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Is April the new March?


It’s been a very long winter and I’m sure I can’t be the only one sick fed up of it!! I just yearn to be able to get out in the garden without a thick fleece on – I need a bit on heat on my back! Surely that’s not too much to ask – is it?
My garden is just stuck in limbo so to speak. The borders are very dry, the deciduous shrubs have come to a complete stand still and Camellias haven’t dared to fatten up their buds yet! Even my lawnmower has applied for voluntary redundancy!
I have declared (in my garden at least) that April is the new March.
One thing the extended winter has meant that the Hellebores haven’t gone over too quickly

A selection of blooms from the Oriental Hellebores

Helleborus x ericsmithii Winter Moonbeam bought in bud back in November – flowering since January, not bad!

Helleborus lividus – ‘frost tender’ apparently! It has been in the garden since mid January and has been subject to constant frosts – still looks good today!

All things considered Hellebores have certainly pulled their weight this winter!

My garden would be a rather dull place if it wasn’t for the Crocus – a selection open on the 1st of April and indeed – not an April’s Fool!

As the month has progressed more of these bulbs – which are dotted in various places around the garden are delivering. Looking back to last year they all began flowering end of February beginning of March last year. In so far as the Crocus are concerned April is the new March!

Crocus and Corydalis malkensis with some dwarf white daffs (I think) still to come

The original bag of Crocus chrysanthus I bought a couple of years ago has certainly multiplied and the fact that they are not all the golden colour I expected doesn’t bother me in the slightest!

Rhododendron Shamrock – so called as it’s supposed to flower around St. Patrick’s Day – if I’m not mistaken St. Patrick’s Day falls in March! Flowers opened last year last week in March – not quite on time but still it was March.

Rhododendron Shamrock not open yet in April but I’m very pleased that the foliage has not lost the red colouring it took on last year.

Others I would have expected to see in March is Chionodoxa and Scilla – they are only just showing now.

In a normal March Drumstick Primula would have been celebrating their arrival with an almighty drum roll – however, not in 2013

April is almost the new March for Primula Denticulata!

Who knew? Who could have predicted? Who would have expected?……

Snowdrops to still look this good mid April

A lonely little Double in a sea of single blooms!

So there you have it – my argument that April is in fact the new March!

There are of course other blooms strutting their stuff in the garden – all being first time flowers I have nothing to compare. I thought you would like to see them all the same.

The first Daffodil to open is

Narcissus Rip Van Winkle – finally awake!

Quite a pretty little Primula (unnamed) came from a clump from my brother’s garden I divided a few weeks back. The flower detracts from the rather tatty foliage.

Last but certainly not least at trip to the cold frame is needed….

Hepatica forest series Purple

Hepatica forest series Red

It’s sad to say that I have as yet to see a bee in the garden, yet it delights me to say I have seen no sign of slugs yet! The only signs of snails have been empty shells lying around the borders.

Have you noticed how far behind your garden is?

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Excellent blog, great photos. Yes, mine is way behind too and it's very frustrating. I haven't seen any bees yet but I've seen wasps, and even a butterfly, and the ants were getting very active at the weekend, so it is all coming back to life, just very slowly!

11 Apr, 2013


Lovely photos ..
I hope you get some warmer weather soon ..
this week, in my garden, the bees have started buzzing :o)

11 Apr, 2013


you saved the best till last! Gorgeous hepaticas! isn't it dire? I was so cold today at Glamis that my hands went numb and my feet were frozen inside boots and thermal socks! This winter has been a pig! it's been six whole months so far....12 if you discount that week during the Olympics last year! Still, when the spring finally arrives, we will all be VERY happy!! :) Keep your chin up Scottish, as Professor Brian Cox has been known to say...Things Can Only Get Better!

11 Apr, 2013


Beautiful selection of Hellebores and Crocus, Scottish and amazing to see you have Snowdrops in April! Believe it or not, I dead-headed some Daffodils today, just shows what a difference in temps. this small island can, and indeed does, have ... :o)

11 Apr, 2013


Still have way more flowers than me Angie - it's just on hold this year - it will soon be very special

11 Apr, 2013


Fantastic hellebores Scottish. And I'm not sure if April isn't the new February!!
I did see one bee about a month ago...a very tiny one! Haven't seen one since!

11 Apr, 2013


I wish April would just be April, I'm fed up with this ever-lasting winter too! Some lovely flowers there though Scottish even if they are late, I really like the hepatica :o)

11 Apr, 2013


You're absolutely right, Scottish. Everything seems to have paused for the last two weeks, just waiting (like us!) for some sunshine and warmth. With luck, all those buds will soon be burgeoning.

Lovely sunny photos!

11 Apr, 2013


Loads of colour there Scottish, same with my R.Shamrock still in tight bud. Great blog.

11 Apr, 2013


Fantastic blog Angie as ever.

It was freezing today at Glamis.

11 Apr, 2013


there was a slug in my garden today :-(((

those hepaticas are really lovely! do you keep them outside?

11 Apr, 2013


Great blog Scottish. Your plants are looking pristine. I just wish the weather would live up to them. Our garden is almost at the same stage as yours not surprising since we live so close. One of our wee Rip van Winkle Narcissus came out today too. My pot of Crocus Chrysanthus is just sitting there all buds waiting to open but keeping tighly shut. At least yesterday and today I managed to make a start on tidying up the borders which it was impossible to do in the autumn because of the awful weather.

11 Apr, 2013


You are right Scottie, my hellebores are really beautiful this year as are yours. Also my little daffs, tete-a-tete are lasting for weeks, its a delight, however nothing else is appearing just yet, maybe waiting to explode in a few weeks time. Did you watch GW. last week about the chap who grows Hepaticas? His were amazing but all under glass, yours are gorgeous, can they be grown outside? (same Q. as Sticki!)

11 Apr, 2013


Lovely blog Scottish, and I must agree with you about the weather.......dire to say the least, but, the Hellebores are just wonderful this year, ours are still giving their all, and the daffs, you win some you lose some!!
Have just sent for some Hepaticas, they are so beautiful, John Massey from Ashwood Nurseries grows hundreds but inside a massive glasshouse (GW last week)
Thanks for the blog, really enjoyed looking at your photos.

11 Apr, 2013


Excellent blog, Scottish!
Thoroughly enjoyed that wee trek.
Saw a queen bumble, early yesterday morning, searching for a suitable abode, possibly, so I'm taking that as a good omen.
Then again, maybe she'd been out on the razzle. Lol.

12 Apr, 2013


I think you are right!
Your flowers are a delight to see......

Crocus are out and pretty now the icy east wind has dropped....
Daffodils small and large are either tight buds or just beginning to show colour, if we get the promised heatwave.??? They should soon burst open.

12 Apr, 2013


All very beautiful, all I can add is roll on MAY!! LOL :O)

12 Apr, 2013


My Hepaticas are outside (if that's any help to anyone!).

12 Apr, 2013


thanks sheila, do they stay outside all year?

12 Apr, 2013


Thanks all for your lovely comments.
Louisa - yes it's coming back to life - too slowly for my liking though!
TT - Glad you've had some bees :)
Karen - yes I did but it wasn't deliberate! We have had a rather rotter 10 months, haven't we - its so depressing!
Shirely - dead heading daffs already, what a difference in only a few hundred miles!
Paul - I'm sure yours will improve soon enough - you are all due a heatwave this weekend are you not?
Lulu - you may be right!! Although in respect of your February is usually our March anyway!
GG - My wish too!
Sheila - I hope you are right!
SL - I'd be interested to know if your Shamrock still have green foliage.
Kath - I bet it was - and thanks x
Sticki - hope you stood on it! Yes, they can go outside - I just haven't decided where I'm going to put mine yet. The labels say not to disturb after planting - it has scared me off planting!!
Scotsgran - good to hear you got all your tidying up done - I'm wishing I hadn't done mine - at least I would have had something to do now!
Grandmage - yes saw GW - I've pictures from the SRGC show I need to do in a blog - there are some crackers there - you will like them! See Sticki's answer, yes!!
DD2 - we are never a completely happy bunch are we. Yes saw the show - amazing displays.
Mouldy - probably was only out on the bevvy! Looking for somewhere to rest with her hangover. Thanks for enjoying :)
Pamg - we are still getting the wind. I hope you all get the promised heatwave. It's not coming here :(
OO - here here!!!

Sticki - are you going to get some? Bjs has some beauties if you look back at his blogs

12 Apr, 2013


thanks scottish, im certainly tempted! i leave some things in pots for ages and sometimes sink the pot in the ground ~ just in case i want to move it later!

no i didnt stand on it ~ too squishy ~ yuk ~ i was rushing out to work but otherwise i might have treated it to a salt bath!!

12 Apr, 2013


Scottish....those hellebores I need more :-(
We had a couple of warmish days a while back, well before the snows came, and my magnolia Susan had beautifully swelling buds. No longer, I can't think I'll have any flowers from her this spring. The snow has been completely gone for about 5 days now, but that, combined with the freezing weather has wrought havoc here. Still the resilience of plants never ceases to amaze me and I noticed that Geum Totally Tangerine ( one of the most wonderful plants ever bred) is sporting some flowers and will continue to do so 'til frosts:-)

13 Apr, 2013

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