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Sempervivum planter


With the weather having improved drastically over the weekend (let’s not talk about the wind though!) and after giving the back lawn it’s first cut – I thought it was about time I got started on some of the ‘wee projects’ I have planned for the garden this year.

The first job was to plant up some of the Sempervivums I have collected over the last few months. I was very kindly sent a lovely selection from Bjs, a couple were brought down from Inverness by Bulbaholic and Moongrower, a couple given to me by Scotsgran (from her brother’s garden) and a couple I’ve bought myself.

As the container is really quite big and heavy – the bottom was filled with broken up polystyrene pieces. This should help reduce the weight. Not that I intend moving it – they should be ok in here during the winter, so long as I protect from the wet. A contraption will be knocked up at a later date!

I used a 50/50 mix of John Innes No. 2 and grit. These plants require good drainage if they are to thrive.
One of the sunniest places in the garden is up on the deck – this sunny spot should make an ideal place to position the container.

I used a few pieces of slate ( I found a massive pile of roofing slates which had been fly tipped along by the river bank) and a small pot to add a bit of decoration.

The whole container was then given a dressing of gravel. Not only does it look good – it serves a purpose. It will help keep the weeds out and it will stop the moisture getting to the plants.

I have read here on GOY that blackbirds are rather attracted to these plants when they are first planted out – I’ve seen it mentioned in a few posts and pictures.
Here’s a solution I found – once the plants have settled in – I can remove it. Fashioned from a couple of shelf thingies I bought from Ikea years ago and never got round to using. The ends were bent out and this allowed them to be sunk into the compost, hopefully it should be just enough to stop them!

There is also a couple of sedums popped in to trail over the edge – a variegated one I received from Seaburngirl and a little rooted piece from one I bought for my mini-garden.

I also had a couple of pots of Semps I picked up at a discounted price just before Christmas. They were kept in the cold frame over winter and have improved over the last few weeks. A bit of novelty but I’m looking forward to seeing this fill out!

These boots were a pair that were about to be relegated to the bin by one of the guys at work!!

So thank you all my GOY friend x

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Your container looks great! I really like the addition of the slate and the little pot to add to the display. Strangely enough I've only had a couple of occasions when birds have attacked my newly planted semps, maybe I've just been lucky, but yours are well protected.

I love the ones in the boots, what a great way to recycle these! I'm sure they'll fill out and spread over the top quite quickly.

Hope you get lots of pleasure from your collection and I hope we'll see them again when they've spread a little:)

22 Apr, 2013


Looks really good Scottish. :-)

22 Apr, 2013


loving the boots Scottish..:-)

22 Apr, 2013


Love the boots and your cage for deterring the birds is another piece of great recycling. I wonder if you could attach a 'roof' with tie wraps to keep the rain off. The plants are all looking very healthy.

22 Apr, 2013


love the slate and pot in your planter for decoration!

22 Apr, 2013


Love the blog, the container, the cage & last, but not least, the daisy roots. Lol.
Very apt, Scottish.

23 Apr, 2013


Great work! And a great use of the shelving too! That container will soon be full of sempers! Talking of the blackbird problem, I've spent a good few hours so far this spring removing the bark mulch that was laid a couple of years ago. it looked awful after a little while, and the birds and I were continually battling over whether it should be on the soil or on the lawn and paths! Still a lot to remove, but the most irritating parts have been dealt with!

23 Apr, 2013


All looks great , i must repot mine as they seem to have sunk somewhat over winter, blackbirds are messy arent they but lovely to, enjoyed reading your blog scottish :o))

23 Apr, 2013


Btw Scottish, I got that pump working now I have a spout and a trickle in the pond! Hi San!

23 Apr, 2013


It looks just the ticket......good thinking re the blackbirds, they never touch ours, I wonder why?

25 Apr, 2013

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