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New Year - New Plants


For those I have yet to wish a Happy New Year too….
A Happy and Prosperous New Year too you all!!

I must have been a VERY good girl this year, Santa was most kind to me – I had asked the family to give me vouchers for the Garden Centre. I was very pleased they all listened!!

This climbing Camellia japonica Margaret Davis was the first thing that said to me ‘buy me’…Paeonies are my favourite flower followed closely by Camellias – it’s just a pity they don’t last very long!

I was like a little kiddie in a sweet shop….didn’t know where to go next – although there was one plant I had been hankering after for a while – Leucothoe Curly Red – 3 GCs I visited didn’t have it or wouldn’t have it until February so I bought this one instead.

Leucothoe Red Lips

As I’m sure most of you will agree that a trip to the Garden Centre or Nursery at this time of the year would not be complete without the purchasing of the obligatory Heuchera….Now I have not been too successful with Heucheras in the past – but I intend to overcome the Vine Weevil problem by using nematode thingy you apply to the soil. However – should any of you have any tips re these tiny little beggars – please do share

Heuchera Jade Gloss

Heuchera Osidian

I spent an absolute age walking around the plant stand displaying the Skimmias – could not make up my mind – settled on this one

Skimmia japonica ‘Snow White’

Never been much of a fan of Pieris – I’m sure that comes from the fact that all those I have ever seen growing in gardens are very badly pruned and just look absolutely awful – but as I am in need of ‘evergreening’ some of the garden – I may as well give it a go

Pieris – Forest Flame

Contrasting texture was what was needed next as I looked down at my ‘pleasures’ in the trolley – Phormium – I used to have this in the garden but my sister in law thought that because it wasn’t looking at it’s best after winter – it was dead! Needless to say – I didn’t ask her to help much in the borders again!!

Phormium tenax Evening Glow and Yellow wave

Some slightly shorter grasses would also come in handy – not sure who I was trying to convince as I sent my mother for another trolley. We were only coming for a couple of plants she muttered under her breath!!

Carex Evergold

Carex Everest

Uncinia ‘rubra’ – I already have this and just love the colour – so another wouldn’t go amiss…

Now – have any of you noticed a theme yet – Red and Green – so I could not leave these babies on the shelf…

Not one to be defeated in the matter of the Leucothoe – ventured out next day…for those interested I managed to find 2 garden centres within 10 minutes drive that I didn’t know existed…finally found what I was looking for in one -they wanted £49.99 for a large plant – told the guy I would pay him £30 for it – he was not budging from the price marked. Last try – a GC in Livingston. BINGO!! Found what I was looking for……and how to pronounce it :)

Oops….nearly forgot this one….

Choiysa ‘Sundance’

Here they all are grouped together looking rather nice….well I think so anyway!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed looking at my new plants – I look forward to sharing them with you later in the year.

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OOOhh, Scottish, isn't envy a terrible thing? What a fab collection - you've chosen so many of my favourites. I could quite happily come and steal those lovely blue pots of yours, too!

2 Jan, 2012


wowie! didnt you do well.

some lovely plants. i love pierris, so often cheers up my garden when nothing else does.

i would like to know how you get on with that curly leucothoe cos i keep looking at it and rather like it.

2 Jan, 2012


Lovely buys Scottish - Camellias are great , pricey but well worth it , ours not flowered yet still patiently waiting :)) Nice idea around the arch bamboo - done the ivy this way. Leucothoe is an outstanding plant really love these , great colours evergreen and hardy , what more can you want !!! Heucheras another popular one with me - you got a lovely one here too. Skimmia Japonica yet another one I adore (like me you love the reds) lovely berries on these . Pieris forest flame - they had some in Morrisons of these I got one for just £2 so was very happy :)))))))))) Phormiums look great and love the grasses - you will be very pleased with Uncinia ‘rubra’ I feel!!!

Curly red ? looks like it - beauties too and Choiysa are wonderful colours!!!!

Real lovely plants - nicely done!!!!!!

3 Jan, 2012


How nice to get the gifts you really wanted,Scottish..and some lovely buys there,with your vouchers..hope they all do well for you :o)

3 Jan, 2012


Good lord..The weather here is horrendous Scottish, and they say it is worse where you are!!!! Not looking forward to work today at all.

3 Jan, 2012


its like a kansas whirlwind here pimpernel

3 Jan, 2012


Well, I don't know what "horrendous" weather denotes, P., but we've had some very welcome rain, and we'll probably get what's left over when the UK has finished with it, so I'm not planning on doing any laundry over the next couple of days. What have you got? Freezing rain? High winds? Get some nice warming soup in the slow cooker for when you get home. Bbbbrrrrrr! I don't envy you your round this morning.

3 Jan, 2012


A very interesting blog, Scottish.

Happy New Year to you, and I love your selection of new plants... especially the heucheras and skimmia :o)

3 Jan, 2012


happy new year, your plants are lovely great to get to the garden centre this time of year, the best christmas presents are plants, it is very mild in elgin and we have had some rain, gets chilly when the wind changes but been very lucky this winter cant wait for spring.

3 Jan, 2012


Wow you did well eh? all gorgeous! :)

3 Jan, 2012


i have snowdrops out, spring is nearly here!

3 Jan, 2012


What a great collection. I never mind getting vouchers for anything as I enjoy choosing my own stuff knowing I don't have to pay for it.

3 Jan, 2012


Thank you for all you lovely comments.....
weather here an absolute nightmare today - 2 weeks ago the back fence started to fall down in the high winds. We done a temporary fix - its almost down now!
My tool shed is in next door's garden and took the fence with it! are NOT having my blue pots - I have quite a few and love them too!!
Sticki...I will let you know how 'Curly' gets on.
Paul...I'm glad you are pleased with my choices.
Bloomer - I hope they all do well too- most of them are for the shady area so they should like it there :)
Pimpernel...I think you and I work for the same company -from what I can make out on your other postings you are on delivery? Am I correct?
TT..thank you for liking my selection.
Cazcat - good to hear from you. Weather here horrendous this morning - according to the news earlier it is coming north - so batten down the hatches!!
Thank you Pixi x
Frybo...the reason I asked for vouchers was to get exactly what I wanted - still have a wee drop left which is a good thing coz all my spare pennies will be needed to pay for the repairs to the fence!!
I hope the wind hasn't done too much damage in all your gardens x

3 Jan, 2012


I never realised you were a colleague Scottish, hope you have the sense to stay indoors?

3 Jan, 2012


I'm on leave this week P...I work nights at RM's Scottish Air Network Hub to give it it's proper name!

3 Jan, 2012


Have a nice week off...despite the weather!

3 Jan, 2012


Wow - what a collection - just what you wanted for Christmas eh? lol

3 Jan, 2012


You bought a nice lot of plants there. Good luck planting them in the garden. You'll enjoy it. Please show them to us when they're in :o)

4 Jan, 2012


Some lovely purchases there Scottish :-) phormiums are on my list for spring, lost 2 of my huge plants last winter, did give them all last year to regrow but no sign of life so think they're definitely dead.

4 Jan, 2012


Sheila...I'm happy to get the vouchers or cash - that way I can get what I want rather than something that will sit in the wardrobe or cupboard. Anyway, if I'm out in the garden I'm not moaning!! So they like to keep me out there, I'm sure!!
Hywell - thank you for liking my selection - I have them all tucked up in a corner - was in two minds whether to plant them or leave them but I will need to get working on the fences first so fingers crossed they keep each other cosy!
Simbad - that was a shame with your Phormiums. I used to have 2 which I brough with me from my old house - they weren't great but they had managed to survive a few years. The leaves were all tatty and my SIL thought they were dead and pulled them out! Good luck with your selection :)

5 Jan, 2012

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