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Projects a la 2014 part1 (b) ; )


Was gonna update the last blog but just to record the development of the front might as well bung a few pics here ; )
GNuts is now coming over quite regularly (when she hasn’t been fed) for a saucer of milk and maybe a small bit of ham

Ok enuff with the pics just pour the milk Stevie (nb taken before planter was planted up)

another of the Avalanche

This is scilla peruviana coming out

Big trellis is kicking off and just making some more pots for the front

You’ve seen the planter

Starting to shape up n come together

More flowers out today over the arch

slightly different angle ; )

quite liking this centaurea montana

and here’s the scillia starting to bloom

some bellis from last year

The oil drum planter now merging with the pots in front

coming together


lovely flowers

This is the grand ‘M’ raised bed almost done. Just need to fill it up a bit more, maybe fence around n the central bits would be great with some gravel. I also might extend the last leg more

This is going to used as a storage bay for all the spare plants

Work bench

Big Poly now with compost laid ready

got some trays of 20 geranium plugs and ganzanias for a quid that they were chucking out, I guess this is why they would rather write them off than let someone like me av em ; )

just add a few more pics ; )

Clematis Montana Broughton Star much earlier than last year by far (more or less a whole month)


and the other one

small euphorbia that did nothing in a small pot now thriving in the oil drum planter

greening up

polygonatum doin its stuff, lot more shoots this year

More to come : )

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What do you do in your spare time Stevie?
Those stone walls make a lovely foil for all your plantings.

28 Apr, 2014


spare time? lol
yes the stones are nice lookin, but they can get very hot in full summer sun so the trellis acts to cool the place a bit

29 Apr, 2014


Good to see your blogs and comments again Stevie.
Also I like the planting up of the concrete planter, using
small plants and grass in this way is most attractive.

30 Apr, 2014


Lovin that arch Stevie. Looking forward to the progress of the raised bed M. Hard work going on there ST :))

30 Apr, 2014


I love the stone planter, Stevie - very pretty and the C. Avalanche is gorgeous. Love C. Broughton Star too. We live just down the road from where it was bred.

1 May, 2014


Thanks folks : )

1 May, 2014


love all the pictures, its so lovely Stevie :-))

3 May, 2014


Where is Stikki Toffee ?

4 May, 2014


Hello Dianne, I miss Pippa a lot too !

6 May, 2014


Hi Junna,DB not sure where Stickis at sure shes ok : )

6 May, 2014


Thats looking grand Stevie, coming on in leaps and bounds, nice to see Gnuts keeping you company...

8 May, 2014

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