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Birds, Animals & Benches 2 (n a bit o polycave)


Well back to normal and here’s how a few friends are getting on,

But first lets go over to the Polycave, whats going on in here?
coming in?

And inside we have yes a passion flower over the door : )

Oh another, twin passion over the doors

Stuff doing well, Tomatoes coming on with lots of smalluns and flowers getting going.

Grape vine also out of control : )

Buds for Sticki (first of 2 shots for sticki btw)

Lets go out

This is my cool area under the shade for cuttings and spare plants

More stuff chilling out

And LOOK STICKI whats this????


Oh hello GNUTS you been followin me?

chickens..leave it!!

Brrruuuu, can we get past Steive?

Just a quick look at the (clem wars) clematis arabella doing nicely.

Hey whos there? is that you Goosey

‘Grrrrrrr, though it was you Stevie’ (wondering if hes wearing laces)

Coming back for a bite to eat GNuts?

Hmmm meeoow

Bench looking ok, a few things have gone : )

At home (=^;^=)
Well nice of you to come over. I wonder what you would like?

ah yes I know


ah this is the way to gradually get GNuts to come in ’’uummumummmuumm’’

bbrrruuurrkk, fancy a drink Stevie, oh go on them if you must


Hey fella, you tryin to hitch a lift?

ello Stevie, common ground beetle here

Better put you on the ground then

Oh typical go to the loo and who was in there, better put you back n all

not sure i want to go Stevie, that bird isnt about is it?

and just what do you two think you are lookin at?

Ok GNuts, lets take you back to your home as well

The hedge

and a bit of Sidalcea to finish

good job



Again in the shower room, had to put him in the sink to keep him safe

Ok well should be a friend down there for you, back you go


Coochy is looking to get out

Yes here she is the first proper red tomatoe (Aug05) in the polycave. bit late maybe but I grew then all from seed so looking forward to lots more

For Sticki, a flower of true colour

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wow stevie it looks fantastic!!! love those archway type shots through the polycave door with the twin passions!!!!

and so lovely to see the morning glory ~ mine all died :-(, what a good thing i gave them to you and lulu ~ hers is growing too!!

what a lovely place you live in, do they call it Stevie's Ark round there?

love those shots of the chickens in the watering cans, and the beetle!!

everything seems to be growing so well!!!

Gold medal blog stevie ~ loved it.

oh and those daisies ~ real superstars!!!

3 Aug, 2012


Its been on 3 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!! lol

3 Aug, 2012


You can count on Sticki Stevie:)
Lovely blog, lovely surroundings. Nice to see you enjoying it:)

3 Aug, 2012


Wow a newt, a chicken drinking out of a watering can (cute)
Arabella..........well, ok ish!

Gotta come visit your polytunnel.

All those plants on your bench, please come and take a few of my spares!

Are you feeding your neighbours cat?

3 Aug, 2012


And the morning glory!!!!

3 Aug, 2012


it took me 2.7 seconds to read it!!!!!!!!!!????????????

i love those beetles, i dont think they look common at all.

and that superb acer just lighting up the scene, what a stunner!

3 Aug, 2012


Everytime I see a beetle it reminds me of you photographing one! Also reminds me of the poem 'Alexander Beetle'!
Right off to light the fire and peel some spuds!

3 Aug, 2012


I know that poem!!!! brought up on it!!!!

3 Aug, 2012


Not much of a poem if you ask me
''Right off to light the fire and peel some spuds!''
hardly a classic!

3 Aug, 2012


Im sure its in every golden treasury in the land!!!!

now what does spuds rhyme with ???

3 Aug, 2012


Enjoyed that blog Stevie!!

3 Aug, 2012


there are more than 20 buds on that passionflower arent there??

Light the fire and peel the spuds
Count those passionflower buds

3 Aug, 2012


I like the hen comando in a grass jungle. Were you the leader? Lol. :) What is it Gnuts? Is it the name of that cat? He looks very firendly with you.

3 Aug, 2012


Gnuts is indeed the cat Katarina, lives in the hedge

3 Aug, 2012


I remember him :)) Seems he likes you.

3 Aug, 2012


love your blog,really enjoyed it!

3 Aug, 2012


great the hen getting a drink :)

3 Aug, 2012


Ta folks, yes I dont think I have ever seen a chicken drinking this way.

3 Aug, 2012


Lol Sticki! Good wee rhyme.

4 Aug, 2012


I like the chicken getting a drink too, but GNuts is my favourite.

4 Aug, 2012


Thanks folks nice to get some nice comments from nice people : )
Had another one in the shower room, (see pic) back he goes

4 Aug, 2012


Enjoyed your blog very much

4 Aug, 2012


Thanks Clarice glad you liked it.

Just found another small newt in the shower room, dont know where they are coming from!

4 Aug, 2012


love it Stevie. is Gnut...pronounced like Gnu...with a t on the end? kind of sounds a bit like newt? You'll have to do some newt spotting. Get Gnut to cat Rufus is my cricket spotter...if one gets out of the gecko's aquarium he finds it and brings it to me...a little battered and worse for the wear. He's a helper!
enjoyed the blog!

4 Aug, 2012


Hi Lori, not seen you in w while, well short for GingerNuts or if female GinaNuts : ) (nuts as in likes living in his box in the bush) cheers

4 Aug, 2012


Gnut and newt!! Lurve baby newts, so cute. Found one in my pond last week,,,,,,, was very excited. They are so perfect.

4 Aug, 2012


Gnut has it all then, aye Stevie? People who know he's there and look out for him...(and feed him, right?) and a box all his own in the big wide world. Lucky, lucky boy/girl!

4 Aug, 2012


Ah yes Lori he/she gets alot of attention and food from those around him/her, I noticed GNuts getting a bit bigger abd seems very happy

5 Aug, 2012


I should have read more Gnuts still a kitten then? Our Rufus is just seven months and he looks full grown but still likes to play...and he's spoiled (a bit) because I can't help myself. Have a good life Gnuts...
Noticed your pic of the morning those things. I tried growing Moon Flowers this year..(large white morning glories) when they germinate the cotyledon leaves are five times the size of a regular MG. I had planted them at the same time as the castor bean and I was confused at first as to which was which...the MF are just starting to climb..will post when there's something to see!...hope i get some huge flowers.

5 Aug, 2012


Great blog Stevie. Are you making any money from your 'stall' there? My new passion flower has three buds on now, it has been so slow, cannot wait to see them open now. Love the chooks, so inquisitive.

8 Aug, 2012


a little bit of cash has trickled in but its spare plants only so not meant as a commercial endeavour. well the passions just love the polytunnel heat but bear with it : )

8 Aug, 2012


I will :)

8 Aug, 2012


Loved your blog. Felt as if I was having a wander around your garden not knowing what I would find round the corner. Lucky you to have cat , dog and chickens and a goose not forgetting the little fellows.Noticed I have got some spindly looking Morning Glories coming through from last year, hope they keep going.

8 Aug, 2012


thank you : ) The animals are not mine and the cat is out resident stray come to live : )

8 Aug, 2012

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