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Some of the bulbs in my garden in May


I’ve been very busy these last few weeks and am struggling as I juggle all that I should do. A lot just has to be ignored but I can’t ignore the exciting goings on in the garden. I planted lots of bulbs in December when the GC was selling them off.
1. Chionodoxa I love them and plant them all over the garden

!2. Tulip ‘Fire of love’ has exquisite foliage and the flowers are a lovely colour. The mice ate two bulbs.

3. Open flower

4. This poor bowl of beautiful 8" high ‘Gluck’ tulips succumbed to a predator

5. Something nipped the heads off and left them lying. Its heart breaking to see the distruction. I think it was probably a pheasant. A squirrel would have taken the bulb away complete with flower and the mice just dig down and eat the bulbs. All were beheaded and I did not catch the culprit.

6. I stuck the heads in a wall pot which will be replanted soon.

7. This pot of Persian Pearl were dead headed before they had a chance to open. I treasured the sole survivor.

8. I had better luck with T. turkistanica. I wondered if I had put the wrong label on these. Flower buds grew all along the stem but I did not make a mistake.

These are lovely.

9. Tulipa Peppermint Stick sounded good enough to eat. I like it and it has not opened yet.

10. As the narcissus in the back garden go over the dutch tulips are starting to flower.

11. The Fritillaria crown imperialis are now in full flower. At nearly 1m high these are the giants of the Fritillaria family. Their crown of green leaves above the ring of bright red/orange flowers explains the name. The foliage has a strong distinctive scent.

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Sorry you had so many casualties, Scotsgran.
Those that survived are grand, though.

13 May, 2013


Thanks Mouldy. I should have taken note of the fact that we have mice and they love tulip bulbs. I've never known of any of the birds or animals just knocking off heads before. The bulbs are putting on a great show.

13 May, 2013


What a lovely collection you have there Scotsgran,very colourful,shame about the pesky predators and glad they didn't get them all.

13 May, 2013


Thank you Diydick. Now I just have to find places to plant them in the garden.

13 May, 2013


Rabbits nip off tops, well at least our pet ones do.

you have a lovely collection of bulbs.

13 May, 2013


What lovely pictures...I love no 10...
I have problems with mice eating the bulbs......darn things.But for us gardeners, it seems if it's not one thing it's another!!! Current problem for me is Sparrows pecking the leaves of my Calabrese seedlings, virtually stripping them in a couple of days!!!!
Your garden looks lovely, and full of colour!!

13 May, 2013


Fingers crossed we have not had any rabbits in the garden for a number of years Sgb. I hope its not a rabbit. Thank you and Paul. I have literally millions of bulbs. We planted 2.5 cwt of narcissus one year and another 2cwt the next year. In between we planted thousands of tulips. It gives us a continuation of colour between the snowdrops and crocus, before them, then the alliums after them.

13 May, 2013


Wow what a selection Sheila. Sorry you've lost some. Don't they bother with the ones in the lawn? It wasn't that long ago they were just coming through!
The scent from those Fritillaria is quite 'unique' I stupidly planted some by the front door!!! All I got asked was what's the smell!!
4.5 cwt is some amount of bulbs Sheila! CWT That took me back :)

13 May, 2013


Goy site is marvellous because we meet so many fantastic gardeners.

14 May, 2013


Most of the bulbs are still there so with luck we can enjoy the flowers next year Scottish. The ones in the lawn are either not noticed or the mice eat what is closest to where they live. The parrot tulips in the wooden raised bed have all vanished. My apologies to those who don't remember the old money or weights but 56lbs (pounds) ie half a hundredweight is about the size of a sack of coal. The planting started when a local GC offered free bulbs through the local paper. We decided to plant them around the front of the winter flowering rockery. We thought that would prolong the flowering season in the garden. Being new to gardening - this was 30 + years ago, I did not think about colours clashing. When we realised that the daffs and heather colours did not compliment each other we assumed wrongly that the daffs would die off. They are still flourishing. I take it you moved your frits. We have not got the energy to dig them out and it seems quite heartless to kill them off. Once that first lot were planted we went out and bought in bulk to plant all round the edge of the lawns. It is bright and cheery to welcome the Spring. We have lots of different narcissus all planted in blocks of the same colour and they tend to flower in succession which definitely extends the flowering period. I don't know how fantastic we are but we sure are all very different Diane. I do agree with you that it is lovely to be able to share our triumphs and disasters with so many people who understand where we are coming from.

14 May, 2013


Its disappointing when things like this happen but even so you have a wonderful show and the leaves on some of the tulips are beautiful in their own right.

14 May, 2013


A pity about the deadheading!! but what did survive looked a picture, so colourful...

14 May, 2013


Thank you Stroller and Dottydaisy. The colour of the leaves of 'Fire of Love' would have been deserving of a place in the garden without the added pleasure of those pretty flowers.

14 May, 2013

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