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Help contacting Fran


I just received a spoken text to say she’s arrived, but will need another van load! But I can’t work out how to send a spoken text and the number given to reply to ends with XX which I can’t input. It doesn’t work without the XX either. Anybody got any ideas? I don’t want her to think i’m nor replying.

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When you say 'spoken text' I assume the text was sent to your landline instead of a mobile.
If that's the case, you can only reply by sending a 'written text' from your mobile to the number your 'spoken text' came from (dial 1471, that should give you the number, provided you haven't had a phone call since then) or you could just phone her...
Hope that helps.

8 Dec, 2013


The problem was that the phone no. didn't work. However I've discovered I got an extra digit in it by mistake, so I've now managed to get through. Everything is now delivered safely but the washer and cooker aren't connected yet. She's in a very positive frame of mind and planning to go exploring to find shops, doctor etc. She sound very full of energy! She'll be back when her computer gets connected and I'm sure she'll have lots to tell us.

8 Dec, 2013


Pleased she's ok x

8 Dec, 2013


Pleased you have managed to contact her Stera and thankyou for letting us know that Fran is ok.....

8 Dec, 2013


Glad it's all sorted.

9 Dec, 2013


Thanks for the update, great news to hear she is in her new home, hope she is going to be very very happy in her new little corner of the world. Look forward to her communications as and when she can get up and running with the internet, it can take forever to get it installed. Hope she is soon back in touch. :O)

11 Dec, 2013


Thanks for your comments. I'd never phoned a Goy member before but was so concerned about what she had taken on, all by herself. She is amazing!

12 Dec, 2013

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