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Projects a la 2014 part1


Hello folks
Just to record whats going on over on the veg patch patch going into 2014

The Daffs are (were) out, a few days ago

Ok so here we are, the neighbours got rid of some heating oil tanks and I had one. heres the top n bottom being rejigged to make two almight big planters

‘Quite’ a few barras of soil later ‘phweeew’

Chuck a chicken on (to rake -optional)

and first add climbers. That’ll keep em happy for a while.
No more fussing with pots for me, I’m goin upmarket ; )

Meanwhile on the small Trellis, how about using those old council recycling bins

While I’m at it, lets set up the old spare plant bench. Got a few spare already, leftovers from last year

You remember my addition last year, a 1000litres tank. i figures that if we had 6 weeks without rain then I’d need 3 times as much.
Voila, moved an old giant tank next to mine (Q-how did he do that what a hero) . I calculated I now had about 3250litres

Clearing the polytunnel and adding some home made compost, where from i hear you ask?

moving hardy plants out onto the sun bench

and lets tidy the small polytunnel

My new compost pen (thats from where), built last year. That pile on the right hand side was twice as big, up to the top, so has worked well and thats just over winter

And add some hardy leafy things, for a more permanent display

and this will be the taller perennial bed

Kaia says ‘Show em the new raised bed complex Stevie’

Ok ok well its not finished yet but you get the jist, or is it gist

You see on the left what a disaster it was, so now new underlaying and 4 times the area in the form of an ‘M’ design. Will have fence around as well, promise

No tell a lie it more like FOUR thousand litres. man if i lived in the desert I’d be truly rich now (although I guess it wouldn’t rain as much ; )

Startin to look ok now and I havent even started moving some big pots in…stay tuned : )

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oh - I see - you've been taking time off GoY to plan all that! It took you ages! but the results are nice ;)
Really like your live rake, lol.

8 Apr, 2014


those chicken rakers will eat all the snails and slugs for you, looking good. Hope your rain buts get filled up and you get lots of scrumptious veggies in your raised borders. I love the new planters, brilliant idea and you can grow anything in them as they are so deep. :O)

8 Apr, 2014


wow, that's a lot of work! how much protection will the new troughs give against cold? (I'd thought of lining my smaller ones with bubble wrap before planting, to help protect the soil - that's still at the drawing-board stage).

8 Apr, 2014


Will do. I like that new container clever of you. You have done well so far. Everything seems to need doing all of a sudden doesn't it?

8 Apr, 2014


Not emigrated yet Snoop although not a bad idea ; )
Results not it yet Kasy but gettin there,
Olive, I am hoping my frogs are still there for the slugs and the butts are almost full now,
Not sure Fran but all thats in those are pretty hardy, I'll only have to take in the other large pots i'll be adding and overwinter those or bring them on in the polytunnel,
Linda, yes I wish i could've had another one, yes lots to do

8 Apr, 2014


Hi Stevie.................great to see that you have been extremely busy, love those oil tanks, they make terrific containers and they look so smart all filled and ready to bloom, brilliant projects there Stevie, get cracking on tidying up now LOL.

8 Apr, 2014


Cheers, tidying up? lol, its organised chaos, give me about a month should be tidy ; )

9 Apr, 2014


Only a month???? Lol, think I need years, Lol.

13 Apr, 2014


Is there anything you couldn't recycle as a planter, Stevie? I admire your vision.

14 Apr, 2014


Hi Steve,

those flower beds are really impressive, no wonder Kaia wanted you to show them to GoYers. I am glad you are doing well. Wishing you happy and peaceful Easter holidays.

19 Apr, 2014


Hiya Stevie, late arriving but got here in the end, very impressed, you're a jammy beggar with all your recycling bits and bobs, those planters are huge and your plants are going to be so happy with all the room instead of individual pots, so much easier to care for during the summer months, they won't dry out so quickly which makes life easier as regards watering, mind you, that won't be a problem with the amount you're going to collect, lol....
Its so funny to see the chuck earning its living and I agree my chaos is always organised as well, lol....

8 May, 2014


Cheers folks, been lucky so far regular showers so yes no watering required as yet : )

8 May, 2014

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