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More pc problems- and feeling ill.


By stan510


My second old one froze..I knew as it was getting lower on free space i was on limited time. It was a 2004-2006 era pc. Same as my old one I had from 2004-2015.

Also- got that darn bronchitis/cold. I never new how old I could sound until I hear myself hack out of breath. I’ve never smoked-lol. Sort of sound like them.

Weather turning warm for the next week,record warm and how nice to be miserable through it huh?

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Have you tried CCleaner? It's a free software app you can download. It will clean out all the old junk files from your computer, freeing up tons of space.

4 Feb, 2016


I did Paul. It told me 85% of the files for the most part were all old files,lost and broken. A 2004 or so Dell. It was still trying. It also had a virus that has ruined system by the day I was losing 1% of the 14% free space it had when it caught that bug...strangely Paul,I got that right after Zone Alarm hung up installing. Removing it corrupted the registry too. A virus from a name brand. The Internet is dangerous to download anything.
Now? I bought one a new. Terrible monitor. I have to return in a few days the whole package. PC is is always good. But never buy a monitor that they say "Oh,we cant hook it up". No wonder.
I mean,I need a monitor at least decent. This is so bad,it makes 1995 Monitors look advanced.

4 Feb, 2016


Frustrating Stan - I have a lovely spare monitor - pity you are so far away...
I hope you feel better soon.

4 Feb, 2016


Keep warm and get well soon Stan.

4 Feb, 2016


Thanks all- I appreciate it.
My niece (she lives with me and my wife) came home early from work..she got it. Sleeping now in mid day.

5 Feb, 2016


hope you are fully fit soon stan. keep cosy.

5 Feb, 2016


Thank you Seagirl.

5 Feb, 2016

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