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By shedman


This is Dave from the GOY office.

Thanks to everybody who flagged the latest batch of rogue blogs. I have deleted them all now and I’m sorry it took so long.

At the moment I don’t have direct access to the internet and I have to log on in a local hotel. There may be a bit of a longer delay than normal, but I’ll try to log on as often as I can.

Some members have asked if there is a way of preventing these blogs. I’m told there may be, and the techies are looking at that, but there will be ways of circumventing whatever barriers we put up.

I don’t know why whoever it is does it, and I’m fairly convinced that it is only one or possibly 2 people. It may be a form of sabotage by a rival site to annoy our members, but who knows. What I do know is that they spend a fair bit of effort doing it, and have done so for a few years at least, so I’m not expecting them to stop.

Thanks again for the flaggings and for your patience.


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Thank you Dave. You may have a pint at the hotel bar
on us.

7 Jun, 2014


Thankyou so much Dave, it is appreciated, have even thought its one of us, I don't mind admitting I've had thoughts about who it could be and even think the regularity of them now and someone who would find it hilarious is possibly too much of a coincidence....

7 Jun, 2014


You know you are probably right thinking does make sense.
Well that makes me come over all British and won't allow them to win!!

7 Jun, 2014


Flippin' 'eck I miss everything, did all this happen when I was in Paris? You've aroused my curiosity now so don't be surprised if one of you gets a pm:-)))

7 Jun, 2014


Well said Pam, thats my attitude as well, I'm not teccie minded so wouldn't know how to stop them but I hope the lads can, I played around with the filters this morning and according to the filter options the idiot/idiots are registered as in UK...

7 Jun, 2014


Thanks for trying to sort it out,Dave,much appreciated..I had wondered about that too, Sue,.maybe best just ignore them and spoil their weird sense of humour,if that is the case....So if you reading this and if you are, or were one of us,,you are more to be pitied still won't alter the fact that we will carry on amongst friends,regardless..

7 Jun, 2014


GoY office HQ at the local hotel ???

Good thinking, Dave ...
In "To The Manor Born", the Brigadier chooses to have his 'command post' at the Mortlake Arms ...
... and he gets included in the New Year Honours List !

Well done Dave .. keep up the good work ...
strive to make GoY free of troublemakers ...

7 Jun, 2014


Glad I'm not the only cynic Sandra, the timing for the appearance of so many all of a sudden adds up, I know where my bet would go....If its ever proved and I'm wrong then I will apologize for my thoughts, if I'm right the one responsible is following the blog and fully aware of whats going on....

7 Jun, 2014


The blogs are usually long gone before I log on - your efforts are appreciated Dave :)

7 Jun, 2014


That's an amazing and horrible thought Lincslass.
Dave thank you very much for your response. You have a difficult job on your hands and we really do appreciate what you do. Thank you.

Bornagain, see my recent blog for how this kicked off.

7 Jun, 2014


Past events on here have caused them Stera and I am hoping to be wrong, I can assure you it gives me no pleasure....

7 Jun, 2014


With you Lincs x

7 Jun, 2014


Thanks Dave.

7 Jun, 2014


Just like to point out no name has been mentioned by myself or any other member any where and that does include PM'S or telephone...thought I'd better make that clear its not a witchhunt, we just want to carry on enjoying our site.....

7 Jun, 2014


Well, I really hope the techies can sort something out for us - I'm absolutely fed up with these commercial blogs, whoever is behind them.
Thanks Dave, it's appreciated that you've contacted us all like this! :-)

8 Jun, 2014


Thanks for the offer of a pint at the bar Diane. Unfortunately a pint is 8 euros so, if you're not offended, I think I'll wait till I get back to Blighty. Thanks to everybody else as well for your comments - don't let it spoil your enjoyment, I think that's all that whoever it is wants.

8 Jun, 2014


Agree Dave
have a good holiday

8 Jun, 2014


Have I got it right, weren't we able to see peoples outboxes a year or so ago which gave a fair idea of the type of comments they made? Maybe I dreamed it?:-)

8 Jun, 2014


I just had a look Ba, I can see your profile, blogs and questions, alsoyour favorite members, photos and blogs but not your outbox
or comments

8 Jun, 2014


Yes thats it Dave and we are not going to let that happen,
thanks once again to you and our teccie guys for all you do, it is appreciated, you have a good time........

8 Jun, 2014


No Pam. they stopped it a year or so ago , maybe longer ...unless, as I say, I dreamt it lol:-)

8 Jun, 2014


Thanks Dave your efforts are very much appreciated. Even more so since your on holiday (above and beyond that one).

I do hope it's not one of us behind this. I wouldn't have thought any of us would be that silly. Any such small minded person is to be pitied really, well at least for 5 seconds then forgotten.

Have a good break Dave. Pints on us when your back in Blighty then.

9 Jun, 2014


Hello Dave
As I've built my own websites (for "live" Music and Boxing) I've researched websites and advertising a little bit, and I may be wrong but on some on the "rogue blogs" there seems to be a link for items such as trainers, handbags or whatever. Could it be that some one is trying to use our site for "affiliate marketing"? if so the company (they are trying to get sales for) should be able to provide an internet or IP address for who that particular affiliate member is. Just an idea and I may be wide of the mark, but just thought I'd mention it.
Keep up the good work.

8 Jul, 2014

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