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Pond update


This mild weather has meant the fish in the pond are still coming up for food. The water has stayed clear but no doubt it will green up come the spring.
On a good day I can still count 30 fish though we put 41 back in. There were very small fish, this years fry, probably eaten by now.

The brown fish is a wild carp about 31/2 lb in weight now. I rescued them from the pond at work 8yrs ago as they were in the weed dragged out onto the bank during a renovation. I had them in a tank in my lab for about 3 yrs but during a lab refit I had to find somewhere else for them. At the time they were about 3inches long so fitted in with the pond goldfish.

A lot of blondes amongst the group now.

I have drastically cut the plants back as they had got rather over grown over the last few years. I do have spare white, pale pink and deep pink water lilies if any one wants them.

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It is looking great and lovely, can't beat a good pond!!

25 Dec, 2015


I still have my pond pumps in operation. I purchased a new outdoor aerator to keep an open area in the ponds for ice over's still in the box. Looks like I'll be taking it out of the box and using it for supplemental aeration this summer and no sooner. My fish are still trying to do their winter thing and stay quiet on the bottom for how much longer, I don't know. The frogs are up and with little food supply some might succumb. Sounds like I live right next door to you doesn't it?

26 Dec, 2015


Sure does and you are miles and miles away :o)
the frogs are out of the pond in the garden somewhere along with the toads.

we always leave a circulating pump on to try to prevent total freezing. but it is so mild at the moment its not a problem.

26 Dec, 2015


I aerate the largest of my 3 ponds all year round, to keep a space open if the water freezes in winter (no need so far this year) and the fish gulp air from the surface in the summer if it is hot.

26 Dec, 2015


My fish aren't ready for winter yet either! They are very active and still eating!! Even though it's winter everything has started to come new already!

26 Dec, 2015


Siris if you see your fish gulping air from the surface....well it's something that you really don't want to see. That activity means that they are very stressed due to low oxygen and that they are on the brink of going belly up. That's not a good existence for them and some relief should be given if possible.

26 Dec, 2015


It must be nice not to have herons in the dinner queue...

26 Dec, 2015


My pond is rather full....of water, not fish!

26 Dec, 2015


I'm pleased you rescued the fish. I hope they're enjoying more room in the pond :)

26 Dec, 2015


Crazy weather, isn't it. pond fish still eating at this time of year!

27 Dec, 2015


we often see heron flying over but as it is a walled pond they don't land on it. their preferred way to fish is to stand in the shallows and spear them as they swim past.

yes fish gulping air is not a good sign, warm water holds less oxygen than cold. A hose pipe splashing in to move the surface is a quick way to aid aeration.

27 Dec, 2015


I meant in the past, about 30 years ago, before having an aerating system. Now, no problems although the pump needs the rubber diaphragm changing about every fifth year as the the rubber perishes and does not pump effeciantly.
When I top up the pond with tap water I try to let it spray in the pond to help remove the chlorine, which is not beneficial to fish. I don't think there will be a hose pipe ban this year!

28 Dec, 2015


Lovely to see your fish Sbg. You have some good sizes there. I stopped feeding my fish about 3 weeks ago but heard them jumping in the pond yesterday and congregating under the window....their usual place when they hear us in the concervatory and want to be fed. They wolfed down the food between them. The water temperature must be over 10c for them to be so hungry.
I leave my pump on all year too. T cleaned the filter last week for me because the flow into the pond had slowed right down.
The weather forecaster just said that the average temperatures in December are 4c higher than normal. It feels like a lot more to me.

31 Dec, 2015

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