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Mortal Combat?


When I was talking to my eldest brother on the phone I noticed, what I thought was a great tit crashed on the path by the back door. I disconnected from him and went out to investigate, fearing it had flown into the patio doors are knocked itself out.

But no!

It was 2 blue tits locked together with claws in each others faces and legs locked together too.

They were soaking wet and shivering/quivering. I picked them up and after a close look realised that I’d need help. Both girls came to their aid. After 15 minutes of very careful untangling and quite a few pecks [very sharp pointy beaks] they were free of each other. They were released separately 5 minutes apart.

This was the second to be released. It was only after wards I found the half alive wasp in the towel. I suspect that is what they were fighting over.

They both flew to one of the shrubs and kept a respectful distance from each other. We wondered if they were siblings as we have had several broods in the garden this year.

So a Christmas day with my girls and OH and we did a good deed too.

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Two lives saved, well done all of you, I would not have known what to do, it was a very good deed....

25 Dec, 2015


Gosh what drama!
Never seen the like of thst before......
So pleased you were there to help them xxx

26 Dec, 2015


Last of the good deeds for 2015! They would surely of died but for you actions. Well saved.

26 Dec, 2015


What a good thing they chose your garden to fight in!

26 Dec, 2015


Goodness! Well done!

26 Dec, 2015


Good grief, what a drama! I've never heard anything like that it. I suspect the awful wet weather has reduced the time the birds can hunt for food, so any food will be precious and therefore perhaps fought over. What a good job you were around this time to save two little lives.

27 Dec, 2015


The wet weather certainly would have caused them to die if they stayed on the path locked together. There is plenty of food for them in the garden as we put plenty out for them and there has been an abundance of midge and other insects [greenfly for a start] in the garden these last few weeks too.

27 Dec, 2015

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