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My Wheelbarrow runneth over with food and animals : )


The first season of tomatoes in the polycave, come and have a look how they did.
I promise this blog will not contain any unnecessary animals or wildlike or random bits of food n recipes. Do you believe me?

The spare plant bench was looking look (before the rain)

Some cheap spare cyclamens if you fancy one

The front’s still hanging on, those rudbekias go on forever dont they

I just keep fining these fellas in my place, must be some specific good feng shui or someink

Well lets take them over to the pond, come on guys (they can hibernate in winter btw)

GNuts waits for more food to arrive, why try harder eh?

Oi what do you want? this is MY lake

runs up


Straight for the shoelaces, ok ok just dropping these off

King of the castle

That done, GNuts doesn’t bother to chase the chickens much

Hello folks, has this blog started yet?

Fancy another comphrey fritter?, I know you’ve all tried it havent you? add a bit of cheese

Bit of sour cream n toms. Ok ok it doesn’t look that appetising but the comphrey is great and I calculate this dish costs in the region of 10-15 pence ; )
What are you doing to save money eh?

Bang crash, whats all thats noise, Woodley n the cuddly SHULA!!

Shulas’ legs getting longer! Jack just wants a biscuit now

Don’t do that Shula pls

arrgghh Stevie help

No thats NOT kissing Kaia smells biscuit on Jack!

Quick Acer check ; )

Ok loads of blackberries over on the field, bit of sugar, cinnamon and a quick wizz makes for some nice compot

and here they are, my apple scones (apple from the apple tree)

and here’s the recipe
Cost of dish hmmm 15p…what are you etc etc….

and with the toms picked a couple of weeks ago I made some sun(read oven)dried tomatoes.

Was going to make a nice jarful but i’ve eaten them now ; ) lets make some more..

and so here we are in he polycave, come on in

Plenty of toms still to pick, but first a random artistic shot

Ok down they come

some plants have done well


random unnecessary shot

random 2

cutting down stems as I go, ah whats that

ah DDL still there, looks like he clung on till the end

and there we are, this is what its all about

a happy scene indeed

now what’m I goin to do with these

a beautiful thing

beautiful things

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no unnecessary animals ~ agreed! no recipes???? hmm, shall i read this then?

where shall i start? there's so many things!! lovely blog btw!

1. some rather nice pots on your spare bench, wouldnt mind one of those ~ how much?
2. looks like the newtmarket races going on there ~ not sure what happened to number 4 though
3. hello Gnuts, king of the castle, lovely Kaia, goosey, shula, jack etc
4. im VERY impressed with that blackberry compote AND the apple scones
5. tomatoes and passionflower amazing ~ acer even more so!
6. like the look of those fritters
7. what am i doing to save money ~ reading your blogs instead of buying a book!!!!!

oh, i seem to have written nearly a blog in this comment!!!

26 Sep, 2012


enjoyed this blog.

26 Sep, 2012


Lovely collection on the bench Stevie:) wouldn't mind a plant or two myself.
4 newts? lol. D'Artagnan and 3 musketeers?
So many animals around - maybe you want a kitten? lol
that's a nice crop you got from your tomatoes:)
wouldn't mind a polytunnel myself to be honest. Or maybe I could rent a square meter (or two) from you? how much the rent would be? lol.
there is nothing better than your own organic food. Missing that a lot;-)

26 Sep, 2012


Ah ! tis the season of mellow fruitfulness. A good Autumn ramble StheT !

26 Sep, 2012


close busomed friend of the maturing sun......... Jx

26 Sep, 2012


Thanks folks,
yes Sticki I do dessert as well ; )
Cheers Sbg
Kasy, get yerself one, and no soz, I need every square metre,
Bampy/J21, indeed

26 Sep, 2012


Will make my Comfrey Fritters a bit thicker next time, adding the Cheese and fried Tomato.
Wonder if our Medieval ancestors ate them ?
They knew hard times out in the country.

27 Sep, 2012


great blog Stevie :-)

27 Sep, 2012


Ah great to see you're on board Db, thats 3 or 4 members now of the Fritter club : )
I read on that link about them being used in batter during the great depression and those folk maintaining their health and not falling ill so I will survive.
Cheers SL.

27 Sep, 2012


Mmmm I like the sound of apple scones ... and need something to do with my apples that won't store ... :o)

27 Sep, 2012


You got a whole pack of dogs there Stevie.
I rather liked the unnecessary tomato shot....

And the DLL clinging on.

Newtmarket races here we come!

30 Sep, 2012


I have quite a big garden pack it into your small patch beautifully Stevie. Those tomatoes are very impressive. Love the local wild life.

1 Oct, 2012


Beautiful Acer S. and delish Toms, Chutney?? by any chance! Love the artistic shot and apple scones and if I was local I would also raid your spare bench of those nice terracotta pots & plants.

4 Oct, 2012


Yep packing them in, animals n plants,

am processing the chutney as we speak folks : )

4 Oct, 2012


you'll be making cheese next to go with it?

4 Oct, 2012


What a lovely place, Stevie !!!, Food is healthy and the adorable dogs etc. etc. I wish to see that in person:-)))

10 Oct, 2012


You're very welcome Junna anytime : )

10 Oct, 2012


Hoping very soon:-))))))))))

11 Oct, 2012


are you coming to this country junna?

11 Oct, 2012


I'M planning for a short vacation , Pippa maybe during the summer next year , How i wish To board on plane:-o

11 Oct, 2012


oooh wouldnt that be lovely!

11 Oct, 2012


But I need to fix patiently my documents , esp. my passport don't have b'coz my birth cert. is a late registered and need to prove b'coz my name is different from my birth cert. there is ana maria before my name, so its a long process to begin, i have to seek lawyers advice

11 Oct, 2012

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