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Trees and Ivy


By shedman


My garden seems to be plagued with ivy, on the fences trees and house sides. I’m told that eventually the trees will suffer if the ivy is allowed to engulf them, but on the other hand it does seem to soften the appearance of the fences, provide a form of ground cover, and provide nesting sites for some species of birds, so I’m torn between chopping it all away, controlling it as best I can (which takes a lot of effort) or leaving it to grow.

Any views on this?

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I've got it on the ground. It makes nice catpets. I would cut it off the trees though.

12 Jun, 2012


I do like how ivy covers trees but I don't suppose it does the trees any good.

12 Jun, 2012


my neighbours house has both brambles and ivy growing into mine trouble is its been reposessed and the back garden looks like one big mess i had to go in and batter them down with a stick as it is starting to mingle with my honeysuckle. i could do with killing it all off really but think its unfair it should be me having to pay the cost for this any cheap suggestions for this would be fully appreciated.

13 Jun, 2012


Can't help you with that one Hchristy....I'm sure you would get plenty of helpful advice if you ask a question on the forum. The brambles will be a nightmare to get rid off. I have one growing through a neighbours hedge and it only just comes through as one branch - I regularly treat it to weed killer. It doesn't kill it but it knocks it back for a wee while!

13 Jun, 2012


thanks scottish i think ill try contact the number thats up on piece of paper in the window of next door let them know how bad it is getting. i cant wait for house to finally go on market so someone can tackle it for me. i hope they are keen gardeners!!

14 Jun, 2012

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