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Evening all!
I’ve asked this on the question page so apologies if you see this twice.
Do any of you kind folks have some Sempervivum (houseleek) babies they would be willing to spare?
I have a rather large terracotta pot – which no matter what I do with it – it never looks right!!
I would like to make a display which would sit up on my decking.
Obviously I am willing to pay for postage and packaging. If there is anything from my garden which I could propogate for you in return, I’d be very grateful.
Thanks for reading :)

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I think I can spare a few will check in daylight Angie.

7 Jan, 2013


I'm sorry Scottish, but I never get much success with them. I buy them and they die off in a short time. It must be all the rain we get here :o(

I do remember about the Sanguisorba, but thought it would be better if I sent it in the spring.

7 Jan, 2013


I'm sorry I don't have any but listening again to gardeners question time on R4 the picture on the page is a beautiful patchwork quilt of sedum and sempervivum......and I think a bit of thrift which I wouldn't have put in..........

8 Jan, 2013


most of the ones I have around are in pots and they do seem more prone to rotting ,so most I have under cover in winter.
They increase very rapidly so I am sure there are different ones you can have if you have not already been inundated with offers.

8 Jan, 2013


Kath - thanks very much, you can let me know :)
Hywel - I'm hoping I can provide a bit of a 'roof' in wintertime which should help stop the rot. Cheers re sanguisorba - I look foward to it :)
Snoop - still got some of my Xmas stamps left - we get some free stamps every year and I never use them all - so i suppose it's a kind of staff discount. About all we get :))))
Pam - yes that's the kind of think I was thinking about - wouldn't have thought to add the thrift either :)
Bjs - I'll send you a pm - thanks

8 Jan, 2013


We have a shallow, hot, gritty border along the base of a stone wall, where normally thrift, herbs, lavender, sedums and big houseleeks do really well, but I was tidying it up yesterday with you and your request in mind, Scottish, only to find that every single one seems to have died, and the sedums and thrift aren't looking too good, either. It must have been the summer temperatures. If I come across any later in the year, I'll gladly send you some, if you're still looking then.

10 Jan, 2013


Thanks Gattina - a shame that you've lost them all, weather hasn't been kind to many things this year!

10 Jan, 2013

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