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Those with the correct answers…so far…

*~ Mavisc52 ~ Sixpence ~ Doctor Bob ~ Lisa58 ~

~ Madperth ~ Gee19 ~ Bonkersbon’s Jane ~ Hywel ~

~ Okasia ~ David, Eilidh and James ~ Uma ~ Ponty ~

~ Megan75 ~* …Well done :o)

This is the final of my four winter puzzle blogs.

Some of you requested an easier quiz.

I hope you enjoy this one.

To complete the grid below, wordsearch each clue to find a plant, flower or tree with the correct number of letters to fit the boxes. The last letter of each answer has been entered to help you.

For those who need explanation of wordsearch, please look at this phrase:

Animals eating oats today.

Wordsearching that phrase, finds the word GOATS.

After completing all 17 answers, rearrange your letters in the green boxes to make a seasonal greeting. (5,3,4)

1. GoY is where lovely Amy has fantastic photos (3)

2. Our Polish friend, Okasia, certainly loves gardens (4)

3. Pretty flower borders ? Could be Annella’s design (4)

4. Many pics of Fiji from Panther, I can assure you (5)

5. Italy is very beautiful, as Terry60 would tell us (5)

6. We are pleased Uma has joined Grows on You (5)

7. Jacque showed Sanbaz a leafy shrub in the pot (6)

8. Toto might tell you about the robin I admired (7)

9. In her pretty garden, Clarice plants many shrubs (8)

10. Could Wagger be raking the winter lawn today ? (7)

11. In 2010, will Owdboggy give us more fab pics ? (6)

12. We know of all the fun Gilli has, growing roses (5)

13. For wonderful wildlife pics, Deida is your girl (5)

14. GoY members include Sid, Pansypotter and Mad (5)

15. A GoY friend from Ireland is also known as Irish (4)

16. In 2010, let’s hope Arlene will visit Kew again (4)

17. GoY gardeners : Shapla, Shahida and JBardet (3)

I would be interested for you to comment below on this quiz…
Happy to receive your 17 answers and final answer by private message.

But please don’t put your answers on the comments….
… Thanks…
…Enjoy….. and all the best for 2010. :o)

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Just done it, thoroughly enjoyed it - those clues must have taken hours to work out. Well done, Terra and a very Happy 2010 to you, Conker, Truffle and Crocus. xxx

1 Jan, 2010


Happy New Year TT xxxxxx
I'll be doing this tonight :o))
I'll let you know how I get on.

1 Jan, 2010


Happy New Year to you and Conker, Truffle and Crocus from me as well:) I finally sat down to do some homework so I will try to do it when I will deserve a break (means when I will do something I can call a piece of work, hah) and for me plants names are easier than this, haha... but will give it a try:)

1 Jan, 2010


I just found a word in mine! haha... thanks for easy one!

1 Jan, 2010


i've missed these :( but am having a go now, Happy New Year TT!! Hope its a better one pet wise for you!!

1 Jan, 2010


Happy New Year Terratoonie lovely word search.

1 Jan, 2010


Thanks Terrtoonie all your hard work has been worthwhile as I have really enjoyed your quizzes .I still have one to complete but have just completed this one.Happy 2010 to you Conker Truffle and Crocus.

1 Jan, 2010


Thanks Wagger...
Yes, it took quite a while to devise the puzzle, but I enjoyed making it.

Good luck, Okasia, on completing this when you give yourself a break from homework..

Happy new year to you, Skilla, and I hope this quiz works out okay for you.:o)

Well done Sixpence and Mavisc52... Happy 2010.
Your names are now on the list at the top of this blog.
I'm pleased you enjoy my quizzes :o)

1 Jan, 2010


Great quiz TT, found a few moments to do it. Hope I got them right or it will be detention for me. LOL.

1 Jan, 2010


Happy New Year to you , Conker, Truffles & Crocus from myself & Smokey. xxx.

1 Jan, 2010


Happy New Year, TT, to you, Conker, Truffle and Crocus. I am way behind with GoY blogs and photos but will try to have a go at your quiz later on :)

1 Jan, 2010


Well done Doctor Bob... All answers correct. :o)

Happy 2010 to Clarice and Smokey. xxx

Happy New Year, Gee19 and pets.
This is a busy time of year.. don't worry if you don't have time for the quiz..
I guess everyone is way behind with photos and blogs..:o)

1 Jan, 2010


Yikes! When I first looked at this, it might as well have been in greek! Then I looked again and saw a word that fit in the blocks, and then I was off! Don't know if they're all correct, but had fun in the challenge none the less. TT~ you must have the patience of a saint (or a gardener!) lol~ your clues were lots of fun~ Lisa :)

1 Jan, 2010


Hi Lisa...
Thanks for taking a look a this, and joining in...

If you wish,please private message me your answers. :o)
Most of my puzzles can look difficult at first, but, taking them a stage at a time, can be fairly easy..Lol.

1 Jan, 2010


I just sent you my answers by private message, TT. Let me know if you rec'd them- if not, I'll resend. Thanks~ Lisa

1 Jan, 2010


Happy New Year, Terra! :~D
One in Ten!!
How is the boy??

1 Jan, 2010


Thanks Lisa...
Your first pm didn't arrive, but all correct on your second message.
Well done :o)
Likewise, Madperth...
All your answers are right.. Very good !

Both names now added to the "roll of honour" above. :o)

Conker doing well thanks.
Wearing a knitted coat night and day, until his hair grows...

1 Jan, 2010


That's really good to hear, Terra! :~D
I'm sure it'll start growing in soon!

1 Jan, 2010


Hi TT...Happy New Year to yourself,Conker,Truffle and Crocus !
Jane loves puzzles so is planning to give this a go sometime during the evening ! Been out clearing snow but lots more forecast tonight so dont know why I bothered !Lol

1 Jan, 2010


Hi BB ...
Thanks to Jane for solving so many of my quizzes....
It's a busy time of year, so not easy to find time for puzzles..Lol.
I hope your snow melts soon.
Happy 2010 to you all... :o)

1 Jan, 2010


I've just finished it, TT, and pm'd the results to you. I love word searches so thank you :)

1 Jan, 2010


Congrats. Gee. Full marks..!
Your name added to those others above :o)

1 Jan, 2010


Just sent the answers TT :o))

1 Jan, 2010


Well done Hywel and Bonkersbon's Jane....
Both sent correct answers :o)

2 Jan, 2010


happy newyear Terra, conker, truffle and crocus, hope its a good one ;o)) xx

2 Jan, 2010


Happy nerw year to you all, too, Tt! Enjoyed this a lot, and was able to do it with the children. :-)) xxx

2 Jan, 2010


Hi Sandra.
All the best for 2010 to you and your

Thanks, David.
I'm pleased Eilidh and James enjoyed the quiz.
Happy new year. :o) xxx

2 Jan, 2010


Happy New Year Terra, xmas packed away today, lol, hope all is well with Conker in all this cold weather..Only just arrived on this blog (playing catchup again) ...........

2 Jan, 2010


Happy 2010 to you, Lincslass.
Christmas half packed away here...
Conker seems a bit tired...I know how he feels...

3 Jan, 2010


Hi Terra, I love all word puzzles and normally I`d have a go at this one but my brain is like mush thanks to shingles etc. so I think I`ll pass today.

Sandra x

4 Jan, 2010


Poor you, Sandra! Shingles is so painful! Get well soon!

4 Jan, 2010


Hi Sandra...

Sorry you don't feel well...
I hope you're perky again soon. x

4 Jan, 2010


This quiz was gr8 for us, Tt!!! Many Thanks, again!!!!

Hoping, like us, you can all have a lovely, relaxing "unwinding' period now and able to re-charge the batteries for wonderful Spring!!!! - XXX

Hoping that you recover soon, too, dear Sandra, in time for your forthcoming busy season! - XXX

4 Jan, 2010


Added your names to the top, David. xxx

5 Jan, 2010


Happy New Year to all of you, TT! Just see your blog...Try to make it...
Hope this Quiz of yours is not the last one for this year...xxxx

5 Jan, 2010


Happy new year, Uma.
Thanks for sending me your answers... Well done :o) xxx

5 Jan, 2010


Happy and Healthy New Year, TT! xx

5 Jan, 2010


Thanks Uma....
and thank you to Ponty who has just completed the wordsearch correctly.
Your name is now at the top of the blog with the other winners :o)

13 Jan, 2010

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