you. This first one is Lavender and Rosemary, growing wild just about everywhere.

The pine forests of Troodos

I’ve no idea what this was. It looks very similar to a pot plant we have in the UK, but other than that….

Roses seem to thrive here despite the searing temperatures in the summer months.

There were huge hedges of this beautiful flower…whose name escapes me..must be an age thing lol!…Oh, just remembered Hibiscus!

I’ve included the next lot of pics for no other reason than they looked either unusual or pretty and for the fact that I thought Hywel would enjoy them, so here goes….

Ok that’s enough for now, you must be bored witless. I’ll post the last part later. Bye for now, and thanks for looking :D

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Lovely Julia - love the dusky pink blooms of that Cactus! And those wonderful rock formations remind me of walking across the rocky cliff tops in the Algarve, where you can suddenly come across a huge hole, 15 feet across, and look down to the sea - scary!

17 Nov, 2013


No I'm not bored (which I would be if I was looking at sport ... I find watching other people playing a game is so boring !)
I loved that bell tower, and those marine rock formations are fantastic.
Of course it was the cacti etc I liked best lol :o)
I think the flower you don't know may be Lantana.

17 Nov, 2013


Thank you Sheila, Yes I remember seeing exactly the kind of sight you mean when we were in Cabanas.

Hywel, I knew you'd like the cacti, did you know what they were, because I certainly didn't lol! A lantana? I think you maybe right.

17 Nov, 2013


Hi Julia ..
Lovely set of photos ..
Thanks for showing the variety of sights you enjoyed on your holiday ..
... the rockery pics are very pretty :o)

17 Nov, 2013


I loved your pictures Waddy. We are now in Mexico and I see these same plants around....sometimes do not know what they are called and sometimes amazed by their beauty or unusual appearance. Thank you for the tour.

17 Nov, 2013


I was certainly not bored. Those blooms on the cactus are so unusual, I'm going to keep that pic. It's nice to sit in comfort at home & see scenes & plants in far flung places. Thankyou for sharing your hol with us.

17 Nov, 2013


Stunning scenery and love all the views :O) Oh for sunshine and blue skies again. :O) Lovely blog. thank you :O)

17 Nov, 2013


Lovely blog Waddy .
There IS just so much Rugby a girl can stand , I endure the Welsh version . I even had to go shopping yesterday !
As I write I am being regaled with the history of the Tongans playing for Wales currently ; I really must show more interest . ( Yawn, yawn .)

17 Nov, 2013


A lovely part two,Waddy..all the flowers and Cacti are wonderful..and especially in those surroundings..perfect .:o) We liked Agia Napa too ..we went in the afternoon,when all the clubbers were still in bed :o)..Did you see the Pelicans there? I hope you treated Richard to that LandRover..the least you could do :o)x

17 Nov, 2013


Oh, you all say such nice things...Thank you..I'm so glad I
didn't bore you all too much.

Driad, I actually did the ironing this afternoon bad is that lol?

Bloomer; Not many clubbers in Agia at this time of year I'm pleased to say..but no, didn't see any Pelicans..are you having me on? Didn't buy Richard the LandRover, but he did treat himself when we got back to a new car for both of us to use. Our little Panda was really showing signs of ware.

Off again tomorrow...this time for a couple of days in Calais..a last minute deal...tell you all when I see you :D

17 Nov, 2013


Honestly,Waddy..there really was a Pelican,or Pelicans..down by the Harbour..they looked pretty much at home there..Off again? new car? .Something you aren't telling me? ..I will know if you have won the lottery,as you won't want to go in the Pound shops anymore ! will be waiting outside for me .ha ha xx.enjoy your little break xxx

17 Nov, 2013


Yes I had an idea about their identity.
The one with the big starfish-like flowers is a Stapellia. It isn't really a cactus, but it is a succulent plant.
The round spiny one is a cactus, and it's probably an Echinopsis.
The tall ones are Euphorbias (not cacti) ... the one on the right is Euphorbia trigona ...
don't know the left one, but it is an Euphorbia.

Now you must be bored lol ! :D

17 Nov, 2013

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