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Another lovely day out. This time in the lee of the Campsie Hills to the north of Glasgow. Milngavie Town Hall provided a great venue.

Best in Show.

Class 62. Containers of various rock plants, arranged for effect. Maximum diameter or length of side 30cms.

As above

As above

Unusual leaf on Primula matthiola

I had never seen this before

I have just been given a Podophyllum by Pcw.

The pink flowers hiding below the leaves.

From the display by RBGE, the same plant different leaf colour.

A very different Androsace from the first photo.

Lewisia to love,

and another

Non members are encouraged to have a go too.

A wow plant. An Arisaema

Class 95. A window box or table rock garden not exceeding 4 sq. ft. Living plants only.

As Class 62 but open to those who have not won 25 first prizes at previous SRGC shows.

This Beautiful Trillium was grown from seed from the exhibitors own garden.

and this from seed from the AGS (Alpine Garden Society) Seed Exchange. Sown 2.2.12 and then potted on into gritty soil

Ferns unfurl for the summer

One pan (pot) of Pleione asked for and beautifully delivered

Viola pedata a native wild flower of north eastern America. Usually shades of lilac/blue/purple but seen here in the rarer pink shades.

Viola spathulata from Iran.

A hardy orchid Calanthe tricarinata

Another plant grown from seed by the exhibitor. Ranunculus Parnassifolius pink form.

I hope you enjoyed a small taste of the plants on show.

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Let's hope our Podophyllums look like that in a few years.Some lovely exhibits.

6 May, 2013


I hope so too. I wonder why the difference in leaf colour? Is it down to the soil? These were only a fraction of what was on show it would take all day to post the other photos. It was a lovely show. Moongrower and Bulbaholic were there too. They are in charge of the book stall. That hardy Orchid, Calanthe Tricarinata was a show stopper. It is hardy enough to grow outside here in Scotland. A lady I meet has it in her garden. She was concerned that it had not come through the winter but she was happy to see shoots appearing after the sun we had a few days ago. I might give that a go.

6 May, 2013


lots of fascinating exhibits, glad you had a good day:)

6 May, 2013


These are beautiful. I love the pots with a selection of plants in them - they are so lovely.

6 May, 2013


A great day out and some beautiful exhibits.Was that actually a little cactus (a mammilaria I think) in the second picture? Seems an odd choice to grow with prims!

6 May, 2013


Steragram I was surprised to see that too but having read quite a lot about cactus I know some of them do grow high up in rocky places. They are not bothered by the cold but do not like a lot of rain. They will quite happily live under a blanket of snow for longish periods and actually need that to bloom but rain can kill them off. I would not be able to tell to which ones that advice would be applicable. Thank you all I'm pleased you enjoyed my trip to the show. Mel I am thinking of making up a pot suitable for showing but it is harder than it looks. I've been busy today mixing compost and potting up some of my latest acquisitions.

6 May, 2013


I am in awe of the people who produce such beautiful plant combinations. I'm sure it's harder than it looks. Very rewarding, though, I should think, and so attractive.

6 May, 2013


Most of the placings went to north of England growers.
Did you notice that, Scotsgran?
Stella & Dave, I saw on quite a few.
Probably our abyssmal weather. Lol.

7 May, 2013


Fascinating. It would be interesting to grow some of these.

7 May, 2013


Mel most of those pots have been growing for more than one year and its questions like what if a plant dies off that worried me. One exhibitor told me never to try and pull out a plant that has outgrown its place but cut it out using a sharp CLEAN knife. You can then pop another plant in to the space. Cutting it out will be least disruptive to other plants whose roots will be intermingled. The CLEAN knife is to ensure you do not introduce any disease. Dipping in surgical spirit and wiping dry was his advice.
Mouldy did I see you there I wonder? I did not know you had decided to go or we could have met up for a coffee. I rarely read the names I am so blown away by the plants and am not too bothered about who wins. If I can speak to the owner of the plant that is interesting. I think I'm confessing to being lazy or unobservant. There was a few members from south of the border because the SRGC and the AGS have joint meetings in Hexham and Blackpool. As far as I know a joint committee meet at some of the shows to decide who has produced a plant of merit or which plant deserves to keep the accolade. Members of the SRGC are worldwide and many Scots are also members of both the AGS and the NARGS (the American society) Its like a GOY on a big scale.
Hywel you probabably grow quite a few alpine cactus and it looked well alongside the primulas. I'd have to do a lot more reading to know if they would grow alongside one another in the wild.

7 May, 2013


That is excellent advice, Scotsgran, and probably the best thing to do with any dead/dying plant that has to be taken out of a planted-up container.

7 May, 2013


Smashing set of pics... thank you :o)))

7 May, 2013


What a tease you are ;) Lovely exhibits Sheila. Some of those plants are awe inspiring. I'll keep the tip on removing an outgrown plant. Already one in my pot is putting out new growth and the little wallflower is flowering it's socks off!
My Primula (Cortusa) matthiolla is now putting on huge amounts of growth, can't wait to see it flower. Glad you had a good day and a pity you didn't meet up with Mouldy.
You really should have a go at a pot - we can learn together :)

7 May, 2013


I did notice a cactus among some alpines in a trough, and many of them do grow in high mountainous regions, often covered with snow.

7 May, 2013


You get lots of tips from the exhibitors and trade stands if you just ask Mel. Thanks Tt. Scottish I did buy a pot when we went to Falkland. It is a bit on the heavy side so I decided it will need tufa. Not any old rock as it would be impossible to move. I downloaded the AGS Miniature garden information leaflet but I seem to be rushing around like a headless chicken trying to catch up on jobs I should have done ages ago. I am spending too much time taking photos of what is in the garden. I was very busy yesterday had to go to the Optitian. Drops in my eyes left me barely able to focus for a wee while so it was almost dark by the time I got out to look at the plants. I took some photos which need a lot of editing to brighten them up to see what is there. I must have inadvertantly pushed buttons which meant the flash did not work. Its supposed to be heavy rain today but it looks sunny at the moment. Very strong easterly which means we are back to freezing again. I'll pm you.

8 May, 2013


Cacti under the snow? That is astonishing. I would love to know which kinds like that.

11 May, 2013


I had to hunt around to find a site where you can read about cold climate cactus Steragram. Try this one

11 May, 2013


I have a Calanthe in the open garden but it never flowers will be interested to see how you get on .

13 May, 2013


If I can get my hands on one I will keep you posted Bjs. It should enjoy the same conditions as Trilliums.

13 May, 2013

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