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One good turn........


The forecast was for a pleasant weekend, gardening was uppermost in my mind but……….

‘Rats!’ came the utterance of my OH. ’What’s up?’ says I and he replies ‘She has a lesson at Kielder this Saturday and I’m booked on a bike ride’.

Now many of you will know that mums tend to be the ones that fore go their activities to taxi the children about. True in this case too. So Friday at 9pm I drove OH and his chum to York [45miles] with their bikes on the roof rack and the sails etc for the Comet dingy in the boot and Toria in the back of the car. Yes I did say 9pm. They were doing a night ride challenge 75miles.

Roof bars in the boot OH and chum pedalling off into the dark and I turn the car to head for Sunderland and my brother’s house for the night. ETA midnight. Saturday dawned bright and sunny and 1 1/2 hrs drive we arrived at Kielder reservoir. She had a brilliant time.


Getting the rigging for a Topper dingy

Out in the distance wind speed 11-17 knots gusting!.

Now how is this gardening well, we stayed over to Sunday and had a lovely day.
My big brother gave me some Bressingham spire aconites as he was thinning out a clump.

We always talk work and then gardens and we usually pop into the local gc. I did and got some variegated tulips called China Town and a white flowered aconitum.

He then said ‘have you been to Emily’s?’ No I said rather cautiously as who/what is Emily’s? ‘Well sister dearest I have a treat in store for you, bring your purse’.

Well across Sunderland there is a gc that is crammed with plants and at very reasonable prices; almost as good as the plant man in the lay by near Beverley. A few impulse buys which means I don’t know where they are actually going to go.

Andromeda polifolia ‘Blue Ice’. Bog Rosemary; impulse number 1.

Clematis Evergreen tai yang.

Then there were pots of 20 pickwick crocus, flowers gone over but £1 a pot and I plan to have a small crocus lawn next year. 18 pots of white magic muscari for £15. they are to be shared 3 ways so pleased with that. My eldest brother is doing my middle brother’s garden on Wednesday, weather permitting.
Then benches of Skimmia varieties ranging from £2 to £5 a pot. I bought Rubella and Thereza.

I wandered to the corner of the yard where the dead and dying plants were piled up. I found a Hydrangea Annabelle showing signs of life and that was greatly reduced. There were 2 un-named phlox that also came away with me. I also picked up a Lewisii cotyledon, 2 lavenders and Helleborus Silver Dollar.

Victoria decided to stay at her uncle’s while we shopped. It was ‘my turn to have some fun’ she said. I had fun but then had trouble getting all the plants in the boot. :o)

The trip was finished off with a walk along the beach.
A 123 mile drive home, about 2 1/4hr.
Now all I have to do is get out in the garden.

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You had a great time at the GC then! :-)) Those Skimmias look fantastic!

22 Apr, 2013


Mum,s we find it hard to say no lol but I think you enjoyed It ! Great haul of plants, how lovely your daughter is .

22 Apr, 2013


Looks like all members of the family had a great time. I love Keilder. Its a great place to sail. Emilys sounds like my kind of GC. You got some lovely plants and great bargains. The Skimmia Theresa looks interesting. It will be good to see it in flower. Is it male or female? Thank you for sharing.

22 Apr, 2013


it looks like it might be male Scotsgran. There are a few buds just starting to open. Kielder was wonderful except for the midges that enjoyed me! I must be sweet meat.

Yes we think she is lovely too Kidsgran, except when she is being a stroppy teenager. 15 going on 25.haha

I have a soft spot for Skimmia. As a child there were 3 in the front garden, under my bedroom window. The fragrance always takes me back to a spell of measels when I was confined to bed.

It was also one of the plants that was a turning point for my career. 2 bushes got berries and one didnt. Now why was that? Curiosity you see led me down the garden path :o)

23 Apr, 2013


You managed to turn a chore into a pleasure - well done you! :-)) I do remember having to be the taxi service...many moons ago.

23 Apr, 2013


What a terrific day out! You are lucky to have gardening brothers too . . . when I asked mine (also in Yorkshire) what he currently has in his garden, he replied "small, greenish, brownish things"! :((

23 Apr, 2013


I have just googled it and it is male. I am losing my male plant it is really struggling. I'll look out for this one. It is a nice compact bush at 60cm x 60cm.

23 Apr, 2013


only one of my brothers is a gardener Sheilabub the other says it has leaves etc.
Yes I also googled it Scotsgran. :o)

23 Apr, 2013


I take it you've never considered the quiet life, Sbg? ;-)

23 Apr, 2013


I hope next weekend is just as nice weatherwise and you don't have any prior arrangements! You will be busy with that lot, but you've done well. I especially love the clematis.

23 Apr, 2013


great blog Sea,,, glad you enjoyed yourself with your brother and bourght some nice plants to, Kielder looks very nice but a tad chilly :o))

23 Apr, 2013


Quiet life????? Not sure I've heard of it Mouldy.

Managed to plant S rubella, the white aconite and the tulips tonight when I got in from work Lijemc. I also potton on my P. vivali that were sending up new growth.

It wasn't too cold San, just very breezy.

This sunday will be a trip to Harrogate flower show :o) Purse is already trembling in my handbag and hiding behind the cheque book and credit card [they are both last resort tactics reserved for those really special plants that you just have to have. Thing is will I recognise them when I spot them?

23 Apr, 2013


It doesn't stop when they grow up S' burn, we now ferry the grandchildren, had an emergency dash over to the Range at Peterborough tonight with our grandaughter, she needs paint for Thurs for her art exam, lol...
Sounds as though all the family had a grand weekend and you better tell them you are booked for next as you have a date with the garden........

23 Apr, 2013


That was a busy weekend, Sbg! Kielder's a great place. We are off to the NE for a short break in a couple of weeks - haven't quite decided where yet. Lots of fun browsing and choosing at the moment.

Those plants look lovely. I like the tulip leaves. I really fancy getting some new plants, but I don't think I've got space. I must wait until the perennials show themselves properly, otherwise I'll be planting new on top of old! (I can't believe that it'll soon be time to buy summer bedding for my containers).

27 Apr, 2013

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