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Warm is visiting..


By stan510


They say possible records. I know its only 11am and my car thermo said 68f. When I put gas in the car,I was cooking in my sweatshirt- the sun was beating down.
I guess my body still has 55f settings!
Still slogging along with the bronchitis..better though. You know when you have a bad back,all that hard coughing after awhile feels like you have been doing sit-ups..oof,hard to stand up. Part of the baby boom thing- bad backs!
I actually had to water the backyards shade plants. Ferns especially. Not much with the nights still long enough. I think that’s the first watering since November. So it doesn’t take long if it doesn’t rain for that one garden to need water.
I know that a change over is occurring to my gardening style. Before,water was always there and low priced. Now,its plants that can root and take care of themselves on limited water. At least I can still prune. I would hate to see gardening become for the wealthy only.

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Only for the wealthy? Oh dear that's a horrid prospect. lets hope t never comes to that.

7 Feb, 2016


Well,on the news the wealthy were the ones who never cut back and didn't mind at all their water bills and penalty's adding up to as much as $12,000. Some of the most famous people in the bay area were exposed. TV news anchors,Sports team Managers, owners of Hospitals!

When mine gets over $150, I try all I can...I have 11 people on ONE water line. Try telling renters to take shorter way.

8 Feb, 2016


Now that's the upside to all this snow we are getting in New York this winter. A continuous snow-cover keeps all the plants satiated and tops off our reservoirs.

8 Feb, 2016



I saw the high was 77ºF (25ºC) there in Hayward yesterday. That's warm. It was 87ºF (31ºC) here where I live yesterday. Today is suppose to be warmer. What happened to all our El Niño rains and storms?! :>((

It's already 75ºF at 9:20 a.m. today.

8 Feb, 2016


It was bee-you-tee-full,Andy. I had to do some driving around..and the closer to home,the warmer it got-lol.

They didn't say it was a record..but Oakland (73f) and San Jose (76) set records.

I'm going to enjoy...they say late February will reignite the El Nino.

La Mesa is cooking..10am as I write and 80f there already.

8 Feb, 2016


Wealthy?If Bernie takes it Stan, at a 90% tax rate the only gardens anyone is going to grow are the chia pets on the kitchen windowsill.

8 Feb, 2016


HA!..Bernie is old school. Where's he been? I never heard of him until he ran.
I never begrudged people having more to spend on gardening..never.

But, Water? something different about that. Or,its just the new way.

9 Feb, 2016



We had record heat here, today. It was 88ºF (31) here today (where I live). Even downtown San Diego was 84ºF (29ºC). Tomorrow low 90's for inland San Diego and more records. It's still hot here and it's 8:00 p.m.

9 Feb, 2016


80F Today Andy- records all over the bay area. SF set one with a 75f.
Im still under the weather,but it was really summer like..just warm breezes.

9 Feb, 2016


It's already really hot here at 10:00 am! (Over 80) This morning's low was 59 degree.

9 Feb, 2016


Just a little bit of your warm weather over here would be nice please. As for gardening only for the wealthy. ..perish the though! !

9 Feb, 2016


In my neighborhood it was 93ºF (34ºC) today! Now, it's just getting too hot! It's bad enough last winter was like the middle of summer (and the hottest on record) and summer was one of the hottest on record, also. WE NEED RAIN! LOL! :>)

It's getting me very concerned that we haven't had the rains we were expecting in this very strong El Niño year. I hate water-restrictions! In the last week I've been having to water quite a bit. The ground is very dry, already!

10 Feb, 2016


Waddy- Im keeping mine!...80f? Not enough to share-lol.
It wont be hot...but comfortable temps the next week.
Tomorrow,I have to water all the potted plants.
Andy- we still have half of Feb,and March and April. Plenty of time for more rain.

10 Feb, 2016


Another day of record high temps! Lots of 90's!

Remember: in San Diego typically March is the end of our rainy season. Hopefully, it will go into April! :>)

11 Feb, 2016


Criminys Andy,90?- is La Mesa in the desert? Another I talk too said Yuma is having a cool start- but now is heating up.

74f today. They say enjoy the warm..the big rains start coming back next Wednesday.

12 Feb, 2016



It was another day of low 90's and mid-to-upper 80's along the coast. Downtown San Diego broke another record of 84 degrees today. Yes, it was 90 degrees, again, where I live (which is just about 4 miles west of La Mesa) this is the 5th day in a row of upper 80's and low 90's! 80's and low 90's are being forecasted through the weekend and most of next week, also. Maybe after February 21st we might start getting some rain, again. Hopefully!

It's starting to resemble last winter when we had day-after-day of 80's and low 90's!

12 Feb, 2016


Same here on the other side of this great land of far as resembling last winter.. Only the resemblance is in the opposite direction with the temp going down to 4F tomorrow night .....near NYC.

12 Feb, 2016


Loose- the coldest temp I ever was exposed to was high 20'F's? Back in 1990. The sun had already been up from a low of the time I went out there to fix a broken water was still sub freezing.
BUT, 4F? I can only imagine what being caught up in that kind of cold without Antarctica gear on would be like.
Starting a car to walking the dog..4f!

13 Feb, 2016


I put two coats on the dogs and use my very warm camo hunting coat and gloves and of course long johns. The hottest place I have ever been is the steppes of Central Asia at 120F in the shade. The coldest I had to experience was -30 below zero during the Korean War. Our weapons kept on getting frost lock and the only thing we could do to warm them up to keep them loose and ready was to urinate on the kidding and we would bathe in the warmth of tank and truck exhaust whenever we could. Modesty keeps me from mentioning how I kept my hand grenade detonators from freezing. It was tough eating and drinking too since our rations were frozen solid. Yes, coping with the cold is a different ball game.

13 Feb, 2016



It sounds like your experience in the Korean War was an absolute nightmare! I can't imagine dealing with those types of conditions. Wow!

I heard on the news about the dangerous cold. It sounds horrible! I have friends in Boston and they said the wind chill is going to be 20 - 35ºF below zero. Unbelievable!

I can't imagine that kind of cold. Like Stan, the coldest temps I've ever felt in my life is around 20ºF. This was up at Lake Tahoe.

13 Feb, 2016


Well Del and Stan, I am going to spend the rest of the day warming up by viewing your great photos of tropical and subtropical plants:)

13 Feb, 2016


That's great! I hope it warms up for you soon.

15 Feb, 2016


Unbelievable cold for New Yorkers. One plant boarder felt lucky that it was 2f instead of the minus one predicted.
Its like Antarctica..NY is warmer every year...but the deep cold is colder then ever for short periods.

El Nino has not been the huge rain producer for California...just slightly over average. Unlike all previous El Nino's,it hasn't warmed the east coast at all either. According to the weathercaster this is all new.

15 Feb, 2016



Yes, this "Super El Nińo" is in new territory. It's the largest as far as area and strongest on record. The meteorogist don't completely under this phenomenon.

All I know it's very , very dry here. I'm having to water every day because of the heat. This past Saturday and Sunday it was only in the low 80's. Today, it already low 80's by 9:30 am. It's heading close to 90 for highs today and tomorrow. This extremely bad for the drought here in San Diego.

My mom in Hayward said the soil there is still very moist. Here the soil is very dry and hard, already! ?

15 Feb, 2016


So far my in ground plants that are not tree ferns haven't needed watering Andy- the potted, yes.
Today at 11am its about 70f...just ridiculous warm for the bay area in February,and mid Feb!
The wife and I are headed out to Fremont with me!

15 Feb, 2016


Stan, you're lucky, you don't have to water your plants in the ground! It's insanely dry and hot here!

It was 88ºF here by 11:00 a.m. They're forecasting close to 90 at the beaches and 95ºF for inland areas. I hate it! It's burning my plants. There's absolutely no breeze at all. There's some unofficial stations recording 98ºF right now. I just saw it on the news.

16 Feb, 2016

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