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Polytunnel prep - Part 2, Things to make n do


Ok folks here it IS, the long awaited new addition to my extra long mid-life crisis oh yes.

Ok the answer to the teaser question from my last blog, How long is this piece of string, it is of course, 25ft.
And heres a bit of a trench around it as well

Saturday saw the first day of construction, lets get it all out n ready. Gonna be a long day (got the foundation tubes in Friday)

first bits of the hoops, these have nice straight side bits

and here’s how the first hoop looks

and there they are, looking good

This kit comes with storm braces for the inner hoops. So now to create a strong end section with the ridge tube

a door bar exactly dead level ; ) all we needs a door now

and heres one I made earlier in the week, planted and fixed

and to finish this end section off, the end brace bar

teas so far

so working along, straightening, screwing the self tapping screws and then the ridge bars as we go along, not to bad

again the door bar

and a door, nearly ready for the cover now, but first

bacon sandwich

more teas

needed a couple of pairs of extra hands to get this over

I decided to fold it for now, and into the trenches

goosey looking on

more teas, quite exhausted by then

so heres how i left it end of play on Saturday, decided to fill the middle trenches so it couldnt go anywhere

yep still there

Gnuts came to watch the action

hmmm I’ll stay up here I think

Kaia also kept me company. Took my time filling in the remainder. also had to dig the door trenches and fold the cover in round the doors. Not an easy job but doesnt look tooooo bad. Will probably do it again when its stretched a bit anyway. Then finished the day with a bit of door mesh covering….then to bed…
Just a few battons around the doors to finish off

And voila today, there she is

Come on in, lets have a look around

wow much more room in here

and from the other end

next stage is to clear this and make an area for potting and setting aside here

Well done everyone

So lots of room now, cant complain anymore

Update pics
Polygigantica today (April 10)

The new bench area

Ziggy stardust door

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Brilliant. Congratulations !

8 Apr, 2013


Wow Stevie! That's a huuuuuuge tunnel! Big enough to grow all the tomatoes for a supermarket chain!

8 Apr, 2013


Fanflippingtastic!! You are now officially king of the poly tunnels!
I hope you are planing a grand opening ceremony with tea and cake!
Loved the pile of teabags!
That was a lot of work Stevie, well done mate!

8 Apr, 2013


Just love it Stevie, bet you are going to plant more 'passions' in there as well. Have you any seedlings to plant up yet? Great blog.

8 Apr, 2013


Tea and cake? Bacon sarnies would go down well!

8 Apr, 2013


Why is this result of middle-age crisis? All was said, just one add- how mamy people this polytunnel is intended to feed?

8 Apr, 2013


Cheers folks : ) Even though you think you could do it in a cant lol

Hmm yes Lulu/Sticki a grand opening sounds good, choice of toasted tea cake or bacon sarny sounds good.
Kat ,was thinking it should keep me in all sorts of foods but I do like to visit the neighbours and offer them lots of tomatoes.
Snoop, borrowed that off a friend, very useful for doing a deep thin trench for the door ends and cuts into harder soil easier

8 Apr, 2013


Hard graft & a well done bish-bosh job, Stevie!
At this rate you'll have a polytunnel city. ;-)

8 Apr, 2013


I am very impressed Stevie....I was talking to a friend on Saturday who has ordered a poly tunnel so that she can grow veg in Scotland. It comes next week so we suggested she has a grand opening. She is fed up working hard and the weather spoiling everything. We will be keen to see what you grow.

8 Apr, 2013


thanks, and yep I think there will be room for a couple of passion flowers in there. Actually a grape vine and my kiwi plant should like it in there better I think

8 Apr, 2013


Grape vine and bottling plant I think! Vintage wine?

Great job stevie!

8 Apr, 2013


looks 12' wide ? identical to mine & straight sides are the best. You wont regret your investment ol bean. Happydays!!

8 Apr, 2013


Tis indeed 12ft, loads more room width wise than my other, which is 10 : ) happydays indeed

8 Apr, 2013


Wow that is an awesome poly tunnel, almost as large as our garden lol........well done, I am impressed.

9 Apr, 2013


Amazing what a couple of feet can do.

Shall we save our empties? I saw those booze making barrels in a 2nd had shop....the one with the wiggly stopper bits......I can just see it...follow the delish smell of cooking bacon, fight way but guardian and Gnuts...past Passion flowers. Please bring folding chair Nd open bottles of magic potions at your peril!
Chutney anyone!

10 Apr, 2013


mmmmmmmmmmmm bacon and chutney!!! Im on my way!

is the kettle on?

10 Apr, 2013


Well done!!Fantastic space!I wish i could fit a poly tunnel in my garden.Hopefully we'll see some photos of the plants you will be growing in there!

14 Apr, 2013


Thanks folks, could get the rocket stove going and have salad from the salad bench/bar

Will be filling slowly Jacqui, will put some photos on for sure : )

14 Apr, 2013


rocket salad?

14 Apr, 2013


why not : )

15 Apr, 2013


rocket salad is very good for you ~ thought it would be a good addition to the party!

15 Apr, 2013


ok I have a pack of seeds, in it goes

15 Apr, 2013


it grows fast!!!!

15 Apr, 2013


We had better get over there fast! Rockets away!

17 Apr, 2013

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