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Ok so what do you do when you take a load of pics of the front of your place? (stick em in a blog of course)

Ok well just wanted to record for posterity how the front is looking this season. These are from the end of last month and this one : )

Well lets start with a few geraniums that did well this year

and Lily came to visit as a present from my next door neighbour, was just a tiny bit of root, starts to open

bit shy ; )

ah hello, blessed

may your path be laid with petals

The front has been looking really well


ah bit o sun, the front has never looked so good : )

ah coming out

in all her glory

the japanese garden ; )

a real mixture of texture


NO distracting cans here ; ) (they are part of the fabric of my place)

And at the end of June the arch has shaped up

and the passion flowers a comin out as the big trellis covers

as does the small one

without cans



and in full : )

the clematis Bill McKenzie filled the gap well, here with vill de lyon

dark to light

Acer in situ and rocker trolly

as the sun comes up


Piilu on July 1st

looking through the Gems

texture again

plants for the bench?

into the texture

sun on the arch


the front

the side

the buds

more piilu

light n shade

red clems this year


both sides meet at the top (the comb over improves ; )


Might add a few more come the end of the season : )

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looking really good STT, love the water lily :-)

18 Jul, 2012


that has to be a whole large garden's worth of plants all across the trellis, arch and walls.

an impressive welcome to your front door!!! love the acer best and then the lily

but i also like those lovely geraniums and all that texture and light

so many plants ~ you need a poster size photo for these!!!

18 Jul, 2012


Thanks folks, good idea I think to just record how its looking during its best month : )

18 Jul, 2012


i agree!! and then compare with another year? changes in plants and weather!

btw im very envious of those blueberries ~ i have enough on two bushes to fill an egg cup ~ what am i doing wrong ~ what else do they need?

that last picture is absolutely beautiful

18 Jul, 2012


Somehow, you have managed to get across the sheer joy that your garden brings you. It is really special and the water lily is a delight.
Thanks for this.

18 Jul, 2012


That Acer is a fab colour Stevie, I love plants that have copperie shaded leaves, just beautiful.

18 Jul, 2012


A lovely blog, into my Favourites for the winter months to enjoy again. Thank you.

18 Jul, 2012


Fab blog Stevie! all looking great :)

18 Jul, 2012


Wow, looks like a jungle, everything has grown so much. Lovely place you have Stevie. Jx

18 Jul, 2012


Thanks folks : )

18 Jul, 2012


Lovely! Room for everything and everything in its place!

19 Jul, 2012


It all looks fabulous Stevie...

19 Jul, 2012


Looks like you were observing your front garden for the whole day, Stevie, lol. Of course, it is a master´s work - I like the arch and acer, too :) I did not understand one word, nor vocabulary at hand helped me. What does it mean "piilu"?

5 Aug, 2012


Thank you folks and Katarina, yes the spelling 2x 'i's foxed me at firat two, its the piilu clematis, was great last year and just as good this, but with bigger flowers.

If you go back a bit more pics are here

5 Aug, 2012


I understand now :)) Thank you.
Still - foxed me at firat two? Sounds like incantation :))

5 Aug, 2012


keyboard lol

6 Aug, 2012


This is the final comment/Q (I promise to all who have impression I have had monopol on comments): do you have any idea what is the sort of blueberries you have? Or do you fertilise it frequently? I tried to grow blueberries for several times, unsuccessfully. I did all what was recommended, but they didn´t thrive. Any advice?

6 Aug, 2012


Comment all you want Katarina, friends and nice people always welcome : )
Not sure which one it is Kat but its always performed well and given loads of blueberries. I repotted it when it got larger but have left it since but its done well. So sorry dont have much advice other than this is a sunny warm spot for it and keep it watered regularly, maybe grow them quite big in a pot before putting them out. I think they are supposed to like ericatious soil but this had quite rich soil to start with

6 Aug, 2012


i have two blueberry plants, cos i was told they would fertilise each other better that way, they said slightly acidic soil. i have quite a few berries on mine [not as many as stevie by the looks of it though] mine are not in a very sunny place.

6 Aug, 2012


Do you have single bush or two? I read also that they must be always two in order to get crops. But never had any, in spite of I had three :))

6 Aug, 2012


i have two separate bushes in tubs. they are now about 50 - 60 cm tall, i have had one of them for two years but the other i only got last year.

6 Aug, 2012


I gave that questions to Steve, as he is the one who has the crops, while we do not have :)) I never grow it in the tube, but perhaps it is a good idea.

6 Aug, 2012


oh sorry

by tubs i mean pots.

6 Aug, 2012


I know what you meant, it was MY bad expression, LOL.

6 Aug, 2012

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