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Rain Rain Go Away!


By sueb


I am so fed up with rain at the moment there is just no let up. My dear friend Bush Bernie over in her lovely MyDry Tropics Garden is longing for rain if only I could package it up and send it.
However I have been busying myself in the greenhouse The first job was to give it a really good clean out so everything came out we had a dry morning last Monday so I took the opportunity by mid day I had emptied everything onto the lawn and washed down the inside with disinfectant then repaired a cracked pain of glass a mouse had been getting in through a small gap his little game is over I blocked it up!. Next job was to wash the bench down and get it back in place at which point the rain came down. Two bags of rubbish later everything was back in and looking neat and tidy.

Now the planting got under way

110 Geranium Fire Queen
110 Red Geranium Fire Queen I am going to plant them in terracotta pots and stand them against the cream wall of the house I have decided if I can’t visit the Mediterranean this summer the Mediterranean is coming to me ! Outside my kitchen window I have a small covered area which usually has a couple of hanging baskets or pots of summer bedding. This is where the geraniums are going.

I planted 3 Hostas it was a pack of 2 but had 3 what a bonus! Also 3 phlox both were described as mixed I also received in the post a pack of 50 mixed Hosta seeds should be interesting!

The Dahlias I bought the other week have also been planted.
2x Show and Tell
1x Friquolet
1x Color Spectacle
2x Lady Darlene
1x Akita
1x Bora Bora

The Delphiniums I grew from seed last year have been potted on they are looking very strong and healthy.

I also have potted on the lavender cuttings I took last year. This week I want to plant sweet pea Cuthbertson Mix, cosmos Polidor Mix, hollyhock Halo Mixed. and scabious Tall Double Mixed So all in all I have plenty to keep me busy until this rain passes then its out to the veg plot where I have so much work to do. The Shallots I planted a couple of weeks ago are looking good and the Elephant Garlic has started to shoot so I will soon be able to plant them out along with early peas and parsnips.

Last summer we replaced the back fence and this summer we are going to replace the fence along the long border as it is almost falling down. This means we will have to hold back on planting much in the border until this job is done we moved the big Acer last weekend and cut the Hydrangea Petiolaris back I will have to sacrifice this poor old plant. My neighbour is getting all the benefit from it as it had grown up over the top of the fence and she had a lovely display of white flowers I got green leaves and brown stem. Not so good! There is also a large Magnolia tree in the way it’s future is under debate at the moment… watch this space! The garden itself is looking quite sad at the moment it still has its winter overcoat on. Although signs of spring are just beginning to emerge. Spring is not far away ….I hope although much more of this rain and I may need a canoe to get to the greenhouse on the up side I have nice full water butts.
Happy Gardening!

A few photos from around the garden.

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Hi Sue.... wow .. you've been busy ..
and your garden looks nicely planted ..
better weather soon !

18 Mar, 2013


Its all looking very good and I see you succumbed to the need to grow veg. You are going to be busy for the next few months.

18 Mar, 2013


You have been a very busy gardener. Those Geraniums are going to look fabulous. Can't wait to see the Dahlias. I hope you manage to save the Magnolia!

We're watching the tropical cyclone Tim as it nears the coast. It will deteriorate though and cross the coast as a low. We're all hoping we get some decent rain from it. We'll see!!!

18 Mar, 2013


This a nice blog , I can just imagine all those geranium,s ,and your border along the fence is lovely .

18 Mar, 2013


You`ve been as busy as a bee and by the looks of things they are going to have plenty to get into.
Like you its just the case of snatching the odd hour of sunshine when you can.
I see you use egg cartons to chit the potatoes same as me.

18 Mar, 2013


You have been busy Sue and judging by the amount you have growing will be for a while, everything is coming along nicely, thats a lot of geraniums so you'll have a colourful show come the summertime!!! .
The weather has been awful hasn't it, we have another dreary day here but at least its not raining or snowing which is better but WE NEED SUNSHINE......

18 Mar, 2013


Sue(busy)b, it should be. Lol.
Looks like all we can look forward to for the next couple of weeks is more rain, snow showers & cold, if the forecasters are to believed.
You seem well prepared, though, Sueb.
Those spuds are chitting nicely, aren't they?

18 Mar, 2013


TT~ It feels good to get back out into the greenhouse and get things growing.
Scotsgran ~ Yes, I just could not stop myself those veg taste so much better than shop bought.

Bernieh ~ I would love to save the Magnolia it’s about 10 feet tall and covered in buds at the moment it has been moved 3 times already. I have been eyeing up some more Dahlias. Hope Tim passes without too much fuss!

Kidsgran ~ Thank you .The garden is a bit of a mess at the moment though lots of work to be done.

Stroller ~ I have only just started! I need a bigger greenhouse Lol! I will don boots and raincoat before long I have so much to do trouble is the ground is so wet. Fingers crossed this grotty weather will pass ….come June we will be wishing we had more rain!

Lincslass ~ Oh for some sunshine and warmer weather. Fingers crossed the geraniums survive the cold I have the heater in the greenhouse but it has been so cold.

Mouldy ~ Lol! Don’t know about busy be. I just love to get out in the garden and potter and potter and potter all day long if I could ….well I do in the late spring and summer.

18 Mar, 2013


Lovely blog and a lovely garden. Your seedlings all look strong and healthy and your geranium pots will look stunning!

18 Mar, 2013 really have been busy.You've done well! I've sown some Leeks and some Tomatoes but I just find that in this dull, damp horrible weather, I just don't feel inclined to get on with sowing, potting on etc!!!

18 Mar, 2013


Louisa 15 ~ Thank you :)

Paulthegard. ~ You have just got to go for it Paul. I worked outside for years in a big nursery and you are outside in all weather but I'm getting soft in my old age!(well that’s my excuse anyway!) I don't like the wet weather it makes my dodgy foot ache, but you get to a point where you have to just get your hands in the compost and it lifts the sprits. Fingers crossed spring gets a move on and we can all enjoy our gardens.

19 Mar, 2013


I don't mind the wet but it's the dull conditions that make it so difficult to get healthy stron seedlings gs as I don't have a green house, just a potting shed!

19 Mar, 2013


You're all free to make use of my existential shed.
It's huge inside, like the Tardis, lol.
I'm looking forward to pottering about, too, Sueb. Roll on the warm weather, eh?

19 Mar, 2013


I'm on my way Mouldy with lots of virtual seeds to sow!!!

20 Mar, 2013


Sadly, last year's shed-brewed beer & vino are naff, due to the bad weather on another plane.
Same hear was it? Lol.
Sueb, the photo six above your spuds, is that a hosta?

21 Mar, 2013


the pic 6 above spuds, mouldy, with the little flowe buds, is Pulmonaria.

21 Mar, 2013


Crikey, I'll get the hang of about another 50-odd years! Lol.
Thanks, Paul.
Does it have any connection (The name, I mean) with human lungs, as in pulmonary, or is that a daft question?

21 Mar, 2013


The second photo from the beginning is Hosta Mouldy.
Not a daft question at all in fact a very educated guess. Pulmonaria is also known as lungwort. I found this explanation on Wikipedia:-
'The genus name comes from the Latin Pulmoa meaning lung and was first used by Leonhart Fuchs (1501 – 566), a German physician and one of the three founding fathers of botany. The species has been named officinalis by Carl Linnaeus for the medical properties of these plants, used since the Middle Ages to treat coughs and diseases of the chest, perhaps for its hard hairiness (expectorant effect)'.

21 Mar, 2013


What Scotsgran said, Mouldy.Ha Ha
Very interesting...I didn't know Pulmonaria had medicinal properties SG!
I do know it's a lovely little plant ,particularly for naturalising in shady areas such as under trees!

21 Mar, 2013


See, I did pay some attention in class, Lol.
Thanks, Scotsgran!
I'm going to have to start writing things down, as they occur to me. That way I can pester you all with endless questions. Lol.
If I don't ask, then I 'll never know, right?
I suffer from c.o.p.d, Scotsgran & was considering using it, but convential meds are helping me cope, at the moment, but I know I'd have to adjust or discontinue them, if I began using Lungwort, or am I getting mixed up with St John'swort?

21 Mar, 2013


Worked your Sphaerocephalus out on my own Paul.
Cephalus first...head.
Then I looked at the Sphaero & thought...sphere, no, surely not. The penny dropped...Roundhead...the shape staring me in the face. Lol.
Actually, (Pride comes before a fall. Lel.) cephalus means brain, doesn't it, asked the fool with almost none?
Again, staring me in the face, mockingly. Ha,ha!

21 Mar, 2013


Ha Latin was never that good, Mouldy.Obviously, there are some Latin terms which come up a lot in plant names but there's only a few of them I recognise!

21 Mar, 2013


Mouldy I would never recommend using traditional herbal remedies without consulting someone who knows what they are doing. If your present meds are working it would probably be difficult to get an appointment at the homeopathic hospital in Glasgow to discuss your whole needs.

22 Mar, 2013


Never did Latin, Paul, just picked up bits here & there from quotes, books, etc...See what I mean? Lol.
We still use it & often don't even realise it.
Sound advice, Scotsgran. I agree with you entirely & should be soundly thrashed for not making that clear.
Hang on, Scotsgran, I was only joking! Blimey, you're a bit keen, aren't you?
Oh, alright, then, but be gentle with me, won't you? LOL!

22 Mar, 2013

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