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What is happening in my garden today.


I didn’t manage any photos last week so I got out there today.

Cyclamen coum is thriving as are the Iris ‘Pixie’ and Katherine Hodgkin.

The pond has a thin layer of ice on it this morning and the fish are not interested in feeding, which is good really.

Back in November 2013 we widened the drive and I planted Primula with the intention of pulling them out at the end of the spring 2014. well I didn’t. Perhaps this year !

I haven’t been out in the garden much but the growing/propagating is continuing apace.
the next 3 photos are 1. the fruit cage Anemone De caen, A nemerosa, Tulip early harvest, Apricot beauty, mixed daffs and to the right of shot about 20 mixed perennials.

2. the front left half of the green house10 varieties of Hyacinth, Iris DS Dijt, Camassia, Allium, Nerines, Tulip Ballerina, Hermadactlyus, Anchusa Lodden Royalist

and 3. the back left half. Verbascum , Primula millers crimson, bearded iris, replanted lilies [checked for rot and vine weevils], Corydalis chelianthifolia Manchu.

One of my favourite hellebores is this red one. Doing well in the shade of the beech tree.

The shed needs tidying up. Since October pots have been thrown in willy-nilly so that is a job for the next damp day when I cant get in the garden.

The true sign of spring for me is the heads of snowdrops.

and winter aconites.

Hope your gardens are coming back to life after the wet and the cold.

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Snowdrops seem to be the only things at the right time.....everything's gone crazy this year. There won't be as much colour in spring, as usual, as so many dafodils,and some flowering shrubs are so early.

17 Jan, 2016


apart from the hellebores and the odd dwarf iris everything is holding back, daffs about 4" tall no sign of buds yet except for February Gold. its the ones that should have stopped flowering that haven't, mind after the frost this weekend I dare say they will.

18 Jan, 2016


We have two Hellibores SBG and they are flowering. One white and the other one a deep dark reddy purple.

18 Jan, 2016


Wow, SBG ...
plenty going on in your garden !
Your snowdrops will soon be in flower.

18 Jan, 2016


Its looking very busy in your G'house and growing space Seaburn, its weird here in my garden, two hellebores flowering one a double cream another is a single white, my dark purple is always the last to flower and last year didn't put in an appearence until April, snowdrops flowering in one area, not even showing any shoots elsewhere, my aconites are all in flower though, winter has arrived in the past week but still hasn't affected the Passion Flower or last years Dahlias, both still look green and healthy, will be interesting to see what happens as the months go by....

18 Jan, 2016


I try to cram in as much as I can.
there are a few plants who haven't performed last year. few dahlias flowered compared to previous years. they look sad know after the frost.

18 Jan, 2016


lots and lots of planting out for you there Seaburngirl, that will keep you busy for a while. lol :O)

19 Jan, 2016


cant wait for retirement. 23 weeks and 3 days of work left [5 day week] :o)

19 Jan, 2016


It is so encouraging to get outside and see little signs of spring here and there.
Lovely clump of snowdrops and very striking hellebores in your pictures. Lots to look forward to.

19 Jan, 2016


Just caught up with this blog, keep cheery, retirement is just in months rather than years.
Your look like a bit of a collectaholic, like me, and what a super size green house and all those seedlings.

4 Feb, 2016


Counting the days, you wont know which job to do first, and there will not be enough hours in the day .....heard it all did I ever find time to go to work? at least you will never be bored!!

10 Mar, 2016


16 weeks now ;)

I have so much waiting for me woohoo!

11 Mar, 2016


And the best of times to retire for the weather....

13 Mar, 2016


I know I just hope we have a decent summer, mind if the autumn is decent then that is fine also :o)

13 Mar, 2016


It is by me.....

15 Mar, 2016

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