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Day out for two old beans : )


So its my turn and a visit by two of my Goyer friends Sticki and Kasy, (unfortunately Lulu couldn’t make it).
Some pics for them and friends : )

They arrived for a bit of lunch, can’t go wrong with a good ol jacket potatoe an a frisbee combination : )

and of course stick them under the now famous arch for the obligatory photo

Then took them for a walk at the canal, ok see you later ladies!

oh well they wouldn’t go with out me guess I had to join them

lovely setting

Kasy taking a picture of Sticki taking a picture of the canal

tried to keep in front to keep them out of the pics ; )

Taking a rest

nice bit of sun

and shade

ah some ducks, lets take a pic

Ducks with kasys’ head

Duck through Stickis camera

managed to get through, here they are having a drink

Did someone say drink….Oh my god!!!

And so we got in the car and drove a while to Kasys’ place, where we were met with a warm…er welcome!

And heres kasys garden (keep off the grass!!)

The acer, clematis, grass, lily, lamp corner

The ‘japanese’ section with the famous Chelsea trellis (watering can)

Clematis princess Diana in the light

Ah this must be the Polish welcome, where guests are offered extra table facilities

Well good height for the cups at least (dont say anything says Sticki)


Now kasy is always banging on about her huge nursery of plants so it was great have the chance to walk around…oh

ah the famous Marsha, who are you?

I’m off

Actual evidence of Sticki sabotaging a shot with a watering can

Sticki randomly pointing her camera at kasy randomly pointing at something

and a small present for Sticki (faces say it all!)

Kasys garden in a different light (watering can)

and corner

some thingys

Back at mine Kaia gets a good fussing over

As does Gnuts

You know who, bit camera shy

Some passions came out especially

Fed up with the quality of my camera i resort to taking a pic of Stickis

Then more camera antics. They go mad over the pilaff

Very nice they say but personally I dont think its a good sign when you hear them shouting ‘Hey I got one’ every time they find a broad bean : )

In the evening light, welcome anytime girls : )

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oh dear - forgot to hide my watering cans. Now I won't be able to laugh at your pics with watering cans in it, lol.
Lovely blog, lovely pictures - gigling all the way while reading.
Thank you for a lovely meal.
Lulu - next time get the ambulance to bring you here, ok?

23 Aug, 2012


me too, giggling and laughing, its a great blog stevie, loved it!!!

nearly as much as i loved the day!!!!

love the creative photography ~ is it called photo-plaguer-ism if you take a photo of a photo????

i thought you werent meant to be taking photos of the drinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 Aug, 2012


Now this is the second blog on the same topic and the third will be in Daily Mail, lol. Funny is, that I live at the bank of almost similar stream/little river as you, Steve. It is called Black Water (doesn´t need explanation, does it). I wonder, what is pillaff, when all the girls were making so many photos of it? I have never heard of it.

23 Aug, 2012


Yeah! I'm writing to The Daily Mail!
Such a funny title Stevie!
So, we have to do this all over again and I will bring spare beans!

23 Aug, 2012


Katarina - this is the third blog - Stickitoffee has done her already:) Pilaf is a rice meal Katarina - it supposed to have plenty of broad beans in it. Stevie did a blog on it last year and he put a receipe in it as well.
Lulu - definitely more beans needed:)

23 Aug, 2012


I see, thank you Kasia for info. I did not read that recipe, but that combination sounds good. I do sometimes something similar with lentils, but I do not know, what is its name. I usually call it "vegetable rizotto" or "what survived in kitchen".:)) Lucky you all :))

23 Aug, 2012


P.S. Now I noticed Steve´s entrance to the house. Very nice arrangement :)

23 Aug, 2012


Welcome Katarina, a blog coming soon for you : )

23 Aug, 2012


Hi, Steve, I thought all blogs on beans were already written :). So there is another one? May I guess the main heroe? Shall be there the manager of the pond? :)))

23 Aug, 2012


You guessed it Kat : )

23 Aug, 2012


:))) I have had a strange sympathy for this independent broken beak backyard general manager :))))

23 Aug, 2012


Well shes very happy and has it all to herself, sometimes comes in though to see if there are any shoelaces around to peck : )

23 Aug, 2012



23 Aug, 2012


Youve all had a lovely GOY day out. Lovely pictures of cameras too! Enjoyed reading :)

23 Aug, 2012


It looks and sounds like you had a great time together.

23 Aug, 2012


Thanks folks, always good : )

23 Aug, 2012


Lovely blog.The lighting on some of those pictures is absolutely beautiful; the giggling, happy faces are beautiful too. I love the canal pictures - so serene. Love all the animals too.

23 Aug, 2012


Its a nice place ,love the laughter and the healthy plants and the quiet place of Kasy,very lovely picture :-))))) its your turn to be a photographer Stevie, you have a nice picture in Sticki's blog , love the shots of the peaceful place :-)))))))))))

24 Aug, 2012


Brilliant blog as always Stevie they always make me smile:)

24 Aug, 2012


I think that is a lovely blog. You all looked to have had a great day out. Jxx

24 Aug, 2012


Thanks folks, dont forget to check out Stickis' and Kasy' blogs, theres one similar pic in each thats doesn't quite add up, see if you can see which it is ; )

24 Aug, 2012


p.s. its not the one where i cant add up the drinks!!!

24 Aug, 2012



24 Aug, 2012



24 Aug, 2012


any clues? pls:)

25 Aug, 2012


Could it be 3 - 1 ??

25 Aug, 2012


Katarina: pilaf is also known as pilau and plov - its just rice cooked in flavoured broth - the rest of the ingredients are optional and varied. In this case, clearly, 2 broad beans... which would have been fine by me, I can't stand broad beans, nor butter beans, lol.
Great, fun blog as usual...

25 Aug, 2012


Well Pilaf is one of those dishes i can actually manage : )

Kasy, picture 6, then check your blog and then Stickis, see if anyone can spot the conundrum!

31 Aug, 2012

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