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Mouse Eviction…


By sueb


This morning I was up bright and early only because the man from Tesco was delivering just after eight. A quick vac and dust washing on and OUT INTO THE SUNSHINE yippee!!! I have had a mouse in my greenhouse all winter I have lived with it because I’m an old softie and I didn’t have the heart to evict him out into the snow but little mouse you overstepped the mark by eating my Asters. It had to go. My dear husband bought a mousetrap last year when we first saw him/her and it has sat in my garden toolbox since then.

As it has been a lovely day I decided to take everything out of the greenhouse and chase the mouse out (it needed a good clearout) I never realised how high a mouse could jump.
I’m sure if my neighbours were watching they would have curled up laughing at the antics going on in my greenhouse. After half an hour of me chasing the poor thing round and round, it eventually shot out the door. I found the hole it was coming in through a small corner of glass in one of the pains was the culprit that is temporally blocked and a new piece will be fixed in place at the weekend. So After all that the greenhouse is now nice and clean and uncluttered all my empty flowerpots are in an old dustbin and the chemicals are in the garage. Now I have space for more seeds… and no mice.

I set the mousetrap tonight as I set it down the dam thing went off and caught my finger.

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I'm sure after all that running around, the mouse will stay away now. They look so sweet!

23 Mar, 2011


Oh dear Sue, I shouldn`t laugh but I did,sorry. I have one or some living under the garden shed which is next to my bottom greenhouse and the blighters tunnel into there, so far they have escaped punishment or worse as I`m not as yet growing anything down there, however that is going to change soon as I pot up more seedlings, so I`ll be leaving the doors open for a while and hope my cats can drive them away, if not it may have to be extreme measures........

23 Mar, 2011


Oh what brilliant wee mousie shots! I am a bit of a softie too. Hope it's moved on!

24 Mar, 2011

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