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windy day


after nearly a month of hot sunny weather the wind got up and got stronger as time went on my tall flowers are nearly all flat on they ground then this afternoon we had a thunderstorm and the wind was even stronger it was like a hurricane was going through the trees were bent over and anything that wasnt nailed down was blowing around even some of my pots with cuttings that had rooted were blowing about empty there is leaves on the green like there is in autum one the thunder had passed it slowly died down in the meantime i am still short of a few pots of flowers they could be under some of the shrubs in the garden will have a search tomorrow the joys of gardening

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I think that this is the tail end of the hurrican in the States, Speedy. There was so much that Mg and I wanted to do outside today but the wind was just so unpleasant. It wasn't just the strength of the wind itself, but every few minutes ther would be these gusts that were even stronger. At least we haven't had heavy raine with it but the Met Office says that the strong winds will last all week :-(!!!!

4 Jul, 2010


Sorry to hear your news. It seems you had some nasty weather. I hope it's improved now, and that you can get your garden back into shape.

5 Jul, 2010


thanks bulbaholic and hywel i have lost a few tall flowers but they are the kind that is short bloomed i will just cut them back to tidy them up

5 Jul, 2010


They'll probably recover in time.

5 Jul, 2010

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