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CHUTNEY!! - the second coming ; )


Ok alls been quiet on the chutney this year so far, but yes I’ve been busy!!!

For those of you that followed my chutney exploits (n failures) last year, here’s this years batch,

Come with me now on a slightly more competent (but only slightly ; ) journey into the land of chutney and see what awaits you in Stevies kitchen…….

Ok well we seem to have all this ‘stuff’ better get n use it I suppose!

Lets peal a marrow yes?

Hmm this marrow mixture looks…

AND smells very nice, dont mess it up now

cucumber with some onion also prepared, left salted overnight

My steamer and a bowl comes in ver handy for this job

ah my new (not £35) (not £25) discounted to (a couldnt say no) £17.50..bargain. Lets wazz some cucumber in the slicer..happy days : )

and in that goes

and into the (extra pressie for xmas) presentational jars

top up with the pickling ‘jue’

and I think this is the second batch of marrow on the go (cant even be bothered to sort the photos eh)


hmmm the scene a few days ago, still seems to be loads to do, better get down to some green tom chut yes? and what to do with all my red toms too!! (ignore the banana ok)

ah the satisfaction….back left= marrow chut 1st batch, back right= cumber pickle 1st batch and front n centre the rather attractive 2nd marrow batch, looks good dont it?
I rather regret now not putting those in a more attractive givaway pressie jar now, still I could stick a bit of wrapping over the lid n a ribbon eh?

ah just ‘’pulse it’’ ‘’pulse it’’ as jamie used to say ; )

the sliced green toms look quite nice dont they?

hmmm that tomatoe smell

Ok time for a quick break and how would you like to join me for Stevies very own first ever home made tomatoes soup?? hmmm yes pls

I used 1 carrot and a leek I had left , bit of onion n my own garlic, wazzed those , made some stock, got that going, then wazzed the red toms and in they went. Then blended the lot (nb enough for three days). I even had a bit of cream left over and stuck that in two.

I have to say I was quite impressed with myself

Ok stop enjoying yourselves, lets press on, now whats this? hmm, I think this is ther first batch of green tom chut, hmm gone a bit dark

Ok well lets not get too involved with the recipes, lets just give the results shall we.
Excuse the slightly blurry label shots but this is a good record for me. lets see how they all turned out shall we?

Ok so marrow 1st

ok fair

2nd marrow
(nb jugling here between ambient bulb and neon colour balance as the auto setting is more of an ‘oh i couldn’t be bothered, what do you expect for 20 quid off ebay’ setting

very presentable

cucumber pickle 1st

present-able. I used clear vinegar from pickled onions ; ) ok I admit i used a bit of the pickled onions as well ; )

Green tom chut 1st

slighlty dark and a bit spicy, made using a bit of soy sauce and no sultanas (as i dont want them)

Green tom 2nd batch

darkest left simmering longer and more soy, could be interesting

Green tom 3rd

best yet with cloves

Green tom 4th

more plain but very presentable

Green tom 5th

finished off and used up the left over marrow stock

Cucumber pickle 2nd batch (sorry for the blur)

hmm looks ok but not as nice as batch 1. I think you need clear vinegar for this pickle to look good

and HERE they are, my chutney children of 2012. A few little gifts in there I shouldn’t wonder

If you want any of the basic recipes then I’ll add the links, however I have experimented a bit with spices etc

Thanks and enjoy

Oh and PS, there might be an experimental marmalade blog coming soon, which incorporates a now year old leftover spicy relish : )

EXTRA bit of info***

I didn’t use any specific recipe but experimented a bit and played it by ear based on a few recipes online

Katarina asked about herbs n spices

Marrow chutney used
dried chilli flakes, mustard seeds, cumin powder, coriander powder and turmeric

Cucumber pickle
Mustard seeds and turmeric

Green tomatoe chutney
didnt use sultannas (dont like them much) but used a bit of soy sauce, turmeric, mustard seeds, cloves and ginger and some chilli flakes
looked at a couple of youtbe vids for this one EG

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that is really impressive ~ i know a supermarket that could do with some of those on the shelves!!! im sure you have plenty!

they look so good all stacked in your cupboard, that cucumber one looks really delicious, and pretty! and the green toms ~ really nice

but the soup ~ oooooh that made me very hungry!

fab job and great blog, thanks stevie

21 Oct, 2012


ouch, you've been very busy Stevie:) The sliced green toms remainded me bit of green alien's faces - saying: 'is the spinning over yet? we're bit exhausted by now...;-)
Well done there. Hope they'll make nice X-mass pressies:)

21 Oct, 2012


You must be hungry after all that - how about some nice chutney on toast?

21 Oct, 2012


Wow, I am well impressed.......all you need is a cheese large enough to eat with it lol

21 Oct, 2012


I can confirm that tomatoe soup was delish : )

yes i though I wouldn't bore folk with several chutney blogs ; ) but hold back a bit so i looked busyier ; )

yes I hope to give more aay as little extra xmas gifts this year so i'm not left with a mountain but am wondering already just what cheese to get in : )

21 Oct, 2012



but you could always have a little tasting to check which is best!!

21 Oct, 2012


The Tomato Soup would be improved with a tablespoon of Double Strength Tomato Puree Stevie.
Otherwise yours is the same as I make. Freezes well.

21 Oct, 2012


ah yes didn't have any puree in the cupboard DB but you cant have it all eh : ) next time

21 Oct, 2012


Seriously strong cheddar? Stilton? and my fave. Cambouzola.... really creamy and tasty on crusty bread, Stevie maybe you should invest in a bread maker!!!! I purchased one a year ago and havn't bought shop bread since.
Brilliant blog... such a buzy bee, you put me to shame. Nice ribbon round the neck of the jars would look good too, a perfect gift.

21 Oct, 2012


yummy, cheddar, stilton and cambouzola!!! crusty bread really good ~ bread makers are great ~ i wore mine out though :-(

21 Oct, 2012


how about local welsh cheddar cheese Stevie? it's quite good and you should support your local businesses, lol.
Bread maker - hmmm - would be nice;-)
For how long have you had it Sticki?

21 Oct, 2012


cheddar, stilton love them and will have to look into Cambouzola more, sounds fab.
i do like doing the bread mix now and then GM but yes maybe a xmas pressie suggestion there : )

Well kasy, when the locality buy my chutneys n pickles ; )

21 Oct, 2012


Great blog Stevie,I just would not know where to start.looks very tasty.excellent job.

21 Oct, 2012


Oh god I'm confused!
Quick//hide last years chutney...

Well done STT and the soup looked yum.

21 Oct, 2012


Thanks Suey, the chutneys will take 3 weeks to get going so into the cupboard fro xmas.
No Lulu all can be recycled ; )

21 Oct, 2012


Cambouzola(not sure if spelt right!) is a mix of gorgonzola and camembert, very tasty with chutney & chunky bread. (home made of course!) Maybe write to Santa Stevie!!

21 Oct, 2012


First comment: Big impression from kitchen impressario ST.
Second: I like when man is cooking, Jamie Oliver was my favourite :)
Third: Absolutely great gift for X-mas :)))
Fourth: I missed comment on herbs and spices - did you put there any?
Fifth: We eat chutney with meat. Do you eat it with cheese?
Sixth: Absolutistic blog :))))

21 Oct, 2012


Found this on Wiki...
Cambozola is a cow's milk cheese that is a combination of a French soft-ripened triple cream cheese and Italian Gorgonzola....
Told you it was yummy.(tesco sell it)

21 Oct, 2012


does santa bring cambozola cheese?

its soft and creamy, brilliant with crusty bread

sorry kasy i thought i had answered your question but must have typed it and forgotten to click 'add comment'!!
i think it may be 3 or 4 years old now ~ hadnt realised, thought it was only 2.

21 Oct, 2012


katarina have you seen james martin cooking?

21 Oct, 2012


No, I watch "With Italian in the kitchen" and Jamie Oliver long time ago. Why?

21 Oct, 2012


Ok its on my list GM : )
Kat, i knew i wouldn't get away with it, i'll have to try n remember what i did but followed my basic recipes (sort of ; ). I'll put the links on and then what I did.

21 Oct, 2012


because i like the things he cooks! he can spin sugar too!

[spun sugar recipe starts about 26 minutes in]

sorry the clip is a bit long ~ this is what i like to have on saturday morning!

21 Oct, 2012


surpassed yourself StheT ! Im inspired. excellent blog.

21 Oct, 2012


competition on then bampy?

21 Oct, 2012


I don't even dare to think how much it would cost to buy it from you Stevie, lol. Made with such a passion, lol. Are you going to put some on your plant sale bench? or you making a new one? lol

22 Oct, 2012


Sticki.....sorry in reply to comment way up the page, Santa will bring you anything, (if you have been good!!)

22 Oct, 2012


Very impressive the way you represent this (STEVIE's CHUTNEY ), WOW! A very healthy delicious food , I love so much the food where vinegar and all kinds of veggies , spices, combined , with matching bread and cheese ! WOW! Award winning recipe Stevie, I do Hope one day i can eat your very delicious home made chutney!

22 Oct, 2012


Some excellent chutneying going on there :o)

22 Oct, 2012


Yummy, that look SOOOO good. and the soup. We make it as well you cant beat it :0)

22 Oct, 2012


I'm never that good GM!

23 Oct, 2012


Lol Sticki, you still have time to redeem yourself!!

23 Oct, 2012


oh dear, how long do i have to be good for?

23 Oct, 2012


About 60 ish.....days Sticki, not too long ;)

23 Oct, 2012


thats quite a challenge!

23 Oct, 2012


Ok firstly for Katarina, I have put a bit of extra info on the end. Didn't use any one specific recipe but have put on the main spices : )

23 Oct, 2012


Thanks folks
not sure it would be legal on the plant bench Kasy, something now in the news about second hand jars!
Junna of course, maybe one day : )

23 Oct, 2012


Hm, Steve, thank you for making this appendix for me, but I think it would be useful for all who are your followers. By the way, who are those sultannas whom you tossed into the chutney?
My knowledge of chutney (chat net, lol, sorry, I am bit drowsy) started and finished in Mark and Spencer. That is spicy, sweet and normal. We do here normal chutnet, e.g. tomatoes, pepper, onion, paprika - and add it to meat.
I would recommend you to buy some nice paper, and put it on the lids and fix it with some ribbon in a suitable colour and you have very nice home made present for gurmains :))

24 Oct, 2012


Come xmas Kat presents they shall be with some nice wrapping as well, with a few for the evening table

24 Oct, 2012


catch up lol
u have been busy, not had good gardening year here steve so no chutney this year or any homemade stuff full stop, so will just drool over your cooking efforts haha

31 Oct, 2012


Well the toms in the polytunnel were the only bit of good news on my patch Sandra. Still hunting for the potatoes!!
I have also recycled some of the failed relish experiment from last year and made something quite tasty, more to come...haha : )

31 Oct, 2012


Would that be something beginning with 'M' Stevie?!!

1 Nov, 2012


oh yes indeedy

1 Nov, 2012


To think that I nearly missed this , Stevie .
I was just thinking "I wonder if he's made any this year."
I'm knee deep in what should have been green tomato chutney , but half have gone red with having to wait so long for attention .(OH was getting a bit alarmed that it was taking me so long to get around to it .)
Anyway , in went the toms, some apple , onions , raisens ,spices and .....too much white vinegar . It wouldn't boil down much ! back to the store cupboard ;apricots , dates , and I think we're there !
Only got to pot it up now !
Well done you , should set you up for another year .

6 Nov, 2012


Thanks Driad, Well the toms were sat there for a while and alot of mine went off or red so the red went to soup, but still plenty of jars worth. I agree sometimes you need a couple of trys to get it how you want it : )

8 Nov, 2012

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