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I looked out and there it was, a near extinct species on the endangered list flitting from behind the clouds, Sunshine. Never known so much rain. Must have been those solar flares that were experienced earlier on in the year having an influence on the jet stream. Just wish it would fly off a bit further North and West across that expanse of water, know by some as THE POND, the worse drought in years. More than enough rain to share with friends over there.
One thing though it has not stopped the squirrels bickering in my back garden,my visitors only seem to be them with the ever romantic courting Woodpigeons
( must have some rabbits in their bloodline), a pair of Chaffinches a pair of Robins and a couple of Blackbirds plus the odd Nuthatch plying for food. While I have a adolescent pigeon squab begging for food I also have Woodpigeons building yet another nest in my neighbours tree while the pair of Blackbirds doing a non- stop forage for food likes it going out of fashion. Just received a photo from a friend in New Zealand. It was of a sharp frost on the windscreen of his car. Reflects on me in the UK. Had to switch the heating on for a short while the other evening. I’m sure the cold night air browned a few of my Petunias off.

Back to my garden visitors, I hope you enjoying a few photos

Squab begging for food.

Time it takes to beg it could find it’s own food

All this begging and before long it will be getting the big E and will have to fend for it’s self.

Have you ever taken the time to watch the eyes of different species of birds as they feed. I watched this female Woodpigeon as it fed.. THis picture shows it’s eye open wide.

As she lowers her head the nictitating membrane starts to close

As the bill grabs the seed the membrane is closed tight

She raises her head and the membrane starts to open

Her head is fully raised and the eye looks like it’s been in the Optrex with a lovely moist shine

I had attached this window bird feeder to alleviate the mess that the starlings were leaving me as a prezzy down the French door windows

The Robin was trying to do a colour match with the pink flower.

This male Chaffinch kept it’s three eyelids open when it went in for te black sunflower seed.

Dunno but he had a good me a beautiful rendition
of “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep”

This male drank by dipping the bill in the water and then tilting the head back. Not the norm he usually uses.

Should hire these for cleaning the Olympics.They just fill their cheeks up to do a double take on the Godfather.

Lets call a truce while the cat has a drink.

Think these were Black headed gulls on the way home.

These racing pigeons always do the tight cornering in unison

There were three of these but they were flying so fast I was unable to snap the leader. Must have seen the oranges in my fruit bowl

Blooming Scarlet Lily Beetles making short work of the host plant.The first time they appeared I did report as their European spread is being recorded. I had to give grid reference on the Map. This not to daunting as you can do a Google search of “Grid reference of post code”

This young woodpigeon squab tried a bit of Sycamore leaf for brunch but soon landed for te corn in my mixed all year round feed

The birds suddenly scatter as I hear like a go-kart overhead joined in chorus by the front door bell and knocker sounding like machine gun fire. My two youngest grandchildren returning home from school were so excited shouting about a big balloon.
It was the long-time-no-see Goodyear Balloon. My youngest grandchildren were so excited knocking on the front door about a big balloon.
Sorry the bird species nearly all the same but hopefully I might get a Jay or Missile Thrush in Mid August. I always give a cut of the lawn end August just before the Daddy long legs emerge from the lawn in September. It’s amazing how as leather jackets they can decimate the roots of your green. This is my theory, the birds pick the Crane-flies off as they emerge and again when the females returns to lay her eggs. This is the same time you hear me screaming about the big spiders that come into the house around September.
I hope that you enjoyed this small blog but it’s nice to start naming and filing my photos. I had lost interest of late as so much going on but feel a lot better and can get my head round to posting on the web again.Regards to you all, Tom

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Good morning Mr Tom what a lovely blog I so enjoyed it .

And its so nice to see you back again I have missed your wonderful photos.

18 Jul, 2012


Yes it's good to have you back Tommy and nice to know that you are feeling a little better.

18 Jul, 2012


great blog Tommy, lovely photos to, hope you sqashed that Lily beetle yak, they ate all my lilies this year :o((
glad you feeling better :o))

18 Jul, 2012


Lovely blog Tommy. Pleased to hear you're feeling a lot better. X

18 Jul, 2012


Thank you all for your well wishes, makes it so worthwhile taking the effort to post a blog,,,,,much much appreciated .

18 Jul, 2012

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