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January 1st and the first day in the garden of 2015


First things first: Happy New Year :o)

Back in November my OH told me it was ’about time you cleared the mess from the kids Wendy house site. {not as polite as that actually but he is a grumpy darling}.

So I started by clearing the area of pots of dead plants, weed filled pots and any other debris that I had left there. Well a girl has to have somewhere to put the empty pots and trays.

It wasn’t long before one of the robins came to join me, nipping in and out picking up grubs etc.

All cleared and looking neat and tidy.

Now what was my OH up to, hopefully not somewhere to park our daughter’s dingy, though having said that it would leave the path in front of the greenhouse clear.

So imagine my surprise when I came home and found a shed.

My first thought was ‘mmm yet more space to store bike bits and boy’s toys.’

But no this was going to be for me, my Christmas present to allow me to keep all my pots in so I have more space in the greenhouse.

Christmas Day I got the key and today I started sorting pots onto the shelves.

Nearly done just those smallish 1/2 depth pots that are all such silly , not quite the same size, so they don’t stack neatly pot.

Before I came back indoors I had a quick look to see what was in flower and would you believe a couple of roses, Climbing iceberg and Zephrine Drouhine.

The view from my back garden over the fields literally on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds

Now the ice has gone from the pond the fish are swimming up for feeding too. Such a difference in just 12hrs. Hard white frost all day yesterday and mild, midge dancing day today.

This Daphne has tripled in size this season.

I can just see the shoots of Iris ‘Katherine Hodgekin’

So I now have a shed and the shoots of spring are definitely shooting up around the garden.

Here’s hoping for a wonderful 2015 for all our gardens.

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What a brilliant tidying job you have done and I love the 'Pots Shed', I am quite jealous!;)

1 Jan, 2015


An attractive looking "pots shed". I am jealous too.
All the best in the New year SBG.

2 Jan, 2015


Will it be a potting shed too?
That bench looks just right for a compost tray and a brilliant place to work on damp days. ....clever OH and lucky you ☺

2 Jan, 2015


That she'd will help loads with space in the greenhouse....happy new year SBG

2 Jan, 2015


That's a great shed, a nice surprise from your OH. How long will it stay tidy? Lol

2 Jan, 2015


Glad you like it, I hope it will last a long time. How long it will remain just my space is the real question. it will also be ideal for drying freshly painted bike bits! I'm usually ok at keeping pots organised.

The shelf is an ideal working height for OH but he is 6'1" and I'm only 5' 3". So my 'natural shelf' rests on the shelf :o) So potting small pots and seed trays will be fine but I prefer to do most of the seed sowing stuff in the greenhouse where it is a lot brighter.

I wont be leaving any tools in the shed though. hey normally live in the coal house that is also a storage area linked to the house and secure. Too many sheds get broken into and whilst we are in quite a low crime area I don't want to push my luck.

2 Jan, 2015


Isn't that just the best Present for a Gardener,Sue? What a thoughtful OH..and certainly not for keeping bike bits in..It's yours,all yours :o) I like to keep my pots tidy too, do we manage to amass so many? I have one of those strong plastic storage boxes on wheels,which is just the job for mine..:o)

2 Jan, 2015


Happy New Year to you too Sbg. That is a wonderful present from your OH. I see it even has electricity installed. Love the view from your garden.

2 Jan, 2015


Sorry,Sbg,I called you Sue..:o)

2 Jan, 2015


Pushing your luck there Snoop?

2 Jan, 2015


That is a very good present and will last for years, I always smile when you refer to hubby as a grumpy one because he sounds so much like mine, also a grumpy one who cannot do things outside without I'm the dogsbody to fetch and carry, moans all the time whilst doing the jobs but at the same time gets me some grand gifts and suchlike for my gardening passion and has helped over the years create some smashing features.....

2 Jan, 2015


thats spot on lincs. He has to have the job done properly too or it will bug him for ever. Shelves spirit level checked too. I had hoped for jewellery but when he spots something he knows I'll like he'll treat me then.

As for the electricity the wiring for it was still there from the wendy house Scotsgran. Shame not to use it but I could do with a brighter bulb.

Not to worry Bloomer I answer to most things.

I wont rise to that one snoop but he does have his own shed, workshop and double garage. not to mention the overspill in the conservatory, dining room table, under the bed........ need I go on? [but I knew that before I married him]

2 Jan, 2015


What a very thoughtful OH SBG. I hope you get to keep it all for yourself for a while :)
All the best to you and yours for 2015 x

2 Jan, 2015


Hi Sbg, thank you and the same to you and yours, you can never have enough sheds, I have 3 plus 2 greenhouses, I can just about get into 1 of them, and I can only get just into the doorway of the old greenhouse, I was going to get rid of it when I got my new greenhouse, but then I started putting "things"in it temporarily, so it's still there, Derek.

2 Jan, 2015


Very useful, that shed...particularly all those shelves.
All my pots etc are still in boxes stacked among many other boxes since our move, in my falling down, rotten shed .
Happy new year to you, too!

2 Jan, 2015


Oh you lucky girl! I wish I had room for a shed of my own rather than having to share the garage with my OH, his tool bench and the car of course. You've done a wonderful tidy up will it stay so tidy? Oh, I almost forgot.Happy New Year!!

2 Jan, 2015


so far its still all mine Scottish but it is only jan 2nd haha.
I know what you mean Derek. the green house is 20x 8 [two 10x8 fastened end to end] and there are times when it was a little cluttered.
I was good to snoop wasn't I pamg?
I still have the odd sack of unsorted pots. colleagues off load their empty pots as they know I propagate and sell for charity paul.

waddy my car has to live on the drive as the garage has too many things in it. I suspect it will be moderately tidy most of the time.

2 Jan, 2015


What a wonderful surprise ... just the right place for all those pots !
You've got a nice view too :)

2 Jan, 2015


thanks Hywel, not as good a view as you have though.

3 Jan, 2015


Now that's what I call a Christmas prezzy ... best wishes to you and yours for a happy and healthy 2015.

3 Jan, 2015


What a thoughtful xmas present - that man's a keeper!
Electricity too! :-))

4 Jan, 2015


Super! You must be really chuffed with your shed, Sbg.
A very happy New Year to you.

5 Jan, 2015


A great gift - make sure you keep the key safe, and keep the shed tidy! :-) (How long for, I

6 Jan, 2015


what a nice surprise for you, I keep looking at all the leaf litter in the garden but that's as far as it has got, LOOKING lol well done you for a grand tidy up!

6 Jan, 2015


See, not grumpy, but thoughtful:-) enjoyed seeing your garden pics too and what fabulous views you have:-)

7 Jan, 2015


I have also been seeing lots of robins this year but I also had lots of grubs last year (slugs) and no robins came -.- I had no more once I got rid of them with the salt technique. do I need to build a rockery this time and introduce slugs so robins will come over I will still use the salt technique to protect some of my plants but others I will let them eat. plus I've had one robin this year on my balcony but couldn't photograph it on time -.-
(I have a balcony)

7 Jan, 2015


Still all tidy and I was nice and snug in there today out of the wind. Haven't got all pots sorted yet, as I found another bin liner of assorted pots at the back of the greenhouse. Job for tomorrow morning. Of to see the Hobbit with my youngest girl tomorrow pm

10 Jan, 2015

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