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Yes,i deleted my previous entry.


By stan510


I really didn’t like seeing that any longer. I know you understand.
thank you.

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Yes, Stan ...
I understand why you've now deleted the blog.

13 Apr, 2015


Fully understand Stan.....

13 Apr, 2015


Me too x

13 Apr, 2015


Dont know what this was about But I am sorry you have had trouble Stan best wishes x

13 Apr, 2015


All "put to bed " Stan .

13 Apr, 2015


was this due to foul comments from a member? hope it was flagged. is this what tt was referring to the other day?

sorry you have been upset by it Stan. You are a very welcome member on this site.

14 Apr, 2015


I think it was the wee kitten x

14 Apr, 2015


Pam is right.
I just didn't want to see the title everyday. Nobody was at all offensive.

14 Apr, 2015


I can understand that very well Stan, I think we all can, hope things are good with you now, over the pond here we're having a suprisingly good few days of spring, such a treat ?

15 Apr, 2015

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