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"Friday 20/01/2012 additions to my Blog Diary"


Good evening all, bit more life in the garden today with a lot of activity from three new Woodpigeons, the Coal tit getting chased off by both Wagtail and Robin, We had quite a windy spell mid-afternoon. bad news was my grandson has been told that the pet supplies shop that he works in is to close next Friday. The lease is going to be too expensive. The village that I live in was once the biggest village in the UK but even the lease on the Doctor’s Surgery is up for renewing in June but the doctors are going to give it a miss as to expensive to build up to NHS Standards. We do have another surgery quite close by so it will be the 8 pound return taxi fare.

This Squirrel has a close shave

This Coal tit has taken a shine to my new suet tube mix, spending most of the day grabbing a quick bill full before being spotted by the Robin or Wagtail.

Be getting dark soon so Robin takes a bath

One of the new kids on the block

Take a bow please

Must be something in the water

Dunnock even had a go at the Coal tit but the Dunnock stood it’s ground to the Robin but not the Pied Wagtail

As soon as the Dunnock arrived so did it’s bully

UH OH! Something just cast a dark shadow

Mr Scavenger AKA The Spanish Red Kite

I think the Wagtail showed it’s own feelings of the Kite.

Some older pictures for lady who asked if I had any magpies or crows near my garden

Two menacing looking crows

Four for a Boy. Please excuse the darkness of photo.

Chance of Silver?

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Thanks for your wonderful pictures Tommy. I was driving north of Oundle last week when I saw a huge bird with black wings field hunting, just near the road. Couldnt stop because of traffic. Its body was very slim, no visible tail spread. It was half as big again as a Red Kite.
A friend thinks it was a Raven. Then when I went again this Tuesday, came back a different way 4 miles away across country, and saw it again. There are lots of woodland areas in this part of Northamptonshire.

Friend says there are now Ravens living in the wild.
He works in the woods. Has been looking for them for weeks, no luck so far. Envies me.

21 Jan, 2012


I envy you too, Diane! What an amazing thing to see! Lovely pictures as usual, Tommy.

21 Jan, 2012


There is a wagtail here that parades around on the road outside, but never comes to feed in the back garden. What can it possibly be getting to eat?

21 Jan, 2012


Excellent shots there Tommy

21 Jan, 2012


We have Red Kites around here, they fly over lots of times during the course of the day, it gets very noisy during the breeding times as the larger birds fly up and drive them away, we also get magpies as well, they moved onto our estate a few years back when the local retail parks were built, as did the wood pigeons, lol..

21 Jan, 2012


Last time I saw a Raven was when I went on a school trip to the Tower of London in 1961. None of us got the chop.
Thanks all for your nice comments..............
I reckon the wagtail might be getting grit to help digestion in it's crop but sometime I wonder if the wagtails have taught their selves to feed from any stunned or dead insects that might fall from passing cars..
Lots of people love to feed the birds but I found that as soon as I introduce a daily supply of fresh water I had many more visitors. I use a large flower-pot saucer for this and find so many birds love to have a bath..........

21 Jan, 2012


It's always sad to hear of village amenities dying off like this Tommy. I have friends who live in a beautiful place in Somerset, but I would never live there because you need your own transport to get anywhere (there are 2 buses a day into Bath!).

24 Jan, 2012


Shame Frybo , we do have buses to Wycombe every half hour but not on the same routes as each other. If you have walking problems no good for you as bus stop is over a half mile or more away. I only stayed in Somerset 1956 from mid March to the start of Autumn, what a lovely County, I remember the dairy men milking the cows in the field.

24 Jan, 2012

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