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Disappointing Gardeners World


By simbad


Well when I saw Gardeners World where doing a piece on daylilies on Friday I settled down with my glass of wine quite excited that at last these lovely plants were going to get a bit of publicity, how wrong I was.
First line did it “like all lilies these plants have an intoxicating fragrance”??? a few maybe do have a scent but certainly not all and wouldn’t say it compares to the strong heady scent of bulbous lilies, thats another thing didn’t mention that these plants aren’t a ‘true’ lily in they they don’t grow from a bulb but thick fibrous roots, then "even though their beauty is fleeting "!!!(I’m starting to get angry now) a mature clump can flower for up to six weeks even though each flower only lasts a day, “they’re sterile”!!! last time I checked there were over 77,000 registered cultivars not bad for a stertile plant, then they go on to show the really old varieties of ‘Stella d’or’ and ‘Bonanza’ which don’t get me wrong are lovely daylilies I grow ‘Bonanza’ myself but they really don’t compare to the fabulous variety available today from specialist nurseries.
Now there are fabulous patterned eyes on mini flowers no more than 4inches across such as:
‘Changing Latitudes’

The fabulous colouring and 81/2inch flowers of
‘Greywoods Nautical Nellie’

The amazing colouring on the beautiful spider
‘Brown Witch’

The lovely patterning on ‘Slipped My Disco’

Frilly edges !!!
‘Green Mystique’

There are many double flowered varieties in all colours such as
‘Forty Second Street’

Unusual forms such as
‘Parade of Peacocks’

Fabulous eyes like this one on
‘Alien Encounter’

And who couldn’t fall in love with the colouring on
‘Magical Swirls’ :-)

There are now even varieties with teeth!!!
‘Eight Mile High’

I now have over 200 seedlings growing on on my allotoment and this is my first seedling to flower in its second year now, not bad for a plant thats apparently sterile!!!!

And this is a new one to me flowering for the first time
‘Spacecoast Behaviour Pattern’

If this blog makes just one person think about growing more of these lovely unfussy plants in their gardens I’ll be happy, and feel I have done a bit more good than Gardeners World !!!!

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Kathy, I thought that you would have made a much better job of it myself. I thought it was one of the worst GW they've done yet. It was soooo dull, and like you, I was really looking forward to seeing some spectacular daylilies...but no, it was just a few in Carole's garden. I agree....disappointing. I'm still hoping that one day you will come up with a good violet/purple with a peachy/Apricot centre! I have every confidence in you! ;)

19 Aug, 2013


GW seems to only cater to beginners now....pity as there is no longer anything for us more experienced gardeners to enjoy on the telly. unless someone knows better?

19 Aug, 2013


I didn't see this particular 'Gardeners' World' but having looked at these wonderful lilies on here I am glad that I missed it.

I think that Brown Witch is my favourite because I love those colours but what an inspiration they ALL are.

Hope the wine went down well even if the programme didn't!

19 Aug, 2013


I tuned in because it was on this subject and was disappointed too. I adore 'Frans Hals' as they flower in profusion for weeks.

19 Aug, 2013


I have that one too and Kwanso....very popular...but for good reasons!

19 Aug, 2013


"Beechgrove Garden" on BBC2 on Sunday mornings at 9.30 seems to cater for the more experienced (traditional?) gardener.
Sound advice and none of Monty's obsession with colour schemes!
GW has never been the same since Mr T left for greater things (chat shows?).
Joe Swift and Carole Klein would be a much better presenting duo than the patronising Mr. Don.

19 Aug, 2013


Couldn't agree more! Yes, I do think that our Scottish programme is better actually. Even though I've been slagging it for years! I must accept it does have it's merits! Ok, I was wrong again.....apologies to the Beechgrove Team! Lol! Mind wasn't that great before it went nationwide and took on the lovely Mr Beardshaw! ;)

19 Aug, 2013


Oh Dear Karen I have loved my Scottish Beechgrove garden for years and remember visiting the small beechgrove garden in the old Aberdeen BBC Studios.

19 Aug, 2013


I saw the episode in question, and like you, I thought it was disappointing. I noticed the things you mention above, and thought it strange that she said those.
I don't often watch Gardener's World. I think it's boring most of the time.

19 Aug, 2013


Agreed Hywel. Does anyone know who thinks up all
these plant names ? Do they have to be registered ?

20 Aug, 2013


I am really going off Gardeners world. All those hedged ? gardens would look ridiculous in my garden. It's not my kind of gardening I'm afraid. I've caught the Beechgrove one occasionally and liked what I saw. Must get it recorded so I can watch it regularly.

20 Aug, 2013


I'd have had a good go Karen,lol, mmm interesting colour combination I've been trying to think of one with that colouring but can't think of one I'll ask Wylieintheazores he might know of one if not its something to aim for ;-)
So many places they could have filmed an interesting piece, one of the many specialist nurseries in the UK, Great Dixter who set up a huge daylily trial bed last autumn which from pictures I've seen looked lovely this year,any members of the BHHS society would have been glad to help out, looks like no research was done at all, oh maybe the bit about gall midge but that didn't do much to promote the daylily considering its the only pest it suffers from and can be avoided by growing later varieties.
Thankyou Wildrose yes the wine went down well did have to have another glass to calm myself down though lol, the Witch series are lovely I have Grey Witch and Third Witch to just as lovely and have just found out that the breeder has just brought out another ,Sand Witch aaaargh no doubt another must have :-)
Totally agree its never been the same since Mr T left :-(
I'm getting the same as you Hywel and Homebird I never used to miss an episode but its just got so 'samey' only tuned in for the daylily bit shouldn't have bothered.
I've not heard of the Beechgrove programme but I'll be checking it out thanks :-)
The breeders think up the names Diane they trial their daylilies for several years before registering, some will do a series were all the names begin with the same name like the Spacecoast series,they make notes of flower size bud count height etc, at £250 to register (last time I checked) only the best are selected so obviously with all the time and costs involved newer cultivars can go for 100's of pounds, they're improving them all the time only the other day I saw one on a forum I've never seen anything like, ruffles along the centre of the petals amazing!!!!

20 Aug, 2013


Oh Kathy I didn't see that program ,I'd love you to email GW explaining the false impression it gives people about growing Daylilies and the errors they made ,it would be brilliant if they asked you to take part in a program ! The last one 'Spacecoast Behaviour Pattern ' is a fav. with me :o)

20 Aug, 2013


I gave up when monty don started, the whole programme and presenters irritate me, even at Chelsea that Carole wears such clothes she detracts the eye from the flowers grrrr.....

20 Aug, 2013


I forgot to say that your flowers are simply beautiful x

20 Aug, 2013


The purple with orange throat that comes to mind is Night Whispers. I know it is described as having a yellow green throat, but in my garden it is orange. (Do a search on here for Daylily - Night Whispers or find Dec 21, 2011 [my photos]). Purple with any light eye - I don't know.

20 Aug, 2013


beechgrove has always been a far better programme with nice ordinary presenters ,a bit of humour and not afraid to show mistakes and disasters, but this year ,much as I like chris beardshaw, I think he is totally out of place in beechgrove and has spoilt the programme rather than enhanced it.
For years it has been a scotland based programme but the BBC seem to want to change this format .......why????

20 Aug, 2013


I agree Helen, Chris is odd man out. I hate these
non-gardeners at the BBC making their decisions.
Never watch GW, and switch off Carol Klein at Chelsea,
sick of the woman.

21 Aug, 2013


I wish you would send this information to GW. Give them a reality check at least. I forgot to say before, how beautiful these day lilies are.

21 Aug, 2013


I started to watch "Beechgrove Garden" on BBC 2.
While I find it dated and old fashioned, rather in the style of Peter Seabrook et al which I used to watch avidly, I also find it watchable for its common sense and down to earth content , which is of more interest to me as a hands on gardener than the poor content often the subject of the GW prog. But sadly I agree with Helen Chris Beardshaw is a real turn off for me always has been and i will not be watching when he is in it.

21 Aug, 2013


I bet its that new controller!!

I have always been a Dr Who fan.....from the first doctor to today.....but the other day they had a programme to announce the new Doctor.....It Was AWFUL!

It was like the worst parts of these "talent shows"....
I expected them to get the audience to vote!!

Dreadful, ......Words fail me....

22 Aug, 2013


I, too, am amazed that there are not better gardening programmes on the box. Gardeners World needs to be changed completely. Bring on Roy Lancaster. In Ireland we are reduced to self indulgent 'gordening' programmes or amature 'build a garden in10 mins.' shows. Does no one realise the value of the 'green'or even 'silver' pound?

24 Aug, 2013



24 Aug, 2013


Actually, I don't like these large modern cultivars of Hemerocallis, but that is neither here nor there.

24 Aug, 2013


I watched it again last night and thought why cannot this great subject be done well nowadays.

24 Aug, 2013


There are countless small varieties Vincent ;-) with flowers no more than 3inches across I use them for the front of my daylily bed and borders, these smaller ones even do well in pots.
I have Beechgrove on record this morning and I'll watch it later :-)
Thanks Michaella :-)
I started to watch Fridays Drc but when Monty started the bit on hedge cutting AGAIN I turned off.
Lol Pam I didn't see that I'm a Dr Who fan to ;-)

25 Aug, 2013


You missed nothing Simbad and when this new bloke walked on to the stage it was totally underwhelming despite all the hype.
I did read that it got slated by everyone, not just fans.....much more fun to see him revealed when he regenerates......

25 Aug, 2013


Wow What A Read Everyone Sounds Very Upset With Gardeners World . I Missed It. But . I would Like To Watch BeechGrove when Is it On And What Time. Your All Experienced. Gardner's. Personally I Have Had More Help From This site. Because You Can Ask Question's And Get The Help. Right A way. Also I Feel That Every Member Is Valued. For All The Help They Give To Me And Others. I can Honestly Say I Love. it

4 Oct, 2013


Hi Lynda .. you asked about Beechgrove..
Below is a link to a blog I wrote earlier this year ..

Beechgrove is sometimes at 9.00 am on Sundays.
BBC 2.

I hope this helps. :o)

4 Oct, 2013


Glad you're enjoying the site Lynda I love it on here to made so many lovely friends :-)
I've started watching Beechgrove after it being recommended on this blog and must say I enjoy it much more than Gardeners World :-)

6 Oct, 2013


Thank you for setting the record straight on these under appreciated beauties simbad. I adore "Slipped my Disco" It's a real knockout!

6 Mar, 2014


Thankyou Bathgate :-), good taste Slipped My Disco is a favourite of mine too love that patterning which does look even better in real life :-)

6 Mar, 2014

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