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Bad Weather Warning!!!


No pictures to go with this blog I’m afraid folks – but thought this story may stir up some discussion…..

One of my Neighbours Mrs Gray – 76 years old (she won’t mind me telling you her age – she tells us at least once a week!!) had one tile slip from her roof and the metal cover over her chimney had detached itself.

She thought she had nothing else to do than call a roofing company and get someone out…

Call to Roofing Company (which incidently is 1/2 a mile from her home) – Yes madam we will come round tomorrow – can’t give you a time.

She waited in all day – nobody appeared.

Call in the morning from Roofing Company – “sorry we were unable to come round yesterday – our assessor will come round today – but before we carry out any work – you need to be aware that a deposit of £400 will be required”

Mrs Gray “Why? it’s only 1 tile and a few screws and if I give you the go ahead for the job then I won’t mind paying a small deposit but not £400 as I’m sure it won’t cost that much”

Roofing Company – ‘’No madam – a deposit of this amount will be required, there may be some further damage that isn’t visible without closer inspection – we need to ensure the customer is genuine and has an ability to pay. You will be repaid the balance once works are complete"

Mrs Gray – “If the job is going to be that expensive – then I would have to submit quotes to my insurance”

Roofing Company – ’’If you pay the deposit and the insurance company agree to us going ahead with the repairs – this will be deducted from the final amount – however – we are on a list of approved repair contractors for a few major insurers – if you care to give us the details of your insurers we can contact them direct with your consent"

Mrs Gray hung up the telephone – called a wee guy from the Newspaper and he came round within 2 hours and done all the repairs and charged her £105.

There will be many rich roofers, building contractors, tree surgeons on the back to these latest storms!!

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Thanks for the info on this,Scottish.No doubt there will be many elderly people conned in this way.Mrs Gray was obviously on the ball,thankfully.

5 Jan, 2012


Honestly, what it going on? Householders seemed to get 'mugged' all the time for repairs, especially the elderly. She should send the first building firm a bill for her having to stay in all day!!

5 Jan, 2012


Thats just shocking..these people should be named and shamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Jan, 2012


at least she had the sense to just hang up, i think these shysters should be shot

5 Jan, 2012


Shooting's too good for them, Stevie.

6 Jan, 2012


maybe she should tell the Newspaper Editor...... but then you worry about reprisals

6 Jan, 2012


I agree with all your comments.
She still has her wits about her...imagine how many others have fallen for this trick!
This is a local business - so won't go down well when reported at the next residents' association meeting - they are not good business neighbours anyway.
I counted 6 houses in the village getting work done on their roofs today - the worst 2 are council houses - goodness knows how long they will wait!!!!

6 Jan, 2012

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