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Flowers V Vegetables


By sueb


This is my garden the long border on the left hand side is flagging. It is over grown and a mess to be honest. I have already lost two large shrubs and I fear more will perish shortly due to age and disease. I am planning to revamp this bed and had decided what to do. That was until yesterday when my dear husband threw a curve ball I was not expecting. He has suggested doing away with the flower be completely and growing fruit and vegetables. He has also said if I want to use the lower part of the lawn the strip level with the green house I can. Now I am wondering who has replaced my dear husband with this impostor. My husband is known a lawn man he would just have grass and concrete if it were up to him alone

So, do I go for?

1. A border of perennial flowers, Hydrangeas, with my big pot with the Acer in the middle of the bed.

2. A bed of Vegetables, fruit and keep the lawn

3. All vegetables

4. Flower border and take half the lawn for a vegetable bed.

What would you do given this choice?

This is for Sticki !

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which do you enjoy growing most?

14 Mar, 2011


Thats the trouble ~both!

14 Mar, 2011


and i expect both grow as easily as each other? could you mix the fruit and veg in with flowers?

if it was me i would keep the lawn just cos to me, thats what makes a relaxing outlook and garden and probably for the same reason i wouldnt have all vegetables ~ i just like my garden to be somewhere nice to sit as well as enjoy growing things in it ~ so i would keep the lawn and mix the fruit with the flowers, then maybe a few raised beds for vegetables.??

14 Mar, 2011


i would tell hubby to stick to what he is best,, the lawn lol
why dont you sugest combining veg and flowers in the border, i think that would look nice sue and iv seen it done on garden programs, so maybe make the border wider for this, killing two birds with one stone, just a thought :o)

14 Mar, 2011


I would do both, but it depends on what you enjoy more. I personally prefer flowers, but this year I'm growing vegetables too, because I've found that I love having my own.

14 Mar, 2011


I couldn't live with a garden with no flowers - could you? A lawn sets off the borders as well as being relaxing to the eye. So if you can keep at least some of it, you'll feel the benefit.

One point - don't put your acer into full sun - it won't like it!

If you want some veggies, I agree with Sticki - make them attractive in their own right. :-)

14 Mar, 2011


Sticki, San, Laura and Spritz, Thanks for all your lovely comments. You have helped a lot I know that before long Mr.B will change his mind about the lawn. As soon as the first fork goes in and he realizes that he would not be able to use his beloved telescope ( Barbra…the other woman as I call it) Down the bottom of the garden we would have a real tantrum …I have put that idea down to a senile moment. I have my three raised veg beds between the garage and green house. I think veg between the flowers sounds nice.
My Acer has been in the big pot for the past 10 years at the top of the border and has been beautiful. The garden is north facing so I think on reflection it will stay where it is.

15 Mar, 2011


you do well to grow all those things in a north facing garden, we used to have one that was north facing and only about 15 foot long ~ it was quite wide but we hardly had any sun.

15 Mar, 2011


It's not too bad; I do manage to get quite a lot of things to grow although some things are a challenge. Our last house was south facing and everything scorched I think next time we move it will have to be west! I will add a photo for you of my veg garden in full swing.

15 Mar, 2011


yes, please.
we face east now but that is shadowed by trees and a hill ~ so we would like west next time!

15 Mar, 2011


I think your garden looks absolutely lovely - a very peaceful place.

I cant stand my grass cos it stops me growing more stuff but if you are happy with the amount you are growing stick at that. Rhubarb is very pretty as is Swiss Chard - so these are good for the flower bed. Your beans are very lovely and Courgettes have great leaves and flowers. What about a pretty apple tree with the blossom - or a quince?

15 Mar, 2011


I have sort of the same dilemma because even though I have a lot of space, I have limited sun. I wanted to do vegetables but was concerned that the dogs would tear them up if I put beds in the back; however, I didn't want to give up my one sunny area, suitable for flowers, on the side of the house. Nor could I afford to put up more fencing. So I've decided to build raised beds in back, but next to the tortoise yard, which has a chain link fence. That way I can just wrap chicken wire around the bed to protect it from the dogs, attaching one side to the chain link.
Sussexsarah, I don't like grass either! Too much maintenance! I have very little lawn, well, I really don't think any of it could properly be called a lawn. It's either shade where nothing grows but moss and weeds or sun and overgrown meadow. I'm sure the neighbors hate it.

15 Mar, 2011


Sussexsarah ~ Thanks for your kind comments I love my garden it is a quiet place most of the time just the birds singing and the odd dog to disturb the peace, even though we live just on the outskirts of a small market town.
I am not allowed to go near the lawn with the mower or strimmer I think he would shoot me if I did. It had its first cut of the year on Saturday lovely diamond pattern !! Need I say more Lol! I once suggested we had chickens I won’t tell you what he said about that. But the general gist of it was a resounding no.

15 Mar, 2011


Laura~ I don't have any trouble growing veg although the light is limited at times I tend to start most things in the green house. I’m not saying everything is a roaring success I have had a few failures but overall I can grow a good variety of crops. If you look at the photo of the veg beds, the one by the green house has a cage over it this was constructed from bamboo canes and pond netting and cable ties worked a treat.
I like the chicken wire idea. As for the Lawn, Mr. B has realized that it would not be a good idea to dig it up!

15 Mar, 2011

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