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Uploading Photos onto GoY


By shedman


Hi Everybody

Members have had a few issues over how to load up photos, the text below is a good example. I confess I struggle a little with loading photos myself although I don’t use it much. I was pondering whether it was worth putting some guidelines on the site and thought it might be a good start to see what you all thought about the issues and what process you have developed yourselves.

These are 2 emails I received recently

1 Thank you for this wonderful website. I am, however a little confused about uploading photographs. Seem to be doing things twice.
I upload photos of plants in my garden, by:
1. selecting ‘Your options’ ‘Add plants’.
2. selecting ‘Add photo’, fill in details and link photo.
3. selecting ‘Your news’ click on icon ‘photos’ to see what I’ve done, and find that the uploaded photos appear twice.
4. delete duplicate photo.
If I upload a plant from my garden selecting first ‘Add photos’ then I cannot link the photo to my garden plants.
Does this make sense? Should I do this differently?
Please advise.,

Followed by
as a newbie, and wanting to do things right, I got a bit confused when I tried uploading my first picture by using: ‘Your Options’ – ‘Add Photos’ and arriving at: “Link photo to a plant in your garden?”, which has as the default setting: “Not a picture of anything in my garden” – but the picture I was trying to upload was in my garden.
Now I know I should have done: ‘Your Options’ – ‘Add Plants’. Then you will be able to “Link photo to a plant in your garden”.
I did try and look at some of the members – see if I could find out what they do. Here’s two I looked at:
Bloomer – has uploaded pictures using ‘Add Photos’; has no pictures when looking at icon ‘garden’.
Hywel – has uploaded pictures using ‘Add Photos’ and using ‘Add Plants’. Looking at ‘photos’ and ‘garden’.

Lincslass has sussed it out. She has uploaded pictures of plants/shrubs of her garden using ‘Add Plants’. Then uploaded more pictures using ‘Add Photos’ (of the same plant) thus linking the pictures.

Best Regards


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I have never bothered to 'add plants' with my photo's I didn't really understand it,and found it confusing,when that option comes up 'link photo's to a plant In my garden'.or. 'not a plant in my garden'.I find this is the easiest way for me,to just 'add photo's' as it took me long enough to suss that out,when I first joined..If I add information about the photo,most members know whether it is in my garden or not..or preferably,if there are a lot of photo's to upload,which there are at this time of year,I find it easier to post them as 'write a blog 'instead,which is easier on the eye,instead of members having to leave a comment on each individual photo..I tend to miss so many,from others,when it's done in 'add photo's' format..

11 Jul, 2014


I have already put the names of all the plants in my garden, into my garden page,
and when I upload a photo of one, I click on where it sais 'Not a picture of anything in my garden' ... and up comes a list of all the plants I've already added.
I just click on the name relating to the photo, and there you are :)

11 Jul, 2014


Thanks Dave, judging by comments on other blogs this sounds like a good idea.

I tend to add photos to blogs only, but occasionally I'll add photos of plants that are in my garden. If I'm adding a new plant I'll link photos in at the same time (using the add plant function). If the plant is already in my garden section I'll add a photo using the "add photo" function, then link it to the plant record.

The big confusion at the moment is over photos added via iPhone or tablet. They show up on the site fine when viewed on my phone, but often come out sideways when viewed on a laptop - any ideas?

13 Jul, 2014

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