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In the beginning there was... Not a lot!


In August 2010 I bought my first house, and the garden had been (to put it nicely) neglected by the previous owners. It wasn’t overgrown, it just hadn’t been loved. This is how it was:

Overgrown privet hedge, gravel chucked down on soil, overgrown tree branches.

Climbing plants next to the patio were overwhelming their supports and were totally overgrown & out of control.

Looking back to the house, inappropriate planting blocked all light getting in to the conservatory

Badly planned planting, and the roots from the vine were stopping anything from flourishing. Note also the mass of brambles on the right of the picture.

Another view of the end of the garden (which actually sits to the left as you look out of the house). Weeds everywhere. The only thing that will stay is the Fatsia Japonica

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Yes agree with BilboB to dont over do it as it will become a chore and not a pleasure.

6 Mar, 2012


The way its been set out makes me think it was loved at some point, perhaps it became too much for the owner, you get the pleasure of putting your own stamp on it...

6 Mar, 2012


I think the people who owned the house before the people we bought it from (does that make sense?!) really loved the garden, but the previous owners had a young family and didn't really have time to give it the love it deserves. These pictures were 18 months ago, it looks very different now, it's nice to look back and see how far I've come though!

6 Mar, 2012


Looks like you've had a fair bit of work to do there. My OHs front garden is a little like that (but with much worse grass lol). The back garden - well we wont go there lol. I think his gardens were the same, loved by someone once, but then ignored by subsequent owners. Still its great to get your own stamp on it isn't it.

6 Mar, 2012

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